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Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology By John. B. Smith
Paperback: $10.90
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This book is the dictionary of terms used in entomology containing the definitions and explanations of 4471 entomological terminologies, with three plates illustrating body structure and venation and... More > one plate illustrating color terms.< Less
The Writing Season By Dominique Watson
Paperback: $9.96
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The writing season was created years ago when The POV Lounge was created. Dominique decided that to answer all the questions she received about writing, formatting a book, editing a book, publishing... More > a book she would simply turn it into articles. The articles went from blogs to now a book. By the time you are finished reading The Writing Season, you will have the encouragement and information you need to write and finish your book. Also included in this series: The In Between Seasons The Publishing Season< Less
Re-Examining The Roles of Landpower in The 21st Century and Their Implications By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
Paperback: $15.97
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Much has happened in the 16 years since this author penned a monograph entitled Redefining Land Power for the 21st Century. The United States suffered the tragedies of September 11, 2001, the first... More > attack of a wave of large-scale extremist terrorist activities that have scourged the globe from London to Bali to Madrid to Mumbai to Nairobi and beyond. The invasion and subsequent counterinsurgency campaigns in Iraq and the ebbing war in Afghanistan have significantly engaged U.S. military power, especially Landpower, for over a decade. The ongoing volatility of the international security environment continues to generate crises that may embroil U.S. national interests: an increasingly erratic North Korea that may be on the verge of implosion, confrontation with Iran over its nuclear policies, the turbulence of the Arab Spring and its consequences, growing unrest in broad swaths of Africa, and multiple crises in the Middle East, to name but a few.< Less
Nuclear Weapons Materials Gone Missing: What Does History Teach? By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
Paperback: $21.50
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In 2009, the President of the United States spotlighted nuclear terrorism as one of the top threats to international security and launched an international effort to identify, secure, and dispose of... More > global stocks of weapons-usable nuclear materials—namely highly enriched uranium and weapons-grade plutonium. Since that time, three nuclear security summits have been held, along with scores of studies and workshops (official and unofficial), drawing sustained high-level attention to the threat posed by these materials. However, little attention has been given to incidences where sensitive nuclear materials actually went missing. This volume seeks to correct this deficiency, examining incidences of material unaccounted for (MUF) arising from U.S. and South African nuclear weapons programs, plutonium gone missing from Japanese and British civilian production facilities, and a theft of highly enriched uranium from a U.S. military contractor in the 1960s that was used to help fuel Israel’s nuclear weapons program.< Less
Operationalizing Counter Threat Finance Strategies By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
Paperback: $14.96
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It is a well established axiom that attempting to defeat an insurgency or a terrorist organization headon is merely treating the symptoms of a problem. For long-term success, the campaign must also... More > address the root causes of the insecurity that spawned conflict in the first place. In this monograph, British academic and practitioner Dr. Shima Keene describes a number of ways in which financial intelligence can be leveraged not only to disrupt adversary activities, but also to provide indicators and warnings of future actions and, ultimately, to address underlying insecurities. Dr. Keene was previously both a banker and a British Army reservist. In this monograph, she uses her expertise as a threat finance specialist to outline specific areas where financial intelligence analysis techniques, which are common in the private sector, can be applied to combating insurgency, terrorism, and other hard security threats.< Less
Creating an Effective Regional Alignment Strategy for The U.S. Army By David S. Lyle et al.
Paperback: $14.48
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This monograph focuses upon “regional alignment,” viewed by many as critical if the Army is to remain both relevant and effective in the 21st century security environment. Despite its... More > title, the monograph is part of the Strategic Studies Institute’s ongoing “talent management” series. In fact, the authors argue that world class talent management is a necessary pre-condition to creating an effective regional alignment strategy for the Army. They identify several serious challenges to creating a workable regional alignment of Army units, most of which hinge upon understanding and liberating the unique talents of individual soldiers and civilians. They also argue that the Army’s current Force Generation Model is not conducive to creating and maintaining regionally expert units and must be adjusted accordingly.< Less
Government Contracting Should Be A Core Competence for U.S. Military Personnel By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
Paperback: $15.96
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The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan mark an era of unprecedented outsourcing in contingency operations. Although signiicant outsourcing occurred in prior wars, never has the scale been so large for so... More > long. Counterintuitively, as outsourcing increased, the number of government acquisition personnel decreased. This led to waste, fraud, and abuse. The Commission on Wartime Contracting made several indings and recommendations to prevent future contract administration problems in contingency operations. A principal concern is that the U.S. military needs to increase the number of acquisition experts, change its culture, and treat government contracting as a core competency. In response to outsourcing concerns, the Ofice of Federal Procurement Policy issued Policy Letter 11-01 on the Performance of Inherently Governmental and Critical Functions. The Letter provides strategic-level guidance to federal agencies to assess risk and accountability when outsourcing.< Less
Regionalizing East Mediterranean Gas: Energy Security, Stability, and The U.S. Role By Mohammed El-Katiri et al.
Paperback: $15.94
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In recent years the distribution of the world’s exploitable energy reserves has shifted markedly. One major change is the discovery of substantial gas deposits offshore the Levant. But while... More > these deposits have the potential to revolutionize the economies of the net energy importers, Cyprus, Lebanon, and Israel, they also bring into sharp focus long-running disputes over maritime boundaries and sovereignty. In short, these deposits provide yet another cause for conflict in an already deeply troubled region. This monograph explores both the positive and negative implications of the Eastern Mediterranean’s new gas reserves for the region, and the implications of both for U.S. interests. It combines the recognized expertise of two researchers with long experience in regional and energy studies, respectively.< Less
Brecht the Poet: From Rimbaudian Bard to Marxist Revolutionary By Daniel Deleanu
Paperback: $18.50
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A philosophical examination of the poetry composed by one of the greatest writers of all time.
Now You Know: The Book of Random Facts By Justin Hundsnurscher
Hardcover: $29.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Whether you are reading by waiting at a doctor's office, airport or reading just for fun, inside you will find many facts and some statistics. From history to food and drink to celebrity to science... More > to sports, it's here! A coffee table reader (did you know: Over 100 chemicals exists in a cup of coffee) or bathroom readers (did you know: 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets every year), sit down and read to be amazed. This is a reader for all ages. Learn about stuff you maybe never knew of since now. Amuse people with little-known facts, get in the know with what we are surrounded with. Always question, where did something come from? How is this made? Where did it originate? Why did it happen? Find out now, here, all inside. Much of the information inside is useless, dangerously entertaining useless and some you may use at your dispense. Some stuff you’ll read may be known but long forgotten. When all said and done, you will be closing the book with more knowledge in your brain.< Less