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The "People Power" Law/ Government/ Media/ Politics Superbook: Book 2. Government Guide, Government Job Guide (Federal – State – County – Municipal - World Governments, Government Sales – Grants) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
The government is huge as the primary decision-maker and economic power of any country, province, state, county, city, town or village but there are no books offering basic, generic government... More > information except for a few big ones by Gale Group ( and other reference book publishers selling for hundreds of dollars each. This is a resource book with some explanations in it but that's not the priority. The priority is resources. is the federal government network. For information on the web about any state government department, use the following formula: state.two letter, for example: for Alabama. Look for the department you're interested in. Another one is the name of the state followed by .gov, .org, .net and .com like,, etc. For most government information, look through your local phonebook in four separate government sections: Municipal. County. State. Federal.< Less
The "People Power" Law/ Government/ Media/ Politics Superbook: Book 3: General Media Guide/ Journalism Career Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Beyond the books in the employment section at the library at #331, you might find some books on journalism at #70-#71 and #384.55. Find a list of the major newspapers in Editor And Publisher... More > International Yearbook at the library. The periodical directories list newpapers and magazines. There is a list of newspaper websites elsewhere in this book. At the library, journalism is at: 070. Journalism, Publishing. 071. In North America. 072. In the United Kingdom. 073. In Central Europe. 074. In France. 075. In Italy and area. 076. In Iberian Peninsula. 077. In Eastern Europe. 078. In Scandinavia. 079. In other countries. Other than the main upfront so-called glamour jobs, there are many offshoot and technician jobs in these fields. Jobs in these industries are generally on-the-job training. For instance, somebody might start out as a lowly clerk on the newsroom floor and work up to news director.< Less
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The "People Power" Love/ Lust Superbook Book 28. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Guide 2 (Gay Resources Around the World) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Your best bet to find either gay and lesbian nightclubs, social clubs, support groups, bath houses and bed & breakfasts (B&Bs)/ inns is to look in the phonebook, find a local gay newspaper,... More > call a few gay support organizations in any area or get some directories from a gay bookstore. Look for your local gay and lesbian newspapers. Get the ones located closest to where you live. There are hundreds of gay clubs, bath houses, support groups out there hidden from public view so if you're gay and looking for contacts, it's all out there, you just have to know where to look. Just about every fair sized town has an Aids help center, a gay help organization, a sexual assault and domestic violence helpline and many colleges and universities have gay groups, Std organizations, etc. Simply call up your local college and ask or get a college calendar and look through it. If you find an address for a gay support organization and you're gay, go to them for info about gay social and nightclubs in your area.< Less
The "People Power" Recreation/ Entertainment Superbook: Book 7. Sports Guide (Covers Most Sports; Indoor, Outdoor, Team, Individual, College, Pro, Sports - Recreation Jobs - Careers) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Books about recreation and leisure are mostly at #790 or GV174 at the library. Most sports books are at #796. There are many sports books available at humankinetics. Sports books at the library... More > are at: 790. Recreation. 791. Public entertainment. 792. Stage theater. 793. Indoor games and amusements. 794. Indoor games of skill. 795. Games of chance. 796. Outdoor sports. 797. Water and air sports. 798. Equestrian and animal sports. 799. Fishing, hunting, shooting. Archery, #799.32. Backpacking, #796.50, GV200.5. Badminton, #796.345, GV1007. Baseball, softball, #796.357, GV865-GV888. Basic recreation, #790. Basketball, #796.323, GV883-GV885. Baton twirling., #785.067, MT733.6. Bicycling, #796.6, #612.044 or GV1043.7 and RC1220. Boomerangs, #796.435. Bowling., #794.6, GV902.5. Boxing, #796.83, GV1132-33. Camping, #796.54, GV191 to GV198. Canoeing, #797.122, GV783. Car racing, #796.72, GV1029.3-9. Cars, #629.< Less
The "People Power" Recreation/ Entertainment Superbook: Book 5. Boating & Watersports Guide By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
When buying a boat, check out the new boats, check out ads in boating publications for used boats and just like real estate brokers, seek out boat brokers. Some people with boats in drydock abandon... More > them. Ask around at different marinas. Books about boating are at #797.124 at the library or GV775 of the Library of Congress system. Try the Boating Industry Assn. or your state tourist guides for information about boating. Some nautical terms are as follows: Aft, the rear of the ship. Afterdeck, the part of a deck at the Stern. Amidship, the middle of the ship. Beam, the width of the ship at its widest point. Bells, the way to tell time on a ship. Bells are rung at half-hour intervals throughout the day starting with one bell at 12:30 going to eight bells at 4:00 then the cycle is repeated. Bow, the front of the ship. Bridge, the command center. Davit, a crane on te ship that hosts lifeboats or cargo on board or overboard.< Less
