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New Millenium Mom By Wendy Sweeney
Paperback: $15.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The story begins with Sandy Martin, new millennium mom, at home and at work, as she raises two children in her dream of suburbia. Suburbia of course turns scary. A down and out detective, John... More > Spinelli investigates a rash of kidnappings and meets up with Sandy for the second time as her own children are being used as bait for the kidnappers. Suspects abound. Sandy’s dream home even holds a secret but not the answer.< Less
Redemption Songs By Roger Cottrell
eBook (PDF): $4.55
This dark and violent action thriller from Roger Cottrell is set in Birmingham and the Black Country. It features a charismatic protagonist - a black cop - Detective Superintendent Alan Kemp. He's... More > a cop on the edge - on the edge of losing his family, his job, and his life. Alone, he must confront his nemesis - the Yardie boss King Jason - in a battle to settle a lifetime of hate and to save everything that Kemp holds dear.< Less
Unscripted: Katie's Debut By Jennifer Brown
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Filmmaking has always been a passion for Michael Baker. From setting up props for a widely successful Haunted Path documentary, to filming the aftereffects of a devastating plane crash, Michael is... More > inspired to start his own independent film company. But as it is with life, the unexpected always occurs, making it totally unscripted. Michael can't resist the offer when he's asked to film a documentary for actor Steve Vince. As he gets into the project though, he learns about Katie Vince, the long time missing and assumed dead sister of Steve's. When emails come to Steve from his hometown claiming a girl that could double as Katie's twin has been spotted, singing at a local club, it drives the documentary to take a different direction-to introduce the public to Steve Vince's sister and try to uncover the mystery behind her disappearance!< Less
Mission Rhinegeld By Stu Ready
eBook (PDF): $7.82
(1 Ratings)
This is a fictional story of actual events. 1945 - Hitler's armies had spent years looting the treasuries and museums of the countries they had conquered. The Nazi high command, realising that... More > defeat was inevitable, decided to ensure that the looted treasures would not fall into the hands of the rapidly advancing Allies or Soviets and hid the gold and art treasures. The general orders to the men of Mission Rhinegeld were:- To parachute behind enemy lines and seize as much of the Nazi SS stolen loot as they could and bring it back to the UK. They were not to know that amongst their number were two smart and determined enemy agents. Neither would they know that ten years after the mission, the ramifications of what happened and the treachery of one of the German agents in particular, would still be felt. It would be down to Alex Crombie of Military Intelligence to risk his life to sort out the mess.< Less
"Deadly Secret" By Richard Gam Mahlo
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Four friends from the university of Cape Town thought they had succeed in concealing the murder they committed twenty years ago. When the skeleton of Matilda Jenkins is discovered, they are forced by... More > her ghost to confess. the spirit of Matilda Jenkins will nor rest until her killers have confessed. But they do not want to confess. The story is fast paced and intriguing.< Less
eBook (PDF): $8.95
In this fast-paced murder mystery, Samantha Parker breaks all her own rules when she takes on a new client that her gut tells her is lying. His request is simple; just find out who's following him.... More > The pay - $25,000! It seems easy enough, maybe too easy, but when he suddenly dissapears, Sam is determined to find out what happened to him. She just never imagined it would lead her to the mob, murder and into the arms of the crime boss himself.< Less
Leap of Faith By Nick Marcellas
eBook (PDF): $4.74
(1 Ratings)
13 year old Peter Hall was visiting his uncle Phil in Colorado. He decides to go hiking around Friar's Leap. As he's walking, he witnesses something that will change his life forever: a murder! He... More > tries to be quiet, but he steps on a stick. The killers hear the stick break, and they look over. He's been spotted! Will he ever make it back to Uncle Phil's house?< Less
The Praetorian File By Allan McLeod
Hardcover: $37.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
HARDCOVER EDITION "The Praetorian File" begins when a powerhouse women's magazine hires Paige to write a story about Jenny Ross, a bright young scientist who has created thinking robots.... More > But the day before Paige's interview, Jenny is murdered. Immediately, Paige's journalistic instincts kick in, and she becomes determined to find out who killed Jenny and what lay behind their motive. A thrilling, fast-paced read, "The Praetorian File" keeps readers on the edge of their seats when Paige learns that getting to the bottom of this twisted scheme will endanger the lives of those around her. As Praetorian closes in, Paige doesn't know who she can trust, or where to turn for help, so she courageously steps out and places her own life on the line to solve the sinister mystery of "The Praetorian File."< Less
A Case of Identity By Thushan Bakthesenan
eBook (PDF): $15.00
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Escape to Goa By Jacques Chopot
Paperback: $9.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Escape to Goa mainly takes place in Arambol, north of Goa. Peppin, a limousine driver on the French Riviera hears his passengers' talks. He comes to know too much and would rather keep it for himself... More > but the police wants him to tell them while the Mafia wants to silence him for good. To get out of this mess he flees to India where he meets new people and starts a new passionate life but they are on his heels ...< Less