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The Human Rights of Companies By Dr Edward Lestrade, K.OSt.J ISBN: 978-9984-39-569-2
Paperback: $20.50
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The second edition expands the explanation of the applicability and scope of how non-natural entities (companies) are able to gain protection as victims of human rights abuses under the ECHR.
Handling a Succession in Louisiana By Myrna Arroyo
Paperback: $12.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
A guide to successions and probate for Louisiana residents
Understanding Legislative Term Limits By Edward Sternisha, J.D.
eBook (PDF): $4.99
This book examines the reasoning behind the term limit laws and takes a closer look at the consequences of preventing an individual from serving too long. Allowing a dynasty of the rich and... More > powerful to run the legislature or giving the average citizen a chance to serve...states with term limit laws are full of controversy. This book examines the pros and cons of term limits and what happens to our system of government when elected officials are booted out of office after a predetermined amount of time. Do we give the regular guy (or girl) an opportunity to make a difference or do we give up a wealth of knowledge and experience at a critical time in the governing process? While no other industry forces out the most experienced worker after serving long enough to become an effective part of the team, more and more State Legislatures have rules that do just that.< Less
Electronic Money By Michael O'Connor
Paperback: $17.03
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The online purchase of goods and services, which is referred to as e-commerce, is no longer a novelty or the preserve of the die-hard technophile. Trade, which is generated and paid for through the... More > Internet, is now the basis for many successful online companies. The number and value of e-commerce transactions, in all their varied forms, have increased to the point where e-commerce will act as the conduit through which many billions of pounds of trade will be conducted over the next few years.< Less
Cases that changed the law By Graham Fricke
eBook (ePub): $2.99
"Cases that changed the law" is Graham Fricke's plain-English digest of landmark international legal cases which should be compulsory reading for all law students, a useful refresher for... More > practicing lawyers ... and a revealing read for anyone who finds themselves inside a courtroom wondering what is going on!< Less
Creating eBriefs: A Step-by-Step Manual for the Legal Professional By Aaron Krigelski
eBook (ePub): $2.99
An eBrief is the collection of hyperlinked documents related to a specific motion or filing. It incorporates the motion(s) as well as the cited materials (typically exhibits, cases, and transcripts... More > as well as other cited documents). These are all organized electronically and hyperlinked so the judge, clerk, or other trier-of-fact can easily read and review the motion. This eBrief manual was created with small firms and solo practitioners in mind, but there are many others in the legal profession who will also find it useful. In addition to attorneys, litigation support teams tasked with creating eBriefs will benefit greatly. Additionally, there is a lot of useful information here for eBrief vendors who may want to explore other ways to create their product or fine tune their skills. Basically, there is something for everyone.< Less
Scientific research and fine art by Politician White Vol 7. By Melissa J. White
Hardcover: $999,999.99
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Enjoy published political views and a look into the Political heart of Melissa J. White the first Black, Irish, Scottish, Oriental and woman President coming. The U.S. calendar holds 52 weeks in a... More > year and this book holds 52 weeks of political views of Politician Melissa J. White to tackle each week of the Calendar year, view and respond. Scientific research is important to Politician White. Cognitive science is important to me and important for America and the world and the industries of medicine, research. Education and libraries (consultants, supervisors, teachers, curriculum writers, psychologist...) Mind and brain research is important to me and American wars and for America and the world. Applied knowledge is critical. I support all proper research programs concerning the brain and learning and intelligence. The advancements of science and humans and health and America is important to Politician White.< Less
Tests about European Union and its Institutions By JOSÉ R. GOMIS FUENTES
Paperback: $20.44
Prints in 3-5 business days
Tests about the creation of the European Union and its institutions. Long tests Adapted to the Lisbon Treaty. A work suitable for university students and for those preparing oppositions with the... More > European Union as content. Content: Test 1. Key dates in the European Union. Test 2. Community institutions. Test 3. The European Council. Test 4. The European Commission. Test 5. European Parliament. Test 6. The Economic and Social Committee. Test 7. The Court of Justice of the European Union. Test 8. The Council.< Less
Civil Procedure Act 2010 (Vic) By CourtRules
Paperback: $15.00
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Civil Procedure Act 2010 (Vic) - Version 30 March 2011
CHIEF OF STAFF: Your Guide to Running My Bankrupt Government By Owen Ferguson
Paperback: $35,000.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Owen Ferguson is the mild-mannered marketing wizard at a socialized government theatre company in London. His person has occupied various professions; naval officer, legislative page, computer... More > programmer, Toronto Star journalist, hardware tester, technical writer, Ontario Provincial Police officer, fry cook, Radio Shack salesman, Ontario Justice (pre-trial custody) inmate, corporate director, vice president, Health Alberta (psychiatric) inmate, bodyguard, campaign manager, municipal candidate, regional director of the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation, state/provincial candidate, butcher, drug dealer, arms dealer, co-operative grocery owner, psychonaut and unlicensed portfolio manager are just a sampling of his business undertakings. His online proifile describes his political views as "Angry."< Less