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Two boys are shot at and have to find out the backround about a complicated gang called the murders. It turns from an everyday walk to a shooting and the crime of the century. A kiss, a shooting, a... More > truth all in one.< Less
The 11th Man By Andrew Gordon
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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Abe Lester, a retired high school teacher, learns that his life-long buddy Larry, a frustrated photographer, has suddenly vanished a week before his divorce is to be finalized. Abe stumbles upon a... More > journal left behind by Larry, which details Larry's disturbing descent into a delusional world peopled by colorful characters. Police detectives and forensic psychiatrists try to help Abe unravel the mysteries of his friend's journal and disappearance.< Less
On the Streets for Alison By Paul Matos
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Raphael Dawson and Conner MacClennen are approached by their friend Sam. He came to them tormented, because his twenty year old sister, Alison is missing. They hit the streets to help him and his... More > family look for her. Along the way they make more friends and run into some trouble and uncover a terrifying mess no family wants to ever happen to them. With a little wit and charm, and help from some law enforcement colleagues, they make their way through the other side of the investigation only to find their world changed, if only for a short time. What would you do for a friend?< Less
Good Bye Boom Boom By iAN DERRICK
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A woking great yarn of crime and confusion within the Chinese restaurant business. Take-away murder, a la carte, when using your noodle calls for lots of choppa-stick, frigid action. Detective Ivor... More > Varg, friend of Lau number one son Malcolm, must find the murder victim before she disappears yet again. Does the Imperial Red Dragon Restaurant hold a secret which Varg has not discovered? Drugs, sex-wagons ... did poor Chen suffer from wet feet? What were the twins Yin & Yang doing at midnight? And of course the Ming Dynasty has much Wong to answer for. Who is a proper Charlie then?< Less
On the Streets for Coleman By Paul Matos
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Raph and Mac are asked to help figure out why a former marine just returning home from war is not spending as much time at home as usual. When he turns up dead almost under their nose the hunt is on... More > to find out why. Coleman Fairburn has just recently returned home from fighting for his country but he is not having a good time re-entering society. His wife Patrica fears he might be spending time with another women. The case goes in a few different directions and at the end they are more disappointed than surprised.< Less
The Killer and Boyd Burgess By Nathan C. Vance
eBook (ePub): $3.99
After a long, successful fighting career, Iron Boyd Burgess decides to retire and settle in the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Unfortunately, the quiet life he hopes for... More > doesn’t materialize. When trouble hits (and there’s a lot of trouble in this town), Boyd is usually the first one on the scene. This doesn’t sit too well with local, long-tenured sheriff Butch Ray. When Boyd stumbles upon the trail of a series of brutal murders taking place nearby in the sands of New Mexico, he decides to find the killer. Sheriff Ray warns him to stop playing detective, but Boyd doesn’t back down from fights, and this one is no exception. He’s not about to let innocent lives be lost due to the sheriff’s incompetence. The deeper into the investigation he gets, however, the more Boyd wonders if the sheriff is involved somehow. But how will he prove it without getting himself killed? One thing’s for sure: Boyd is about to find what evils reside under the desert sun.< Less
Murder at the Scarborough Zoo! By Lyndia Glover
eBook (PDF): $1.25
(1 Ratings)
Marsha Livingston is murdered while visiting the Scarborough Zoo in London with a friend. Her lifeless body is soon discovered. Was the killer an escaped zoo animal or a human? Citizens are afraid... More > to visit the zoo while a madman is on the loose. Cheerie is a large male cream colored cat and a detective with Scotland Yard. Bentley Brighton (Cheerie's human) and Cheerie must visit the zoo to investigate the murder. How will Cheerie react to the zoo animals? **Nineteenth book in the series.** Watch for new books!< Less
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Detective Jack MayBee, and Chuck The Attorney, 20 Detective Short Stories By Charles Neuf, CPP
Paperback: $16.95
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Jack an x-State Police Detective, Chuck an x-States Attorney work as a team. Building a business, keeping clients happy, and making money. There will be Murders, Surviellances, Kidnapping and... More > Divorce cases and investigations. The reader will get inside of what Attorneys want and how the Detective gets it. Each short story comes from a true case file worked by the writer.< Less
The London Few & The Blueprint Menace Of Chiswick By Justin Tully
eBook (PDF): $2.36
The London Few & The Blueprint Menace Of Chiswick is the story of a group of mystery hunters being called to Chiswick in West London. The local residents have reported people as going missing, so... More > the London Few go out into the field where they were abducted from only to find that the beings that had abducted the people have had a change of heart and given them back, but not before tagging them with the Blueprint Menace. This is just a smokescreen for while the London Few think that the beings have gone back to Outer Space they have changed tactics. They abduct and tag more than three hundred people with the Blueprint Menace. Eventually this leads to a showdown at Chiswick House with the London Few knowing that unless they can stop the beings from escaping back to Outer Space the people who have been tagged will never be in control of their own lives. Can the London Few actually stop the beings from Titan escaping from Chiswick Bridge in their spacecraft?< Less

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Spineless Spineless By Michael Horgan
Paperback: $17.91
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Doc Savage: The Sinister Shadow Doc Savage: The Sinister... By Will Murray et al.
Hardcover: $39.95