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Heaven's Health Service - A Revolution in Healthcare By Vernon Sparks, M.D.
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This is a discussion laced with divinely inspired solutions to the disease problem. It discusses not only types of healthcare institutions, services, and locations but also the role that each of us... More > is to play in bringing success to God's inspired plan. Emphasis is placed on prevention, simple remedies readily available, and ministry motivated workers and institutions rather than for profit. CONTENTS (Partial): I-THE PROBLEM: A HEALTHCARE CRISIS; The Ills of Mankind; The Source of the Solutions; Natural Law; A Devil to Fight; II-THE SOLUTION: HEAVEN’S PLAN; Health Reform; Anatomy and Physiology; Will Power That Is Effective; Readily Available Remedies; The Source of Healing; Heaven’s Health Institutions; Institutional Location; Satan’s Interference; Relations Between Prevention and Acute Care; III-THE ROLE AND RESPONSE OF CHRIST’S FOLLOWERS; A Special Task; The Lord’s Methods; God’s Instructions Unchanged; Instructions Not Outdated by Science; Success Assured< Less
All About Herbs, Charcoal, Medications, and Drugs - A Spirit of Prophecy Compilation By Vernon Sparks, M.D.
eBook (ePub): $2.99
One extremely helpful remedy of the past, described in this volume, was the use of charcoal in the treatment of bloody dysentery, probably as a complication of then common typhoid fever. Charcoal is... More > generally beneficial in all forms of stomach and bowel upset. Its use at present should help to absorb the poisons from infections such as with the toxic strains of E. coli that can cause life threatening bloody diarrhea as well as other serious complications. Practical treatments are described for from stomach upset to eye infection, cough, and constipation. The external as well as the internal use of herbs and charcoal is described. This book is a comprehensive compilation of Spirit of Prophecy discussion regarding the subjects mentioned in the title as well as related items such as stimulants and narcotics. The focus is on the frequently perceived great divide between the simple, natural medicines readily used at home and the constantly evolving complex drug medications.< Less
Bringing Seventh-day Adventists to the Test - Spiritual Dangers in Health Care By Vernon Sparks, M.D.
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The sub-title of this book is "Spiritual Dangers in Health Care." Guide lines are given for distinguishing between health care methods acceptable for Christians to be treated with, or to... More > treat with. Many of God's in-harmony-with-natural-law remedies are counterfeited by Satan and can be used of him to lead even Christians into great spiritual danger. A number of popular methods of disease treatment are exposed for what they are. Chapter Titles are: 1. End-Time Methods of Healing: 2. “Miracles” Masquerading as Science: 3. Magnetism, Electricity, and Health Reform: 4. God's Plan of Rational Remedies:< Less

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