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Enforced Dummy / Pacifier Discipline By Lady Loren
eBook (PDF): $7.81
A collection of Lady Loren's favourite letters about one of her favourite subjects - infantilism and domination of the adult male using nothing more complex than a baby's dummy / pacifier. ** Please... More > note: This book is strictly for adults and contains adult themes.***< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Jim was a migrant farm worker who got a job on a dairy farm. The owner has two daughters. Janet and Betty, they both seduced him.
eBook (PDF): $6.33
In depth study of the arousal gained from getting wet while still partly or fully dressed. The essay looks at the kind of people who find such activity a turn on, and how wetlook has influenced... More > history and popular culture. I look at the criticisms levelled at wetlook enthusiasts, the kind of clothing they like best, (and like least), and explore how the fetish has grown in the age of the internet.< Less
Erotica Times Two - Two Novels of Female Domination - Volume Three By Xavier Couperin & Clarice Darling
eBook (PDF): $7.21
Volume-Three of the "Erotica Times Two" collection continues with two more tales for the price of one on the subject of female superiority and the men who suffer for its cause. Cuckolding... More > with a twist is the thrust of both Xavier Couperin's "A Very English Cuckold" and Clarice Darling's "Wifely Control". The thrust of neither, it must be said, likely to serve the unfortunate husband's on the wrong end of them much good. CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL< Less
Erotica Times Two - Two Novels of Female Domination - Volume One By Melanie Sanders & Clarice Darling
eBook (PDF): $7.21
Exactly as the title says: two novels of female dominance over the male - and for less than the normal price of one. In this first volume of another great value collection from SFPG, "Erotica... More > Times Two" twins two tales of loving and ultra dominant wives with even more in common. Namely: a desire to humiliate and totally enslave the men in their lives. Or at least the husbands. CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL< Less
Lesbian Camp Girls By Mark Pritchard
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is intended to be both pornography and an affectionate homage -- almost a parody, yet real porn -- to the wild pulp paperback porn that was so ubiquitous in the 1970s and 80s. Supplanted by... More > the advent of the cheap porn video, this pulp porn was one of the main media for pornography then. It was what the self-conscious “erotica” of the day specifically was not -- it was nasty, rude, usually very embarrassing, and a lot of fun. It commonly had a faux-naïve tone, especially the stuff about teenage girls. I try to capture that here.< Less
Erotica Times Two - Two Novels of Female Domination - Volume Two By Marisette Hennessey & Shayla Marks
eBook (ePub): $7.21
The great value that is the "Erotica Times Two" collection continues with tales from Marisette Hennessey and Shayla Marks. "A Forced Descent" describes a man's fall from... More > respectable, if philandering, accountant to the status of a young Eastern European woman's canine; while "My Husband is My Servant" details the fall from grace of a once macho and commanding older husband. CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL< Less
Home Help By Kinky Kimberley
eBook (ePub): $2.80
6 Erotic stories from Mrs Kinky Kimberley! One for every taste.
The Insider files, PUA Guide to Hired Guns By Stephen Head
eBook (PDF): $10.00
(4 Ratings)
The insider files is a no BS book that explains how to get in good with bartenders, waitresses, bouncers, and club managers so that you can have instant popularity, this allows you to be treated as a... More > V.I.P and also opens the way to getting more dates from the girls in the club or even that cute bartender or waitress you have had your eye on.< Less
You,Me,The Bedpost And The Wheelie Chair..... By Sookie Nites
Paperback: $6.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of short erotic stories written as collaberations or as sole projects.

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