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A Dream of Gods and Men By Damien Adam & Melyssa Musat
eBook (ePub): $1.00
(1 Ratings)
The first book in a short series of fiction that depicts the journey of Adam Dauntry, from owner of a small home based pottery business in London to demigod and savior of humanity. Follow his steps... More > from London to Greece, Turkey, Libya, and Egypt as he tries to uncover the secret behind his existence and as he unravels the mystery of Atlantis, the lost city all the way to the mysteries of ancient gods and goddesses.< Less
جنزار By د. سعد خليل الجبوري
eBook (ePub): $1.99
(( قالت (سابيتو) صاحبة الحانة... More > ل(كلكامش): اي شيء تسعى إليه ؟ لن تجد الحياة التي تنشدها .. حينما خلقنا .. قدّر علينا الموت ليكن كرشك مملوءا وافرح ليل نهار )) ملحمة كلكامش< Less
Chasing Sunsets By Steven Carpenter
eBook (PDF): $6.25
(1 Ratings)
In Chasing Sunsets the author gives us a view of our world through his eyes and his heart. Carpenter's unique take on beauty and pain will give you pause for thought. He can bring you from the dark... More > and hard world of The Elevator straight back into the imaginative world of youth in Sword Fighting With Seas Urchins. If you enjoy insightful and heart-felt commentary on life, love, and beauty, this book will be a welcome addition to your collection. Included are award winning works: Where's Bennie and We Ran.< Less
Wandering Between Two Worlds: Essays on Faith and Art. By Anita Mathias
eBook (PDF): $5.00
In these wide-ranging lyrical essays, Anita Mathias writes, in lush, lovely prose, of her naughty Catholic childhood in Jamshedpur, India; her large, eccentric family in Mangalore, a sea-coast town... More > converted by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century; her rebellion and atheism as a teenager in her Himalayan boarding school, run by German missionary nuns, St. Mary's Convent, Nainital; and her abrupt religious conversion after which she entered Mother Teresa's convent in Calcutta as a novice. Later rich, elegant essays explore the dualities of her life as a writer, mother, and Christian in the United States-- Domesticity and Art, Writing and Prayer, and the experience of being "an alien and stranger" as an immigrant in America, sensing the need for roots.< Less
George Gissing Classics: The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft By George Gissing
eBook (ePub): $1.99
(1 Ratings)
Ryecroft had reached his fortieth year; for twenty years he had lived by the pen. He was a struggling man, beset by poverty and other circumstances very unpropitious to mental work. Many forms of... More > literature had he tried; in none had he been conspicuously successful; yet now and then he had managed to earn a little more money than his actual needs demanded, and thus was enabled to see something of foreign countries. Naturally a man of independent and rather scornful outlook, he had suffered much from defeated ambition, from disillusions of many kinds, from subjection to grim necessity; the result of it, at the time of which I am speaking, was, certainly not a broken spirit, but a mind and temper so sternly disciplined, that, in ordinary intercourse with him, one did not know but that he led a calm, contented life. Only after several years of friendship was I able to form a just idea of what the man had gone through, or of his actual existence.< Less
Words of Wisdom: Joseph Addison By Students’ Academy
eBook (ePub): $1.50
(1 Ratings)
Joseph Addison was one of the greatest essayists the world has known. Besides being a remarkable essayist, he was also a great poet, playwright, and politician. Addison was the founder of “The... More > Spectator” magazine. It is said that Addison had started writing essays quite casually. Most of his essays are breezy, written in conversational style. Known for his ready with and wonderful use of English language, Addison is respected as one of the most venerable English writers. His essays teem with his witty and emphatic remarks and statements. His command over English language enabled him to write some of the most wonderful sentences in English language. Several of his statements, remarks, and dialogues are now poplar as widely used quotations. In this book we have included some of the most famous lines written by Joseph Addison. These wonderful quotations are surely going to enlighten and entertain the prospective readers.< Less
Justice is Served - Sequel to Murder, Secrets and Injustice in a Small Town By Anastasia Cassella-Young
eBook (PDF): $6.00
(1 Ratings)
Anastasia Cassella-Young’s ‘Justice is Served - Sequel to Murder, Secrets and Injustice in a Small Town’ is where a young man finds himself in the same predicament that the main... More > character of Murder, Secrets and Injustice in a Small Town does excepting this young man who stands up for his ‘woman’ finds out that without money and bigwigs to help you hide your secret you get served ‘justice’ so is this truly justice served? A small town where injustices regarding murder were once known to happen won’t allow it to happen again. But what happens when you have no money to pay off witnesses and police? What happens when there is just you against the world? In small town of Cherryfield, Maine where rumors run rampant who do you believe and when do you believe? Romance, murder and mayhem abound in this tale of justice but is it truly justice? Follow Ana in her struggle for strength and romance in this unforgiving tale of justice.< Less
Love At First Sight By Julian Marrero
eBook (PDF): $6.25
The Heir Apparent to the throne of the Dragon Clan meets his future Queen. But will she live to marry him?
Gentry's Intracoastal By Edward S. Clark
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Set in the land of sunshine on the sparkling waters of the Indian River of coastal Florida. A clever young real estate operator fights to rehabilitate a small but potentially beautiful marina, the... More > "hurricane hole" sought by boats when wild winds rage. Rod Gentry battles sabotage, arson, and a crooked county commissioner to make a name for the marina and enough money to fulfill his wife's hopes of building a new children's home. The blond-haired orphan waif Rachel, in a wheelchair, inspires him to reach higher than he ever thought of reaching. In the end it is his marina tenants, living on their boats, that protect and support him. Bill Croft, the dock master, is fiercely loyal, even when it means taking his shotgun to intruders. Abe Pickett, ex-mercenary and Bill's friend, solves problems with plastic explosives in the middle of the night. And Winston English, the stunt man who lives at the marina gives Rod an astounding perspective of what the marina could become, and why it should.< Less
AT-13 The RENEGADE By Sonny Baker
eBook (PDF): $6.25
THE RENEGADE is number 13 in the A. T. (Arizona Territory) Series of novels based on that history. There was actually a white man who had joined the Indians, to live with them and fight with them to... More > drive out the white people coming in. Who was he, and what did he really want? This book answers that question. And it introduces a young doctor who did not understand Indians and their troubles with the whites, but he did understand compassion and human kindness, both of which are reflected in the oath of that profession. I'll know you will enjoy reading THE RENEGADE.< Less

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Nefemi Nefemi By Chinonye Omeirondi
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