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Belfast in My Colours By Carrie Firman
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Synaesthesia is the consistent, involuntary combining of sensations which are usually considered separate. It is not a disease or problem but a fantastic phenomenon, though scientists are not yet... More > sure of its cause. Synaesthesia takes many forms and is entirely unique to each individual. Some have coloured alphabets, where, for example, the letter A is as much a specific shade of green as it is the letter A. For others, A may have a particular taste. The same type of cross-sensory associations can take place with numbers, days of the week, musical tones, mood, and many more. This project explores my synaesthetic connections between colours and personalities. During two months living in Belfast, I collected symbols of the surrounding atmosphere, attitude, and history that stood out most. When drawing each of these things, I applied the colouring that most suited each item’s reputation, history, and character by matching the personalities that I synaesthetically perceive when describing different hues.< Less
The Guidebook of New Punctuation By Carrie Firman
Paperback: $5.50
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Electronic communication has changed our language–for progress or regress–with a LOL and :-P of flippancy as it continues on its bulldozer path to our phones, devices, and computers. Love... More > it or hate it, it’s here and everywhere. Part of the reason emoticons and emotibreviations have become so popular is that typed communications remove facial expressions, body language, and, most importantly, tone of voice from the message. In the convenience of text-only contact, we loose the human element. What if there was a set of punctuation to describe the tone in which you would like the message to be read? In honor of punctuation past and in anticipation of the future’s glyphs, I share this set of doodles based on my visual synesthetic perception of communication concepts as a light-hearted rhetorical solution to getting the human element back into text communication.< Less

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