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Thwarted Ambitions By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $11.74
This is more a novel about modern art and artists than writers, even though a writer figures prominently in thwarting a certain influential art critic in his designs upon an unsuspecting artist whose... More > girlfriend's suspicions are not without foundation, in what is the first of three such art-related novels written by John O'Loughlin back in 1980, in the wake of his 'conversion' to transcendentalism with the volume of philosophical dialogues entitled 'The Transcendental Future', which left both dualism and Spenglerian historicism, which still figured in his previous novel 'An Interview Reviewed', in their progressive wake, as the author sailed ever further into the realms of modernism, with particular emphasis upon abstract art and its ideological ramifications, for better or worse. Ambitions are indeed thwarted in this accomplished novel, though not without serious consequences!< Less
Deceptive Motives By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $7.83
When a drop-out and rejected writer of Irish descent happens by chance upon an 'old flame' in the basement of a London restaurant one day, a week or so before Christmas, he precipitates a series of... More > events that neither of them could have foreseen, leaving two women dead and one seriously ill, the latter of whom was with his 'old flame' on the day in question. But what was the motive for this outcome? And how was it deceptive? That is something you will have to find out for yourself if you choose to read this outstanding novel by the author of 'Cross-Purposes' and 'False Pretences'. The cover, we hope, is appropriately deceptive.< Less
Millennial Projections By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $16.76
A substantial collection of short stores (prose) which begins with 'Millennial Projections', a three-chapter 'novella' of futuristic science fiction, in which we explore otherworldly possibilities... More > from within a post-human millennium, and concludes, logically enough, with another three-chapter 'novella' called 'Two-Way Switch', which is quite paradoxical in its bifocal treatment of a variety of interesting or pretentious characters. In between, there are some fourteen stories of different length and substance, not to mention stylistic treatment, some of which are first-person narratives and others, like 'Concerning a Tree', conversational pieces with intellectual or ideological overtones. The 'tree' in question, incidentally, happens to be a Christmas tree, the true or perhaps potential meaning of which is examined from a standpoint closer to the author's heart and duly expounded by the story's principal character - one of a number of thinly-disguised autobiographical features.< Less
A Magnanimous Offer By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $5.01
'A Magnanimous Offer' is John O'Loughlin's first collection of short prose, most of which are less strictly short stories than effectively one-act plays; but it is certainly literary and betrays a... More > certain youthful ebullience and even, for the early '70s, one or two oddly prophetic pieces!< Less
Fixed Limits By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $7.72
'Fixed Limits' is an autobiographical novel of first-person tendency documenting several weeks in the life of a budding writer (Michael Savage, whom we first encounter in the novel 'Changing Worlds')... More > as he confronts the challenges of working alone for the first time and grappling with the problem, in a constraining domestic environment, of 'limits', both private and public, that forms the leitmotiv of this book, which was John O'Loughlin's first concerted attempt, dating from 1976 and suggesting the influence of Jean-Paul Sartre and even Hermann Hesse, at the so-called 'philosophical novel' which, like Sartre, in this instance is decidedly journalistic.< Less
From the Devil to God By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $11.81
A substantial collection of short prose (stories) with a markedly philosophical bias that follows on from 'A Visit to Hell' (1979) and signifies a rejection of the kind of Spenglerian pessimism that... More > figured prominently in the latter title. Here things open-out towards a future in which God or godliness is the evolutionary outcome. Hence the title 'From the Devil to God', with implications that contrast the alpha-most of things with the omega-most or, at any rate, with what would be nearest to such a heavenly eventuality. However, the first piece in this collection, as might be supposed, is rather more alpha-stemming in its paradoxical accommodation of the flesh, and this despite the omega-oriented pretensions of its principal protagonist, who just happens to be a priest. The cover depicts one of John O'Loughlin's 'Square and Circle' paintings, which is intended to signify an alpha/omega dichotomy, whether or not the one leads, indirectly, to the other.< Less
A True Extremism By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $16.76
This collection of short prose and/or stories concludes John O'Loughlin's quest for literary perfection in the genre, as it brings his fiction to an ideological pinnacle in Social Transcendentalism,... More > which is explored from a variety of angles and through a number of different characters, though always with a view to justifying and defining it in relation to a kind of ultimate religion. In that respect, this project is the most ideologically advanced and thematically consistent of the author's six collections of short prose, the cover to which features a 'Social Transcendentalist emblem' designed by John O'Loughlin to signify a kind of supercross and pointer to what lies beyond, as to 'the Beyond', with its true extremism.< Less
A Selfish Man By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $10.99
Like what preceded it in the form of 'Millennial Projections' (1982), this collection of short prose is also comprised of sixteen stories, and again it is an intensely philosophical and ideological... More > project that is, however, more self-consciously avant-garde and determined to allow subjectivity, whether in first-person narrative or thought processes, its share of the narrative limelight. This is especially so of the title piece, 'A Selfish Man' (who is, of course, self-ish in the best sense of the word) but it's also characteristic, on a completely different structural basis, of the last piece, 'Twelve Thinkers', who have more in common with one another than might at first seem to be the case, despite their different occupations! The cover features a self-photo of John O'Loughlin in somewhat 'Steppenwolfian' mode taken in Salthill, Galway, in 2010.< Less
Dream Compromise By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $7.72
A collection of short prose coupled to an aphoristic appendix which has some bearing on most of the contents, this project, originally dating from 1981 but since extensively revised, combines... More > fictional with philosophical themes at a pretty high level in such fashion that they seem to be partners in literary crime, not least in the piece entitled 'A Canine Crime', which futuristically investigates an old woman's dilemma vis-a-vis dog proscription laws which she has secretly defied in spite of the risk of prosecution. All in all, 'Dream Compromise' is an artful collection in which the rational compromise with fictional dreaming, or imagining, is handled pretty deftly.< Less
A Visit to Hell By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $10.12
Eight substantial short stories from the author of 'Cross-Purposes' and 'An Interview Reviewed' (1979), which investigate dualism and transcendentalism from a variety of conflicting standpoints. The... More > title piece is much the longest and probably the most outstanding story in the collection, which has to be read to be believed or, rather, disbelieved! The cover shows detail from a colourful video of a Macnas open-air theatrical event taken by the author on his mobile camera in Galway City Museum in 2010.< Less

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