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Township Biz Fastrack By Tiisetso Maloma
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Township Biz Fastrack gives insights into development and growth models for township based businesses. It focuses on strong principles which most township businesses have used to start-up, but... More > haven’t wholly adhered to in the long run to their detriment. Therefore haven’t grown and sustained themselves amidst heavy competition and ever-changing societal dynamics. One principle in the book is bootstrapping, which by example is: starting off by selling one or two strategic and/or passion products, e.g. archar, to then reinvesting the proceeds on expansion. Therefore practical learning happens with minimum risk in capital investment. The other principle is validation. So many businesses which started off selling few items have grown on the strength of customer advice - what to stock further. The book includes interviews with notable township business owners, whom give strategic survival tactics. This book is targeted at township business owners and employees.< Less
Forget the Business Plan Use This Short Model By Tiisetso Maloma
eBook (ePub): $7.00
After reading this book, by referring to single page canvas of this model, you will be able to swiftly start, plan or brainstorm your entrepreneurship project. This model, unlike a business plan,... More > readily reminds you of essential business components to concentrate on; it is diagnostic, responsive and agile. This book is about an entrepreneurship management tool or business model called EBC Business Model Canvas. EBC stands for Essential Business Components. This book is makes entrepreneurship uncomplicated, efficient to understand and manage. The book thoroughly explains 6 interdependent essential business components of this model: 4 core technical components and 2 that deal with the entrepreneur’s attitude, health, decision making swiftness and persistence. It’s makes things easier for entrepreneurs by keeping the main things main.< Less
Tales of an African Entrepreneur: The Best Of By Tiisetso Maloma
eBook (ePub): $5.00
TALES OF AN AFRICAN ENTREPRENEUR is a collection of some of Tiisetso Maloma’s best rated posts spanning over 7 years. He is a parallel entrepreneur, author and writer from South Africa. In his... More > most-times-anecdotal and uncanny writing, the book shares entrepreneurship and self-help lessons. Popular articles included are: DATING ADVICE THAT CAN SAVE YOUR BUSINESS FROM A NO GAME ENTREPRENEUR AND HOW MY GRANDMOTHER AND HER DAUGHTER (MY MOTHER) RUINED MY FIRST BUSINESSES. By consequence of ever starting and running more than one business, he has honed the following skills which the book shares: - Starting a business the fastest with almost no funds and resources. - Picking resources to do without and the minimal essentials to least do with to gain progress. - Marketing a business successfully without budget.< Less
Township Biz Adjacent By Tiisetso Maloma
eBook (ePub): $3.50
The billion Rands generating (yearly) townships are a goldmine that now is, unlike before, favourable and ready to be mined by young black startup entrepreneurs – especially those dealing in... More > B2C (Business to Consumer) and FCMG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products. This booklet explores and traces the economic cyclone that is townships through the ‘adjacent possible theory’ by Dr Stuart A. Kauffman. Understanding the economics of township through the adjacent possible theory helps to create and innovate products that are suiting, i.e. products that the township can support into continuous virality.< Less
The Anxious Entrepreneur: Anxiety Defeats Creativity - Creativity Defeats Anxiety By Tiisetso Maloma
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Over time, our anxiety builds up; it either implodes or explodes. My anxiety has gotten me to that point several times. Through the years I have stumbled across, and even formulated, some... More > anxiety-defusing techniques. Anxiety invades our productivity and therefore our goals. All it takes is to not see progress in a day, then a week or a month. The next thing you know, you are standing at the peak of the highest anxiety hill, depressingly recalling your record of failures and doubting your future. It is a collection of anecdotes, emotions, feelings, frustrations and philosophies that will show you that, when anxiety is removed from your entrepreneurial process, creativity reaches its optimum. You cannot be anxious and creative at the same time. Anxiety trumps creativity and creativity trumps anxiety. The Anxious Entrepreneur is for aspiring and start-up entrepreneurs. It will get you in tune with the ventures you love and introduce you to robust ways of pursuing them.< Less