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Moving Being By Khandro Déchen
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Khandro Déchen Tsédrüp Rolpa'i Yeshé is a Nyingma Lama who teaches in the Dzogchen lineage of Aro Lingma. Her clear, direct and detailed handbook of sKu-mNyé (kum... More > nye) enables one to enter the dimension of energy revealed through Dzogchen longdé, the series of space. 35 elemental exercises cover 7 dynamic movements from each series of symbolic animals: lion, vulture, tiger, eagle, and garuda. Aro sKu-mNyé can be practised by almost anyone as the forms range from simple to challenging, from mild to strongly aerobic. The theoretical background to the exercises is explained in simple contemporary English, which is accessible to those with no experience of Vajrayana Buddhism, yet will be of value and interest to those who have practised intensively and studied the tradition in depth. The exercises are finely illustrated by Pauline Williams in a western life-drawing style that portrays real-life practitioners rather than perfect iconographic bodies of yogis and yoginis.< Less
Secrets of the Satanic Executioners 2nd_edition By Ambrose Hunter
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Revised and expanded second edition, more lore and secrets revealed, more rituals disclosed, more darkness and evils unearthed. Stare into the abyss of the forbidden arts; unlock the medieval... More > mysteries and techniques of Satanic ritual and conspiracy in the age of chivalry. Detailing the methods and facts behind the superstitions, packed with illustrations, this is a must have book for all serious researchers of historic traditional dark magic and Witchcraft.< Less
Will the Real Queen Rise Up? By Seer Prophetess Matilda L. Gray, B.Th., M.C.E., M.Div.
eBook (ePub): $8.00
Will The Real Queen Rise UP? will make you laugh, cry, and rejoice as you allow the powerful hand of the most high YAH (God) to move you through your process of rising up as the authentic original... More > Queen that He has created you to be. This book will shift you in your life in order for you to fulfill your purpose and destiny. You don't want to miss this great opportunity of a book.< Less
Journal By Yvonne Grant
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"Yes You Can" Journal for jotting down notes for any occasion.
eBook (PDF): $10.00
This ebook presents and announces the truth about the essence and essential identity of human openly to the world. It also presents the truth about the dynamics of the essential process and journey... More > of human in cosmos and the world. The above mentioned truth can enlighten humanity essentially in living, growing, moving, changing, acting, and walking in cosmos and the world. The above mentioned truth can enlighten humanity essentially in their journey of climbing "the ladder" of existence and life, transcending cosmos, the world, and themselves, even transcending the spiritual reality INTO THE CREATOR SPIRITUAL BEING.< Less
A 17,319 word Epistolary memoir is printed on the Even numbered pages (from p.6) in comparison with a 36,565 word novel (adapted from the Epistolary memoir) printed on the Odd numbered pages (from p.7). A 247,255 word Critique follows on p.241... By Todd Van Buskirk
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'Spiritual Autobiographies' generally fall into a predictable pattern. The "formula" begins with a sinful youth, followed by a gradual awakening of spiritual feelings and a sense of anxiety... More > about the prospects for enlightenment. Finally, the person has a conversion experience, an epiphany, often of an emotionally shattering character, by which individuals came to realise that they had been singled out by God for salvation. Also consider that in biology 'adaptation' refers to both the current state of being adapted and to the dynamic evolutionary process that leads to the adaptation. Adaptations enhance the fitness and survival of individuals. Adaptation is the evolutionary process whereby an organism becomes better able to live in its habitat or habitats. ​Finally, 'Parity' is a mathematical term that describes the property of an integer's inclusion in one of two categories: even or odd. An integer is even if it is 'evenly divisible' by two and odd if it is not even.< Less
Get Real: What It Means to Have Real Faith in the Real World By Regina Johnston
Paperback: $10.00
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Have you ever struggled to have faith in the midst of the chaos of life? The real world looks nothing like reality television. There’s no script to follow; there’s no editor to clean up... More > the mistakes. No hair and make up. No stylists. The real world isn’t always pretty. It can get messy, it can test your limits and it can be confusing. Get Real is the companion guide to a 6-week bible study that teaches what it means to have real faith in the real world. Each week looks in-depth at a different woman from the Bible to identify six different meanings for the word “real” and how they relate to faith. You will learn that real means: • TRUE • ACTUAL • GENUINE • COMPLETE • SIGNIFICANT • EVERYDAY< Less
To Be Agnostic By Clarence Darrow
Paperback: $9.22
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Wonderful collection of essays by Clarence Darrow on skepticism and agnosticism.
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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Reprint of Sayce's classic lectures on comparative religion.
eBook (PDF): $2.00
The term Rabbinic was applied to the Jewish Literature of post-Biblical times by those who conceived the Judaism of the later epoch to be something different from the Judaism of the Bible, something... More > actually opposed to it. Such observers held that the Jewish nation ceased to exist with the moment when its political independence was destroyed. For them the Judaism of the later epoch has been a Judaism of the Synagogue, the spokesmen of which have been the scholars, the Rabbis. And what this phase of Judaism brought forth has been considered by them to be the product of the schools rather than the product of practical, pulsating life. Poetic phantasmagoria, frequently the vaporings of morbid visionaries, is the material out of which these scholars construct the theologic system of the Rabbis, and fairy tales, the spontaneous creations of the people, which take the form of sacred legend in Jewish literature,< Less

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