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Saint or Sinner? Father Christmas - The Chicago Years (An Unauthorised Biography) By Stefan Allsebrook
Paperback: $22.53
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On 25th December 1921, Santa Claus made the most drastic error of his career. A mistake in his chimney orientation meant that while intending to visit a tenement building in Chicago's poorest area,... More > he instead found himself face to face with the most notorious gangster in Chicago at that time. It was a mistake that was to change the very course of Christmas - and would nearly destroy the Christmas icon's very existence. Saint or Sinner? is the culmination of years of painstaking research. Through articles, interviews, official documents and a variety of other sources, the work explores Claus's rise through Gangland in the ten years that followed his fateful meeting. From humble beginnings, Claus's rise through Prohibition Chicago is meticulously documented. Prostitution, smuggling, theft, violence and even murder are seen not only to have been embraced by Christmas's most celebrated personification - but perfected by him, in the creation of Gangland's most brutal empire.< Less
eBook (PDF): $1.01
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This is a humorous look at Astrology, a continuation of the book, THE ASTROMATES... How a man survives in prison, while understanding what Saturn in the Zodiac Signs means.
Photos from Fun City By Andrew Gordon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Real New York City street life captured by two of the most talented and prolific photographers working today with captions guaranteed to make you laugh
Happy 71st Birthday John Cleese! By Your Spanking New John Cleese Forum Members
eBook (PDF): $7.75
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We, the John Cleese Forum Members have compiled our contributions into this tome of affection. All proceeds from this book go to the Charities listed on the cover! Please join us on the Spanking... More > New John Cleese Forum, if you haven't already: See if you can guess WHICH caption goes with WHICH picture on pages 102-104! - American Gothic Cleese - Mona Cleesa - Official Currency of Cheeseland - Cleesey Answers are sometimes PARTIALLY revealed! BUT, you must buy the book and see how your brilliance stacks up against the John Cleese Bloggers!< Less
The Texas Weedeater Massacre (New and Improved!) By Larry G. Lemons
eBook (PDF): $5.75
The Texas Weedeater Massacre (New and Improved!) is a collection of short essays and observations by Texas artist Larry G. Lemons on man's abominable obsession with yardwork. If you love to work in... More > the yard, you probably won't get it, so save your money. But if you would rather watch TV, even if it's only the Weather Channel, than do yardwork, this book is for you.< Less
Stu! Your Hair's on Fire! By Paul L. Allen, Peter M. Pegnam
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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What you won't find in this book: Obama's birth certificate, secrets of the crop circles, how to grow hair without Rogaine, the word "cleavage," plans to replace fossil fuel with... More > gerbil-powered exercise wheels, nor the whereabouts of D.B. Cooper. What you will find, however, are the denizens and doings of the Tucson Citizen, Arizona's oldest, continuously published newspaper, as witnessed during the authors' combined 59 years employment there. Drinkers and bible-beaters, curmudgeons and do-gooders, scofflaws and weirdies -- many talented, all interesting, some unforgettable. A personal friend of Walt Diseny, a "pickaxe cop killer," a CIA-hounded woman who claimed she could move objects with her facial muscles. Animals? Sure -- a chicken-hearted tic-tac-toe hustler. A lizard with a custom-crafted L.L. Bean wardrobe. A talking dog. Plus, corporate bumbling that brought about the Citizen's demise. As a bonus, you'll receive an explanation of the title of this book! Heck, it just don't get much better'n that.< Less
eBook (PDF): $30.00
08-21-08 Paul of Tarsus called them "false Christians".1 They were people who had infiltrated the church and distorted the gospel. They tried to fake it but didn't quite succeed. Obama is... More > one such "false Christian". I hear you out there. You're screaming that I should not judge other people's Christianity. Why not? Paul did.< Less
Johhny's Secret By Sean Dickens
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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Johhny Stevenson has spent his whole life searching for the girl of his dreams, a girl who doesn't care that he has the smallest penis in the world.
Dr. Morrow's Guaranteed Guide to Physical Fitness By Jim Morrow
eBook (PDF): $6.25
A paperback, fifty page book and the perfect gag gift. This nicely bound book has one line of text, "Exercise more!" A great gift for that brother-in-law, or anyone who can take a joke.... More > And, it will really work!< Less
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