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Will The Real Queen Rise Up? By Seer Prophetess Matilda L. Gray, B.Th., M.C.E., M.Div.
Paperback: $15.00
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Will The Real Queen Rise UP? will make you laugh, cry, and rejoice as you allow the powerful hand of the most high YAH (God) to move you through your process of rising up as the authentic original... More > Queen that He has created you to be. This book will shift you in your life in order for you to fulfill your purpose and destiny. You don't want to miss this great opportunity of a book.< Less
Reborn Towards Heaven By Bryan Northcutt
Hardcover: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A compilation of authors on what Heaven will be like and how one arrives there. Featuring writings from Jonathan Edwards, J.C. Ryle, and Charles Spurgeon.
Beware of False Religions & Pagan Traditions Part 1 By Helene Fulton
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
There are only two roads; one leads to heaven and one leads to hell. There are numerous false religions operating in the world today, falsely broadcasting themselves as truth or as God's truth for... More > that matter. In these books these false religions have been measured up against the word, wisdom and knowledge of God. The word of God says that His word is like fire and is a hammer that breaks rocks into pieces. When the light of God shines on darkness, darkness has to flee and the enemy has no more power or place to hide. He can only operate in darkness and where he cannot be seen. Knowledge is power and the intention of this book is not to condemn, but rather equip believers and bring those who are in darkness into the light, so that everyone may come to know the truth….as it is the truth that sets one free.< Less
eBook (PDF): $6.94
Lemuria was an advanced ancient civilization which existed before and during the time of Atlantis. Lemuria was located in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia. Lemuria is also known... More > as Mu, or the true Motherland. At the height of civilization, (known as the Sun Cycle, or Golden Age) the Lemurian race were both highly intelligent and very spiritual. Many people claim to have a spiritual connection to Lemuria, even-though no physical continent exists today.< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.74
1st Chakra or Root Chakra governs grounding to earth. It is called Sheshat, it is the root center which is located at the base of the spine. It is the level of energy-consciousness we use to project... More > our body on the physical plane of existence so our spirit may be able to have experience in the physical realm called “Nasuwt”. The energies here are unbalanced, it deals with survival, fear, selfishness, possessiveness, this is your instinctual nature (reptilian nature). It represents dormant, coiled up energy, an uncontrolled sexual energy (horny). It is our task to convert this energy into spiritual energy. FAHEEM KHEPERA JUDAH-EL< Less
Jesus' DNA By VerNell King
eBook (PDF): $3.13
In Matthew Chapter 1, the Genealogy Of Jesus Christ appears. In the depth of this Holy Family tree, lies a branch filled with divine fruit. It is through the examination of Jesus' genealogy, a divine... More > design surfaces.< Less
Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible, Also Known as the Apocrypha By Unknown
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy accepted in their canon books some additional books that were accepted as canonical in the Greek Old Testament known as the Septuagint version. These books are called... More > the deuterocanonical books, also known as the Apocrypha. This volume contains the collection of 15 such books.< Less
eBook (PDF): $6.25
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What did Jesus really say? ¶This compiler's purpose has been to enable any reader, whether confirmed Christian or inquiring pagan, or a frankly detached, to get him a book of CHRIST'S OWN WORDS,... More > "divested," so runs the title page, "of the context, excepting those brief portions of the gospel narratives retained to establish the place, the time, or occasion, or a question the reply to which is the Master's own answer."< Less
The Holy Spirit By David Baker
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This series of outlines on what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit. Great effort has been made to avoid denominational error and superstition which has found such a deep root in the church. ... More > What does the Bible say? That is what we are interested in.< Less
I'm Saved! What Now? Beginning Your Walk in Christ By Sandra Lott
Paperback: $10.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
You have just received Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior! Congratulations and welcome to the family of God! But, you have questions such as what do I do now? What can I expect and how do I... More > live a victorious life in Christ? Well, you have come to the right place! I’m Saved! What Next, is a book to help give you direction as you continue your new walk in Christ so it will be one with passion and victory!< Less

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Good News of Life Good News of Life By Aaron Perry
Paperback: $15.00