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The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 30. India Travel Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $2.00
India is a land of palaces, temples, nature, arts & crafts, a huge tea crop and lots of people. With this diverse grouping of people, it's a great achievement that the country is as peaceful as... More > it is. There is generally a spirit of tolerance there. Driving is on the left. The bus and train networks are huge but basic in some spots. There are at least 300 languages in India, 26 of which have one million or more speakers. Hindi is the national language of India. It is not the same as the Hindu religion. India has a coastline of 7,516 km., with the ports Kandla (Gujarat), Mumbai (Maharashtra), Panaji (Goa), Kochi (Kerala), Chennai (Tamilnadu), Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Paradip (Orissa), Kolkata (West Bengal). These ports cater to tourist cruise lines. Try #915.48 at the library.< Less
The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 29. China Travel Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.00
China is a huge country, the third largest in the world, bigger than the United States. Look at it on a map. It's virtually all of northern Asia. Beijing is in the North, Shanghai is further south... More > and Hong Kong is in the deep south. It's an old country with a lot of history. Outside of the cities, much of the country does not have a modern infrastructure. Chinese has almost 1.5 billion people and a glut of males since they were favored during the one-child-only era and girls were routinely aborted or killed by the parents shortly after birth so as a result, many men will not find wives. Every region has its own customs. The biggest tourist attraction is probably the Great Wall. Hong Kong and Macau operate as "one country, two systems." They're freer than mainland China. Departing passengers pay a domestic departure tax. China is still a police state but this rarely affects foreigners. They just harass their own citizens. Try #915.113 at the library.< Less
The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 33. Malaysia Travel Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Malaysia has a vibrant mix of foreign and indigenous tribal cultures. Everybody speaks English, since its compulsory in local schools. The cost of 2-bedroom rental apartments begin at around $250... More > per month and 3-bedroom houses start at $35,000. The Federation of Malaysia comprises Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo. Located 7 degrees north of the Equator, Peninsular Malaysia is separated from the states of Sabah and Sarawak by the South China Sea. In the north of the peninsula is Thailand while its southern neighbour is Singapore. The population is 21 million. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur. Malays who make up about 57% of the population are the predominant group with Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups making up the rest. Bahasa Melayu Malay is the national language but English is widely spoken. The ethnic groups also speak various languages and dialects. The New Straits Times is the main English newspaper.< Less
The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 32. Korea Travel Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.00
South Korea is a democratic, modern, industrialized country with a population of 50 million. Korea has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Korean peninsula has a land area of approximately... More > 220,000 sq. km. It is divided at the 38th parallel by a demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating South and North Korea. Outlets for 220 volts 60 cycles are dominant. Dial 119 for the fire department and medical assistance and 112 for the police. Spring runs from March through May with flowers such as azalea, forsythia, cherry blossoms, rapeseed and magnolia. From July to August, it is hot and sometimes rainy. Autumnal tints arrive nationwide by October. Skiing season starts from late November and lasts to early March. Try #915.19 at the library for books about South Korea.< Less
The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 31. Japan Travel Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Japan is an expensive place to visit. Typically, Japanese people like their saki, cigarettes and karaoke bars. Toyko Bay was a small fishing port until the 1800s when the British set up a trading... More > port. In a little over a hundred years, it now has 12 million people living there. It is expensive, the building address system is messy, the alphabet is different and life is tough for foreigners partially because of the language barrier. Japan has an impressive nightlife for interested parties with money. Try #915.2 at the library.< Less
The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 35. Philippines Travel Guide (Covers the Redlight Districts) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $2.00
