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Going Nova is a book that is full of thoughts that were created randomly and in most cases daily. They are based on things i went through during the day. The thoughts or ramblings of a guy who is... More > known to be a deep out of the box thinker in most cases. Reality TV in a book. I think everyone has the potential to write a book like this. I honestly think you should give it a try.< Less
Daredevil By Justin Cox
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Daredevil String Quartet D Minor, 4/4, Allegro Difficulty: Hard Published: 2009 Comes with SCORE and INDIVIDUAL PARTS
MISSA APOSTOLICA - Full Score By Walter F. Zielke
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Mass (Kyrie - Gloria) for Children´s Choir (in unison, Grade 2-3), mixed Choir (SSATTB, Grade 3-4), Soprano solo, Harp, Organ, Timpani, Triangle & Windchimes. Vocal Score available.
PASSE PARTOUT F 8126003 By George Liebermann
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Nazis rape Paris(WWII).Pierre and his mother elope in their car to Spain. First they run out of gas, then they loose one another. Pierre left behind walks all the way to the sunurbs of Seville. Dead... More > tired he falls asleep under a tree. Pretty Gypsy women Julia finds him. Gypsi women decide to make use of Pierre as a sperm provider, they being inbred deliver retarded babies. After nine months some babies Pierre fathered carry the symptoms of syphilis.Pierre was unaware that he was syphilitic. The Gypsy men want to kill him and chase their women away. Most men side up with their women and take them under a bridge for shelter.An envoy of Pierre's father finds him and takes him to London.< Less
The Devil's Diary 21 By Draconis Blackthorne
eBook (PDF): $6.66
A Cornucopia of diabolical Tricks & Treats abound in this Halloween issue, featuring Seasons In Hell, essays on the plasma sphere as representative of the black flame of Satan, On Relevance by... More > Lamar Gabriel, Dr. Dracenstein offers alternative methods of muscular stimulation and development, a misanthropological analysis on a 'hexcavation' discovery, 'Reign In Hell' spotlights several individuals recently gone to The Abyss. The Noctuarium section filled with multimedia reviews from Malefic Musick, a plethora of Spechtreum horror films, Possessions, musickal literature, and retrospective preservation propositions for past orthodoxies and total environments. The Shadow Gallery features the sinister horror artistry of Tony Karnes and Matt Stolzenberg; and Satanic Serenades features an ode to Halloween; plus a Blackthorne Productions 'Testimonials' feature! Warlocks and Witches, Daemons and creatures from The Pit arise! May the Jack O' Lanterns burn bright! Casting wicked shadows deep into the night!< Less
The Devil's Diary 24 By Draconis Blackthorne
eBook (PDF): $6.66
WALPURGISNACHT L A.S.: Witches & Warlocks crest upon devil winds, illuminated by lightning and hellfire to gather at Sabbaths dire, for Pleasure and Power! By the gloom of candle light's flicker,... More > and the duskening horizon, turn these arcane pages filled with forbidden undefiled knowledge, Magic & Sorcery... This grimoire issue materializes through darksome portals of diabolical thought to bring forth essays on sinful unholydays of Friday the 13th, Loki Day, Mardi Gras; Seasons In Hell activities, I-Theistic contemplations, theories on Witch Jayne Mansfield, spontaneous human combustion; plus Reign In Hell, misanthropic observations, Satanic Serenades, The Black Earth, the strange Tales From The Shadowside, Nefarious News, Malefick Musick, The Shadow Gallery, plus many more secrets & mysteries arising from the shadows. ∞< Less
The Devil's Diary 25 By Draconis Blackthorne
eBook (PDF): $6.66
TRICKS OR TREATS...? Demon winds stir as the air bristles with Magic... travel along the infernal path lit by Jack O' Lanterns who light the way to Hell, through Hallow's Gate & beyond... Dare... More > approach The Haunted Noctuary to receive and possess this extensive Grimoire Issue part II, containing such diabolical offerings as Seasons In Hell, Lycanthropic Seasonal Submersion, Gesticulations & Enunciations of Potency, Hellemental Communion, Fangsgiving misgivings, 8th Statement, Sabbaths, Devil's Blood & Environmental Energy, The 4th Sense, Fun With Proles 2, Dogym, A Moss To The Flame, Magus Gilmore Hellday, Marvel 4 Crown Princes of Hell, The Knight Files, Desalination Plants, Pentrapion, Daemonicromnium, and several unexpected surprises, which may be tricks and/or treats to the reader. Plus Satanic Panic Archives, Nefarious News, NOCTUARIUM Satan's Scroll, Malefick Musick, Spechtreum, The Black Earth, Reign In Hell, & sacrifices in The Book of Blindlight. Madness in sanity, let the Sin begin!< Less
The Book of Houdini By Nevetz Azraz & Harry Houdini
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The Book of Houdini contains three publications, all focusing on magic, and the great work of Harry Houdini. The first volume was authored in 1922, and is titled 'Houdini, The Adventurous Life of a... More > Versatile Artist', and is a glance at just that. The second installment was written in 1908 by Houdini, who penned a work on 'The Unmasking of Robert Houdin', a study of Robert Houdin's alleged magical abilities. Book III, written in 1920, and the final volume in The Book of Houdini, is called 'Miracle Mongers & Thier Methods', where Harry again analyzes and exposes the tricks behind magic, while sharing the secrets behind some of his own.< Less
The Devil's Diary 23 By Draconis Blackthorne
eBook (PDF): $6.66
Into the Hellmouth - Seasons turn in shadows of The Abyss to let loose the daemons of the intellect & imagination in this most wondrous time of year, filled with mystery & enchantment galore.... More > Take an invigorating stroll through Draconia to experience marvels & nightmares that please the senses; feast mind & body upon bountiful delights & ruminations. Enter The Shadow Gallery to witness dark manifestations straight from Hell. A compendium of Samhain revery, herein is a bountiful cornucopia of Tricks & Treats awaiting throughout this infernal issue, featuring Satanic Serenades poetry, Black Earth activities, recipes for your cruelinary pleasure, Shadow Gallery artistry, misanthropic essays & diabolical observations on the nature of Black Masses, demonic statues, & thoughts on the preservation of the artistic, deadly martial disciplines. An architect of Hell is honored, along with the Noctuarium section of multimedia reviews, plus several surprises along the way - please sign in, & expect the unexpected!< Less
Mediaphilism By Ryan Somma
Paperback: $23.95
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Collected here are the best of 10 years' worth of essays from reviewing films, books, games, and culture from the perspective of a nerd in love with science and wonder.

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Tour Manager Tour Manager By Katherine Forbes
Paperback: $18.49
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