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The Dawn of All: A Visionary Novel of the Catholic Church Victorious By Robert Hugh Benson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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An angry and disgruntled ex-priest, lying on the verge of death, slips into a coma only to awaken in a parallel reality, a future world in which the Catholic Church has been raised to the sole... More > religious, moral and political authority on Earth, in which he is a Monsignor with an integral role in the Church's global governance, and in which he has no memory of the world he has left behind, or even of his own identity. Travel with Monsignor Masterman as he discovers with new eyes both the awe-inspiring beauty and the starkly cold authority undergirding a Catholic world truly won for Christ. How will this global Christian culture deal with a worldwide atheistic, Socialist underground vying to challenge her power? A science fiction bestseller when first published in 1911, "Dawn of All" offers a profound and moving vision of how today's "Church Persecuted" might be transformed into a near-future "Church Victorious" against which the Gates of Hell will truly not prevail.< Less
Lord of the World: A Catholic Novel of the End Times By Robert Hugh Benson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
(1 Ratings)
Set in a near-future in which a socialistic, scientific and coolly secular Western "paradise" stands threatened, from within by Catholic believers who refuse to deny the reality of God and... More > the supernatural, and from without by a mysterious "East" reminiscent of today's global Islamic culture, the world finds itself tottering on the brink of either blossoming into a glorious new age of peace, or of dissolving in a final bloodbath of all out global war. Enter Julian Felsenburgh, the world's greatest diplomat, peacemaker, charismatic world leader, and - unbeknownst to his eager followers - Antichrist. The world's only hope is a beleaguered and globally persecuted Catholic Church… A science fiction bestseller when it first appeared in 1907, Robert Hugh Benson's prophetic end times thriller reads as if culled from today's headlines, and chillingly predicts the path our secular, post-modern, and largely "post-Christian" world is even now following straight into the clutches of the Enemy.< Less

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Fully Consecrated Fully Consecrated By Haley Wade
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114 Treasures 114 Treasures By Jewel of Faith
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