The “People Power" 50+ Senior Citizens Superbook (Spirit of Aging, Law, Retirement Living, Travel, Estates, Wills, Trusts, Savings Plans, Pensions, Caregiving, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s, Longevity, Health, Products) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Use it or lose it. The idea is to stay active both by yourself in doing inspired activities and in contact with other people. I can go back to Erik Erickson's archaic theory of eight stages of life... More > from around 1971 which despite all its psychobabble, comes down to one thing: You're either active doing something you feel has meaning and interacting socially and intimately with other people or you're alone in a room somewhere, not doing much of anything, feeling sorry for yourself. One reason I don't like psychobabble is that they make everything a dramatic either-or situation. Most older people aren't intensely active or popular with a big group of people but they don't feel lonely and depressed either. They live adequate, comfortable lives day by day. You don't need some great purpose in life or deep intimate relations with other people. There are enough divorces and deaths around for many millions of seniors to be living alone.< Less
The “People Power” Death, Dying & Funeral Guide (Hospice, Grief, Suicide, Money Issues, Advance Directives, Living Will, Terminal Illness) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.00
The trauma of death in western society is that we see it as failure, as a tragedy when the truth is that in most cases it’s natural, a product of aging and illness. The best way to deal with... More > death is to look it in the eye and face it now so when your time comes, you’ll be ready and accept it freely and calmly. The paradox of death is that everywhere we make it seem like a solemn, otherwordly event where the soul will go to heaven as with our funeral processions and massive streams of graveyards everywhere but on another level, invisibility and indifference are creeping in. People are now getting cremated, there are less grand, dramatic funerals these days and overall, we simply act as though death doesn’t exist and go right on living, in denial until our time comes then we lose consciousness and the world continues on. Death is very simple to an enlightened mind. Our culture generally tells us that life is good, death is bad but the truth is that death is a part of life, you will die so< Less
The "People Power" Family Superbook Book 3. Family Issues (Christian Family, Gay Family, Adoptions, Childcare, Grandparents, Genealogy, Entertaining, Housekeeping, Cleaning) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Look in both the Yellow and White pages of your phone book under Social Service Organizations for the Parent Assistant Line. There are parenting classes around. Check around through the YMCA and... More > other social support agencies. Practical household books start at #640 and go to #649. There are many food preparation books at #641, child rearing at #649. 640. Household Stuff. 641. Food and drink. 642. Food and meal service. 643. Home improvement. 644. Household utilities. 645. Household furnishings. 646. Clothing, cosmetics, love, family issues. 647. Housekeeping. 648. Household sanitation. 649. Family life, child rearing, home nursing. If you're looking for real estate and home information, refer to both my real estate and home book or go to #332.70 to #333 at the library. For information about educating children in the academic sense as opposed to the parenting sense, refer to my education book or go to #370 to #379 and #792-793 (educational recreation activities) at the library.< Less
The “People Power” Family Superbook Book 4. Children-Teen Youth Guide (Identity, Self-Respect, Indoctrination, Crime, Bullying, Internet Safety: Open Your Mind to Trust Yourself) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
I saw a famous father-knows-best type of TV talk show host hyping his book about child and teen life advice on his show. I thought it’s good to be a positive force in society but if you offer... More > advice that is incomplete, one-dimensional, wrong or follows some ideology you might have that is not freely thought-out knowledge that everyone can relate to from their natural intuition then you’re a self-righteous liar preaching stupid rules and ideas that go against people’s true natures. This is not a cutsie youth advice book telling you to eat your cereal, go to bed early and be disciplined. That’s all one-dimensional advice that fails because it’s not who you are in your true nature. I’m telling you to discover who you are in your pure essence. Don’t make the big mistake thinking that other people, namely system-sanctioned professionals and the Social Sciences Formal Knowledge Infrastructure have wisdom about life that you don’t know about.< Less

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