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5 Psychic Lessons: Part 3 By Stephen Ebanks
eBook (ePub): $2.48
Psychic Lessons are a growing body of knowledge on the growing scientific evidence for psychic phenomena. Science is now realising that the mind is a mixture of energies that cannot be always... More > measured with conventional technology. Stephen Ebanks has undergone a great deal metaphysical training from world leading schools, bringing to the growing and more advanced psychic general metaphysical knowledge which will improve their overall understanding of the world and improve their gifts. Stephen is a keen meditation expert and has over 20 Ebooks on metaphysical subjects powered by a long list of qualifications. These lessons are greatly needed by psychics all over the world.. Subjects covered in part 3: 1.Intelligence 2.Meditation 3.Mind merging 4.Psychic food 5.Empath Download now..< Less
Psyche Qi Meditation By Stephen Ebanks
eBook (ePub): $2.48
This is another heavy weight ebook created for the student of life, by Stephen Ebanks, who is the author of over 7 spirituality and intellectually inspiring ebooks. This book is the path for human... More > intellectual spiritualisation and complete's a method of applying Qi to the brain to enhance brain power and intellectuall development. This is a MUST read! Fusing science with ancient arts and practice, this system of knowledge is quickly becoming popular for students and the general learner. You must buy this ebook to appreciate 7 chapters of logical understanding. Mr Ebanks also offers his email for you to contact him at any time.. BUY NOW!!< Less
5 Principles for Meditation By Stephen Ebanks
eBook (ePub): $2.35
A nice little ebook commenting and breaking down 5 basic areas of meditation that are interwoven within the subject. From the basics of psychology to opening vortexes, Stephen Ebanks is a poet,... More > Christian philosopher and independent researcher in new forms of information. A very informative download..< Less
7 Principles for Mastering Bipolar By Stephen Ebanks
eBook (ePub): $2.53
Stephen Ebanks is a formidable thinker in the fields of Philosophy, Christianity, and Meditation. Stephen is the author of the world wide selling "Quantum Meditations" and the absolute... More > classic "50 Classic Christian Poems" This compilation of 7 principles is one of the most uncharted and descriptive analysis of the Psycho-Spiritual elements that control mental health today!! This Ebook is a must download for any person who is in contact with the disorder!! A very deep and empowering piece of work.... Download now!!< Less
5 Principles for Managing Schizophrenia By Stephen Ebanks
eBook (ePub): $2.67
This book is a genuine stepping stone to help manage the long term afflictions of mental illness. With nice little insights and wisdom developed by a growing mind in the fields of philosophy,... More > Christianity, meditation and science. Stephen Ebanks offers new understanding in mental health and fuses it with spiritual coaching that he believes is the basis of a healthy mind. A book that offers a hand in helping control a life changing illness....< Less