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Princess Louisiana and her heart Prince Adventure By Purple Liyyana
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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A Self-Published and Independent Literary Piece This is the first fiction writing dedicated to love and friendship.
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FLIPBOOK HORROR COLLECTION : EVIL .................................................
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The Wallet of Kai Lung By Ernest Bramah Smith
Paperback: List Price: $16.49 $8.25 | You Save: 50%
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The Wallet of Kai Lung is a collection of fantasy stories by Ernest Bramah, all but the last of which feature Kai Lung, an itinerant story-teller of ancient China. It was first published in hardcover... More > in London by Grant Richards in 1900, and there have been numerous editions since. Its initial tale, The Transmutation of Ling, was also issued by the same publisher as a separate chapbook in 1911. The collection's importance in the history of fantasy literature was recognized by the anthologization of two of its tales in the celebrated Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series, edited by Lin Carter and published by Ballantine Books; "The Vision of Yin" in Discoveries in Fantasy (March, 1972), and "The Transmutation of Ling" in Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy Volume II (March, 1973). Although the collection is presented in the fashion of a novel, with each of its component stories designated chapters, there is no overall plot aside from each of the first eight tales being presented as narratives...< Less
Vestigial Surreality: 54: Wonderland By Douglas Christian Larsen
eBook (ePub): $1.77
Episode 54: Wonderland. Stacey in the Valley of the Giants. From Plato's Cave to The Matrix, philosophers and scientists and dreamers have questioned the very nature of reality. Scientists today are... More > actually running multi-million dollar experiments to discover hints on whether or not we are living in a computer simulation. To date, the program obfuscates the results, every time. Contend with the Simulation Hypothesis, at your own peril. Are we living in a computer simulation? The world may not be exactly what it seems. There is no body. Data is data.< Less
The Essence Reaper Ritual: Promo By Axel A. Fox
eBook (ePub): $2.00
NOTE: ONLY THE THREE FIRST CHAPTERS OF THE ORIGINAL BOOK. FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. An ancient creature, the Great Necromancer – thought destroyed 1000 years ago – is rising again.... More > He is one with the power to absorb the essence of any living creature and even the very essence of the gods. With the gods of no help to the living, what would happen if the solution is as audacious as the evil rising – to summon a mighty entropic demon with the ability to withstand the Great Necromancer´s powers? This is the story of a group of adventures who join forces to save the world of Eternalia and make the decisions to change it forever. Balder the Herald, Kira the feline hunter girl, Aurelius the magician, and other charismatic characters, wait to share their adventures.< Less
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Ivy and the Rainbow Tree By Annabella Story
Paperback: $18.49
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Ivy and her sister, Violet, are just ordinary Chroma Foxes, living in the Flowering Wildwood. In the heart of the Flowering Wildwood, there is the Rainbow Tree. It is the root of the Chroma Foxes... More > culture and society. Then one day, something terrible happens to the Tree. It's up to Ivy and Violet to save the the Tree, their tribe, and more importantly, each other.< Less
Eternal Dream By Margaret Corsello
Paperback: List Price: $21.51 $17.21 | You Save: 20%
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Who’s to say life isn’t worth a damn? Scholars around the world for thousands of years have been trying to figure out the meaning of life. You’ve heard about it, read about it,... More > and even seen it on TV. Yet, no one has been able to definitively come up with the correct answer. It’s really rather simple, and, if your senses were as astute as the heroine in this story, you too would know the meaning of life. Was Jennifer Wallace a lost soul, or was she simply Angie’s imaginary friend? Angie was a living lost soul whose childhood was stolen because of an uncaring family. See what happens when the two souls meet.< Less

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Storm Child Storm Child By KM Tolan
Paperback: $13.95
GORP: Goblin Janitor GORP: Goblin Janitor By Jon Ray
Paperback: $13.99
Whispers of a Timeforgotten Whispers of a... By Jeremy Lee Riley et al.
Paperback: $22.49
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