The Philippines is a Christian, English speaking country with a population of 90 million. The Philippines is made up of 7107 islands which are subdivided down into 73 provinces along with the... More > official capital Quezon City and the unofficial capital Manilla which has a population of 8 million people. The native tongue is Tagalog but since it was occupied by the United States until 1946, business is conducted in English and most people speak some English. Before then, the Spanish were there so there are remnants of that culture, particularly the Catholic churches. Because there are very few laws, there's noise pollution, smog, men piss in the streets anywhere, stray dogs run around, there's trash everywhere, people make open fires to burn the trash, people drive crazy and sometimes the power goes off sporadically for no reason at all. It is a little backward as far as having a good infrastructure goes. Mindanao is a dangerous place rife with civil war.< Less
The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 34. Thailand Travel Guide (Covers the Redlight Business) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Thailand, formerly called Siam, is a constitutional monarchy with a friendly king whose face is plasted everywhere. Officially, he is enthroned in a position of revered worship but has no real power... More > and spends his time doing public works and humanitarian projects. Thailand is made up of 76 provinces and grows a lot of rice, sugar cane, pineapple, etc. The people are Buddhist meaning meek and gentle, following the law of karma, good actions bring good results, bad actions bring bad results. Thailand could be the cheapest of all the high quality tourist destinations in the world. There are many bicycle and motorbike taxis around. Whatever price they quote you, always bargain for 20 baht less. A tuk-tuk is a three wheeled motorized taxi, kinda like a small car. The main places in Thailand for foreigners are: Bangkok. Pattaya, coastal city near Bangkok. Phuket, biggest island, touristy. Go to #915.93 at the library for books about Thailand.< Less
The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 18. Italy Travel Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Italy is still very much Catholic so dress conservatively. I was not allowed entry into some religious tourist attractions because I was wearing shorts. That was in the summer. Other than that,... More > Italy is very diverse from the ski lodges in the north to the romance of Venice. There are wineries in Naples and beaches in Sicily. Try #914.56 at the library. The main English newspaper is the monthly Wanted in Rome but there are English dailies available. Many stores close from 1 to 4 in the afternoon and stay open later. The Cinque Terre are five isolated towns in the North that are famous because the area seems so beautiful and natural, untouched by the modern world or at least that's how they market themselves for tourism. Four villages; Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore and Vernazza along with a town Monterosso make up this unique area, sometimes called the Italian Riviera.< Less
The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 17. Germany Travel Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Germany is about as modern and advanced as you can get on Planet Earth culturally and technologically. The disadvantages are that it’s cold and they speak a different language. They can party... More > and they do the big ideas unlike us Anglo-Saxons who are too timid to do anything unless we can immediately make money from it. There's a road in Germany called The Romantic Road that starts in Wurzburg which is about 100 kilometers (63 miles) east of Frankfurt and goes southward about 360 kilometers to a town near the Swiss border called Fussen with a number of scenic towns and villages along the way. There's a road called the Fairy Tale Rd. (Marchenstrasse), about 270 miles long that goes from Bremen in the north and Hanua near Frankfurt, going through about 60 towns. The German Alpine Road (Deutsche Alpenstrasse) goes through the Bavarian Alps for about 300 miles along the German-Austrian border. there are lots of castles and quaint villages along the way.< Less
The “People Power” Travel Superbook: Book 19. Spain & Portugal Travel Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Spain is the number two tourism destination in the world behind France. They get over fifty million tourists a year. There is no shortage of hotels. Ibiza is the big hangout for young people. ... More > Spain has 50 provinces. Spain still has bullfighting events although they could be done away with in the future. English newspapers are In Spain and The Broadsheet. Some places in Spain are cheap to visit and even live. I heard that some retirees go there for the winter where it costs about half of a Caribbean vacation. For Costa del Sol, the further east you go from Gibraltor, the less crowded and better it is. West of Gibraltor, go to Tarifa, stay away from the congested town of Algeciras. The Canary Islands, a network of about seven major islands and some small, minor ones, are located west of Morocco out in the Atlantic Ocean. Ibiza, Spain is a hot place for sexy young straight and gay Europeans looking for fun. Try #914.600-672 at the library for books about Spain.< Less

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