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The “People Power” Recreation/ Entertainment Superbook: Book 10. Music Knowledge - Resources, Internet Music, Free Mp3s By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $5.00
My music appreciation is primal. It's about what the music makes me feel when I hear it for the first time and succeeding times after that. Does it instill any powerful feelings within me or is it... More > just more of that generic pablum that's going across the mainstream airwaves all the time as a matter of marketing course? Does it have some melody or purity of sound to it? Does it take me away to some transcendent place? Does it move my emotions? Does it have great lyrics? Was there a lot of secondary mixing in the background to make it a truly extraordinary, sophisticated masterpiece? Music to me either stands on its own or doesn't. I don't particularly care who the artist is. Just because it's put out by a so-called pop star doesn't mean that it's good music. All the technology in the world can't give music soul or passion.< Less
The "People Power" Recreation/ Entertainment Superbook: Book 9. Entertainment Guide (Movies, Pop Culture, Tv, Radio, Computer Games, Theater, Zoos, Aquariums, Casino, Lottery) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
This is a book of thousands of websites covering media (TV, radio) and pop culture entertainment. The annual Media Review Digest reviews movies and music. These websites are a combination of retail... More > and entertainment sites. Movie review books are at ##791.430-791.4375 at the library. Books about the movie industry are at #792.93 or PN1998 at the library. Beyond the many movie review books out there, there are databases and CDs like the Variety Video Directory Plus and the Complete Video Directory. There's a book out called International Directory of Film and TV Documentary Centers.< Less
The “People Power” Recreation/ Entertainment Superbook: Book 13. Recreational Substance Guide (People Get High to Live a Full Life, Druggie Resource Knowledge) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
I used to get high a lot to feel euphoric as with cocaine and to expand my mind as with mushrooms but I eventually experienced every archetypal image that could be hidden in my genetic code and... More > concluded my life is here and now, that's where I'll live. I went through a phase like John C. Lily with ketamine and his sensory deprivation tank (he's got several books out) but like the movie Altered States from 1983 based loosely on his life, I eventually realized that I can't keep doing that stuff forever looking for a great revelation. Even though I saw a lot of cool stuff in my mind's eye that seemed to have come from some hidden collective memory in my DNA not generated by my conscious thoughts, after awhile I felt I was spinning my wheels. It didn't help me get a feeling of moving forward. I used to do intense things on drugs like pop a hit of acid then bike about 80 miles or get high and go swimming at night to feel my primordial roots. It was fun at the time.< Less
The “People Power” Recreation/ Entertainment Superbook: Book 11. Musician - Dancer for Fun & Profit (Music Biz, Jobs - Career - Industry - Education, Dancing Jobs - Resources) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Most young people who want to get into music see the finished product but don't realize the hard work involved and many other people on the sidelines making it all happen like managers, producers,... More > recording engineers, etc. Most people won't make it as top performers but you might find a job you like in music out of the limelight. The situation nowadays is that large corporations own the record companies, the radio stations, the big music websites and the TV music networks so they control what gets out there to the mainstream. To top it all off, the music industry is probably the most competitive industry in the world. There are so many bands and singers. If you saw the quality of some of them playing nightclubs who don't have a record contract with a big label, you'd realize the chances of anyone making it in the music industry is at least 50% fluke/ luck.< Less
The "People Power" Recreation - Entertainment Superbook: Book 4. Outdoor Guide (Adventure Tours, Walking, Hiking, Climbing, Fishing, Hunting, Rafting, Parks, Dude Ranches, Eco - Green Tourism) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
There are lots of outdoor activities all the way from walking to climbing, caving, water sports, etc. There are outdoor adventure schools where you learn basic outdoor survival skills. There are... More > campgrounds everywhere. Outdoor books generally go from #796 to #799 at the library. 796. Outdoor sports. 797. Water and air sports. 798. Equestrian and animal sports. 799. Fishing, hunting, shooting. Try the Outdoor Life Network on TV, 800-outdoor, 877-oln-5985, olntv website. You can fish with a rod from the shore or from a boat. You can use nets and traps. There are lots of fishing contests all over the place. Some people fish as an excuse to get away and relax. Mercury is in predator fish who eat smaller fish who absorb mercury in polluted areas. I believe coal mining uses mercury as part of the process which ends up in the water somewhere.. There are a lot of fishing and fly-fishing schools around.< Less
