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Shadowcaster By Morgen M. Wodarczyk
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The author has contrived a brilliant medley into the explanation of the reasons for bad dreams and nightmares that balance our lives between good and evil. The fears we all must face and the fact... More > that once we face those fears, we are free to truly live. We are given insight into an ethereal world, one we sense but cannot see, to know that there are angels among us, and why it is written, they come in our hour of need. -Peggy Glatz< Less
Gods and Demons: Book One By Cosette Clark
Paperback: $18.96
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Two young children, raised in Tokyo, soon discover the mystery of their births. Adopted at very young ages, Tomazaki and Hitaru are in fact gods from another world. This is the story of their... More > struggles and triumphs as they discover who they truly are.< Less
Complete Science Fiction Collection By Kurt Vonnegut
eBook (PDF): $3.34
Complete Science Fiction Collection In this ebook novels and short stories of: Kurt Vonnegut Robert Donald Locke John Stewart Williamson Anthony Gilmore: Charles Willard Diffin Roman Frederick... More > Starzl Sewell Peaslee Wright Edmond Hamilton Paul Ernst Harl Vincent Murray Leinster< Less
The Bride of Lazarus By Jason Gehlert
eBook (PDF): $1.25
For countless centuries, war has raged between good and evil, with one man, rich in royal blood carrying the sword of victory. Erich Lazarus thought the penultimate battle waged against the beast... More > would be the final one. But, acting on the elder’s warning that the beast has escaped from his hellish prison and unleashed his army of demons on the world, Lazarus reluctantly agrees to fight his arch-enemy in the final battle that the elder’s have prophesied. The battered hero in search of faith and hope, has found true love, only to see it stolen away by his shape shifting enemy. Encapsulated in a hellish battlefield, Lazarus must devise a way to unleash his dying courage, face his deepest fears and not only save the woman he loves, but to restore peace and harmony to the universe.< Less
Convergence By Jody Aberdeen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Maxim Sinclair’s got a dream girl. On paper, anyway. Every quality he imagines in his perfect soul mate resides on the pages of this list. She even has a name: Lucy Fitzgerald. One night, Max... More > is awoken by a phone call. On the other end of the line is Lucy Fitzgerald. She’s real. She has a list with Max’s name on it. And she wants him to travel to California to meet her. Yet Lucy has a secret goal: to defy the machinations of the Convergence, a universal phenomenon that has trapped her in an alternate reality. She wants to meet Max, but not for the same reasons...< Less
The Millennium Convocation By Paul Peck
eBook (PDF): $3.50
The world is on the precipice of a new age for mankind. A project, the Millennium project, is to seed the earth with a DNA injecting virus to alleviate aggression and famine. The project, however,... More > has been corrupted by politics and power struggles. An organization know as the Convocation was created by a Millennium project defector to correct this corrupted effort. With unlimited funds and resources, the Convocation infiltrates the heart of the project. The Millennium project launched and the world is seeded. The world changes… but not exactly as planned by either group. Peace reigned… at least for a while. Then the mutations began to surface.< Less
Vile Gods By David Kaftal
eBook (PDF): $5.00
War, genocide, torture, terrorism, genetically engineered plagues, environmental disasters, police state oppression... They were the good ol' days once the Space Brothers came to save us.
The Land of the Mist: Book Two of the Legends of Uraan By A. O. Vawser
eBook (PDF): $0.00
After being kidnapped by two evilly cunning Conjatuns and smuggled into the dreaded city of Conjatumii, Karlow and another child captive, Olar, are brought before an old acquaintance, now an enemy.... More > They get on his bad side, and are flung down into a monster-infested dungeon. There they meet a whole host of deformed creatures, hell-bent on having human flesh for supper. Can they evade their grasping claws and gnashing fangs? Can they escape in one piece? And can they banish the overseeing menace, the Mist?< Less
Midnight Wings By Amanda Pope
Paperback: List Price: $15.94 $14.35 | You Save: 10%
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Midnight Wings is a story of love and loss based on the strength of faith. When Cleo is accused of causing the tragic death of a boy, she searches out answers. Coming across a mysterious man poised... More > next to a pond she feels an instant link that holds her in his grip. When Sariel approaches, her world is shattered when he reveals that he is a fallen Angel cast out by God. Everything in her world tells her this man should be inherently evil but she finds herself falling fast in love with him. As Cleo is trying to come to grips with Sariel’s beauty and mystery a creature begins to pursue them both in hopes of attaining the grace of God. When Sariel is unable to hunt the creature for fear of Cleo’s safety she is faced with a decision. If Sariel stays at her side, human kind will have lost their true protector and Cleo will be crushed with the knowledge that she could have prevented the destruction of innocent lives. If he leaves the link between them could kill them both.< Less
A Martian Odyssey By Stanley G. Weinbaum
Paperback: $11.99
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Stanley G. Weinbaum is best known for his pioneering science fiction short story, A Martian Odyssey, published in 1934 to large (and continuing) praise, which introduces a sympathetic alien, Tweel.... More > Other stories by Weinbaum deal with Dixon Wells, a playboy who runs afoul of the inventions of his erstwhile tutor in "Newer Physics", Prof. van Manderpootz, a boastful genius who rates Einstein as his intellectual equal (or even a bit inferior). In "The Worlds of If", the professor’s invention exposes what might have been; in "The Ideal", Manderpootz constructs a device that can show the image of someone's ideal (in Wells' case, his perfect woman); the invention in "The Point of View" allows one to see the world from another's perspective. This collection of Weinbaum's stories include A Martian Odyssey, Valley of Dreams, The Adaptive Ultimate, The Mad Moon, The Worlds of If, The Ideal, The Point of View, Pygmalion's Spectacles, Parasite Planet, The Lotus Eaters and The Circle of Zero.< Less

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Time Capsule Time Capsule By Serafino Bianchi
Paperback: $15.95
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In Hiding In Hiding By H. W. Vivian
Paperback: $17.99
The Temporal Logbook The Temporal Logbook By Michael Baxter et al.
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