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Dacode: Python By Daniele Antonioli
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Dacode is a series of PDF papers containing detailed information about various programming languages using a simple and effective content presentation. This is the python paper version 1.0.0
Design and Testing of RNG By Daniele Antonioli
eBook (PDF): $8.98
Random Number Generators (RNGs), are essential components for every cryptographic system and application. In this work I will focus my attention on the best feasible approximation of an ideal RNG,... More > defined as True Random Number Generator (TRNG). This module is the basic primitive to build of every crypto-system. It is mandatory also in the Pseudo Random (Algorithmic) world. Their realization exploits specific non-deterministic physical phenomena from various branch of physics. I will show a strong mathematical model, from which I will deduce a collection of statistical tools, like Fourier transformation, Entropy and Hamming distance. I will explore “ad hoc” methodologies for design RNG: analog and digital solutions. I will explore this filed and present the theoretical foundations, defined as Statistical Hypothesis Testing (SHT) and I will introduce some test suite: NIST SP800-22, DIEHARD, dieharder. Finally I will propose the core of this work: the design and the implementation of a CMOS on-chip test module.< Less
edX CS191x QM&QC By Daniele Antonioli
eBook (PDF): $6.41
Notes from the edX (BerkleyX) online course CS191x (2013). Week 1 covers double-slit experiment, geometric representation of Qubits and Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Week 2 covers axioms of QM,... More > Entanglement and Bell's inequalities. Week 3 covers Quantum gates and Quantum Teleportation protocol. Week 4 covers Quantum Circuit realization and early Quantum algorithm: Fourier sampling, Simon's alg. Week 5 covers Midterm exam. Week 6 covers Quantum Fourier transform, Period finding problem and Shor's factoring algorithm. Week 7 covers Quantum search in an unstructured database, Observables and discrete-value Schrodinger's equation. Week 8 covers toy model for an atom (particle in a box), Schrodinger's equation of 1-D particle in a box, Quantum Complexity theory. Week 9 covers spin Qubit, Bloch Sphere representation, Stern-Gerlach experiment, Pauli Spin matrices, Larmor Precession, Spin resonance method and classical control of a Quantum computer.< Less

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The Auctioneer's Apprentice  A Parable For Living An Abundant Life The Auctioneer's... By Chad Coe
Paperback: $19.99