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Child's Bedwetting Solutions By Jecky Lee
eBook (PDF): $27.74
Within Child's Bedwetting Solutions, I'll teach you how to gently help your child take control of the situation. With tips, tricks, and methods for waking up dry - my report really is the secret tool... More > families use to cure bedwetting. Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside: 6 signs that you need to look into the problem seriously. What to tell your child to make him or her feel better about the situation. Is it time to go to a doctor? How to make it easier for your child to let you know there was an accident. 10 signs that you need to seek more aggressive treatment. The worst thing you can do to try and stop bedwetting. Which liquids to keep your child away from in the evening. 4 places to start doing more research. 5 things to consider before you pick up your own bedwetting resources. How to handle a possible infection caused by wet sheets. Is "Dry Bed Training" right for your child? How to help your child deal with teasing at school.< Less
The Ultimate Guide To Baby Showers By Jecky Lee
eBook (PDF): $23.75
Here's Just a "Sneak-Peak" At What You'll Uncover With The Ultimate Guide To Baby Showers: The Hottest Baby Shower Themes all uncovered for you. While others bore their guests, your guests... More > will be laughing and having a good time thanks to the themes and games that you’ve discovered. How to plan a baby shower from the ground up easily and effortlessly. Baby shower foods and how to tie themes in with them to amaze your guests. Discover One of the most memorable things about the baby showers. Tried, tested, and sometimes regrettable details that you really need to know in order to create, manage, and complete a perfect baby shower. Traditional or conventional background ideas for determining who should throw the shower. Step-by-step guide on how to manage a baby shower form start to end. Tips, strategies, and suggestions to creating the perfect baby shower. How to determine whether to gift registry or not to gift registry. Plus much MUCH More!< Less
How To Discipline Your Children Without Shouting Or Spanking By Jecky Lee
eBook (PDF): $27.50
How To Discipline Your Children Without Shouting Or Spanking is your key to sane parenting. You say you've tried it all and nothing works? We can show you a better way! What if I told you that you... More > could: Get your child to go to bed on time, sit quietly at the dinner table and behave in public? Avoid door slamming, yelling, spanking and punishment Help your child get along better in school You'll also learn how to: Figure out your child's 'TRIGGERS' for bad behavior How to build trust and understanding between you and your children How to COMMUNICATE with AND LISTEN TO your child Even how to get your FAMILY and FRIENDS to help you! And we'll TEACH you: The Do's and Don'ts of Discipline How to establish a discipline program that is appropriate for the age of your child How and when to use logical consequences for bad behavior disabled or handicapped child How to teach your child about discipline and rules …and MUCH MORE!< Less
Father's Guide To The Baby Birth By Jecky Lee
eBook (PDF): $23.75
What will you find in Father's Guide To The Baby Birth? So much! Just look! The stages of labor and what to expect. What happens when you get to the hospital? How to provide comfort measures for... More > her. What to bring with you. And so much more! You’re not the only one feeling apprehensive about the birth of the baby. Mom's probably feeling her own anxiety. Father's Guide To The Baby Birth can help her too by providing information about topics that affect her as well. There’s information in here about: Medications during labor Episiotomies C-Sections What happens once baby is born And more< Less
Eight Weeks to Positive Discipline: A Workbook Based on the Popular Workshop Series By Rene Hackney, Ph.D.
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The language of positive discipline is a system of techniques that allow parents to effectively manage their children's behaviors. This workbook will help parents and educators learn: -- Ways to... More > encourage positive behaviors to happen more often -- How to better express their own emotions and to validate and calm children's emotions in discipline moments -- The benefits of offering choices, challenges and contribution to change children's behaviors -- How to use natural consequences, logical positive and logical negative consequences to encourage change -- Ways to best address power struggles, tantrums, whining and backtalk, tattling and bickering. In practical language and a friendly coaching style, this workbook lays out the concepts of positive discipline in informative text that includes highlights of relevant literature on child development, reviews of key points, practice items with possible answers, and weekly homework to help parents master this valuable language and make it their own.< Less
Strength For The Journey By Cindy McDonald
eBook (PDF): $2.50
This is a mother's story of love, struggle, and dependence on God. It's a story of hope in the face of trials. Loving a special child with emotional and physical problems can be a huge undertaking. ... More > This family learned to trust God in the small and large things. It is a message of hope for families in the midst of the struggle.< Less
Strength For The Journey Daily Journal By Cindy McDonald
eBook (PDF): $2.50
This is a daily journal for parents. It contains Scriptures and blank pages for writing. It is a supplement to "Strength For The Journey"
When Parents Separate: Easing the Trauma for Children By Vicky Omifolaji
eBook (ePub): $2.23
(1 Ratings)
When Parents Separate - Easing The Trauma For Children is a ground-breaking guide that helps parents support their children pre-separation, during, and in the years that follow the breakup - written... More > by Vicky Omifolaji, a Psychotherapist and a Clinical Social Worker who has over 20 years’ experience in counseling and psychosocial assessment and intervention. When Parents Separate - Easing The Trauma For Children is for conscientious parents going through the trauma of separation or divorce process. When Parents Separate - Easing The Trauma For Children provides detailed guidelines about the dos and don't of co-parenting and provides the steps to ensure that your children’s well-being is a top priority. This book is a small guide with practical and sensible advice that is easy to implement.< Less
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Financial exploitation is misunderstood, devastating and far more prevalent than many realize. Consider the fact that victimization also awaits the baby boomers, the next generation that should... More > rightfully be concerned about themselves as well as their elders. I wrote my book of exploitation crimes to increase awareness of both generations and promote the concept that “the best offense is a good defense”.... preparation before becoming disabled by the aging process is the key to successfully protecting yourself or loved ones. This download was written to point out that you cannot depend on the government to protect you in your old age. < Less
Noncustodial, "How To Fight The Power?" By Carlton Moore Sr.
eBook (PDF): $7.00
(1 Ratings)
A true and in-depth story about a father fighting to be. Fighting to be a parent, fighting to be involved and fighting to be a part of his son's life. A how-to-testimonial of sort about defending and... More > amending noncustodial rights.< Less

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