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12-20-2012: Our Last Golden Sunset? By R. S. Marshal
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The End-Sate of the Mayan Calendar is rapidly approaching and many people sense it will bring change. Though most of the 2012 "prophets" see this change as the beginning of a Golden Age,... More > there are many who see only doom and destruction coming on December 21st. But did the Maya ever mention either of those possibilities? We will sift through the evidence from Mesoamerican myth as well as that gleaned from archeological digs. Though pious monks have destroyed much of the writings of the ancient culture, there is more being uncovered every year. Examination of what the Maya were in the past and what they believed offers a wealth of clues to what their calendar was really about. And it also reveals why the New Age prophets are erroneous in their pronouncements of the event coming at the end of 2012. It was never intended to warn of the end of the world or to usher in any Golden Age. Still, the message is earth-shattering in many respects.< Less

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