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A 17,319 word Epistolary memoir is printed on the Even numbered pages (from p.6) in comparison with a 36,565 word novel (adapted from the Epistolary memoir) printed on the Odd numbered pages (from p.7). A 247,255 word Critique follows on p.241... By Todd Van Buskirk
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'Spiritual Autobiographies' generally fall into a predictable pattern. The "formula" begins with a sinful youth, followed by a gradual awakening of spiritual feelings and a sense of anxiety... More > about the prospects for enlightenment. Finally, the person has a conversion experience, an epiphany, often of an emotionally shattering character, by which individuals came to realise that they had been singled out by God for salvation. Also consider that in biology 'adaptation' refers to both the current state of being adapted and to the dynamic evolutionary process that leads to the adaptation. Adaptations enhance the fitness and survival of individuals. Adaptation is the evolutionary process whereby an organism becomes better able to live in its habitat or habitats. ​Finally, 'Parity' is a mathematical term that describes the property of an integer's inclusion in one of two categories: even or odd. An integer is even if it is 'evenly divisible' by two and odd if it is not even.< Less
LOST STORY OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT By Patricia J & angelo s spiropoulos
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How Alexander The Great's belief in the God Sabaoth(Jehovah), helped him in battles, and victory, to become the world ruler of his time. His visit to Rome, given Daniel's Prophesy. Defeat of Athens,... More > and their hatred as shown in history of today of him. Finding Atlantis(SINAI) , and an island in the Red Sea. Visit to Sethite islands in Aquaba, decendante of Seth. Letters to Amazons, his will, burial and location. ISBN # 1-4116-3931-6< Less
The Atkinson Collection - Secrets to the Law of Attraction Series By Dr. Robert C. Worstell & William Walker Atkinson
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Where were you when you first heard of the Law of Attraction? Was it watching a DVD, reading a book, or did a friend tell you excitingly about something new they discovered that explained so... More > much? Each of us - even as we found this phrase in Internet searches, coming up again and again – has found something that intrigued us, something that answered questions, something that posed new ones. The Law of Attraction has caused new discussion groups to pop up, so that people could share their experiences and help each other explore this new topic. In the early 1900's an informal philosophy of New Thought found one of its voices in William Walker Atkinson, who wrote over a hundred books on this subject. The selected three books published in this collection all define and describe the Law of Attraction as well as providing practical exercises any reader can use to improve their life. The ideas still ring true today as they did when first published. Get Your Copy Now.< Less By Spirit Mender
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Ongoing Conversation with God, A daily diary of our conversation, lessons remembered a clearing of mental garbage. Remembering our agreement to be here and to serve. Embracing all the gifts of my day... More > from the universe. Prayers that help clear up and bring understanding to my life. My gift to the planet and to you. Thanks< Less
Today's Encouraging Words: Month of July By Jerome Rollins
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Today's Encouraging Words (Month of July) delivers daily encouraging devotionals filled with God inspired love, hope, and faith.
The Journey By Albert Gardner
eBook (PDF): $6.13
This book follows a fictional character through the journey of life. A trip from dispair to hope. A love story and much more.
Sacred Spaces.Religious Traditions in Oriente Cuba By José Millet Batista
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Tradiciones religiosas de las comunidades de afrodescendientes y cubanos en general en el oriente de Cuba. Libro comentado e ilustrado con fotos.
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Karma is an electrical charge that you bring into each of your incarnations. You attached them to yourself in previous incarnation and stored in the Quantum Ocean
Sendero Viviente, Autobiografía de un Iluminado By Americo
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Sendero Viviente es la autobiografía de un Iluminado, es la historía de quien alcanza la riqueza espiritual sin proponérselo, en nuestros tiempos, en medio del asfalto y el... More > materialismo. Pocos llegan a este punto. Americo lo logró y aquí encontrarás la manera de como alcanza el despertar del séptimo chakra. Escribe su autobiografía por motivos superiores, es una historia de vida, una vez que empiezes a leer no querrás parar.< Less
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The term Rabbinic was applied to the Jewish Literature of post-Biblical times by those who conceived the Judaism of the later epoch to be something different from the Judaism of the Bible, something... More > actually opposed to it. Such observers held that the Jewish nation ceased to exist with the moment when its political independence was destroyed. For them the Judaism of the later epoch has been a Judaism of the Synagogue, the spokesmen of which have been the scholars, the Rabbis. And what this phase of Judaism brought forth has been considered by them to be the product of the schools rather than the product of practical, pulsating life. Poetic phantasmagoria, frequently the vaporings of morbid visionaries, is the material out of which these scholars construct the theologic system of the Rabbis, and fairy tales, the spontaneous creations of the people, which take the form of sacred legend in Jewish literature,< Less

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Good News of Life Good News of Life By Aaron Perry
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