The “People Power” Recreation - Entertainment Superbook: Book 3. Photography Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Photographers specializing in scientific, medical or engineering photography expose worlds normally hidden from our view. Most photographers use a wide variety of cameras to achieve desired results.... More > Unlike snapshot cameras, which have a lens permanently attached to the camera body, the professionals' cameras are generally constructed to use a variety of lenses designed for close-up, medium-range or distance photography. In addition, professional photographers use a vast array of mechanical equipment from the simple tripod to specially constructed motorized vehicles. Besides cameras and lenses, photographers use a variety of film and colored filters to obtain the desired effect under different lighting conditions. When taking pictures indoors or after dark, they may use electronic flash units, floodlights, reflectors and other special lighting equipment.< Less
The "People Power" Recreation/ Entertainment Superbook: Book 6. Summer Camp Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
The camps listed below are all resident camps which means that children and adults can go there and usually stay anywhere from three days to all summer, each camp with its own schedule of how they... More > run things. Some places have a canned package which operates like a class of sorts, with the same group of children doing structured activities together for the duration. Others are more unstructured where you can go anytime and choose among several activities throughout the day. Very, very few of these camps are exclusive. Most will take you as long as you pay the fees. Even the cubs and scout camps take nonmembers. Many of the children's camps have separate facilities for adult camps or retreats of sorts. The nonprofit ones do this to engender a sense of brotherhood among people, some with a family focus, particularly the religious oriented and the YMCA camps.< Less
The "People Power" Recreation - Entertainment Superbook: Book 1. Recreation Guide (Ideas for Fun & Inspiration) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Entertainment and recreation are big topics for many of us because they are the most interesting. Very few of us truly love our jobs or businesses so we seek to fill the void by engaging in leisure... More > and social activities in our downtime. From a commerce point of view, the entertainment and recreation industries are huge business ventures with people spending a lot of money on them such that they contribute a lot to the economy overall. Despite this, in my research on entertainment and recreation, I was not able to find one resource book that attempts to identify most topics under the banner of entertainment and recreation and offer resource information about where you can go to get more information about these subject areas.< Less
Business Self-Help/ Business Inspiration (I Gathered Most of the World’s Knowledge About Getting Motivated, Setting Goals and Working on Them In an Intelligent Way to Achieve Your Ideas of Success) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.00
How may I serve you? In order to get what you want, you must first help others get what they want. The way to success in Life and Business Whatever you conceive, you can achieve. Back in the... More > early days of the twentieth century in 1935, Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) hired Napolean Hill to put together a course on how to be successful which he did over the course of twenty years which are summarized in his classic bestsellers Think Positive & Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Think and Grow Rich, etc. There was a very simple concept behind success and wealth according to the Carnegie method. People are afraid of making fools of themselves around other people so you train for it by being the best public speaker and conversationalist you can be. In order to make friends and influence people, smile, be a nice guy, go along with what anybody says, be like them, act like them, never criticize, never find fault, etc. See a preview at< Less
The “People Power” Vocational, Trades, Technical and Specific Professions Superbook (Schools and Jobs for Most Skills) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
The trades are getting really big because they’re always there regardless of what high-tech industries come and go. Whenever I go jogging, I always see the plumbing trucks, the electrical... More > trucks, the contractor trucks, the carpet cleaners, window installers, etc. No matter what happens, people always need those basic services. I looked around for an indepth vocational-trades book. I couldn’t find one. Here is my attempt at a good comprehensive vocational trades book. Even in the trades, be very wary about what you decide to go to school for. I’ve had friends spend a few years taking a certain vocational program like electronic technician or computer tech only to end up not being able to find a job in their field. The term vocational conjures up an image of some semi-stupid, unkempt kind of guy who was too dumb to go to college (at least it did when I went to school) which is why I notice that it’s being phased out in favor of the terms career education and technical education.< Less

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