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Beyond Revelation: An Eschatology of the Kingdom By Benjamin F Hoogterp
eBook (ePub): $8.99
A fresh look at an old subject. The author addresses the study of the book of Revelation and Eschatology with an emphasis on the Kingdom. Notably, the results are conclusively Preterist in content... More > by the eyes of the author, of the mildest of forms. Coming from several years of end-times research, and many more of that of Bible knowledge, this book focuses on the prophesies of Daniel, as well as the Gospels, to prove with reasonable certainty (to the author) that the reasonable whole of the book of Daniel is concluded and fulfilled, and much of the Revelation of John.< Less
Hyper Grace: Biblically Confronting Current False Grace Heresies By Benjamin F Hoogterp
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The deceptions sweeping the church are multiplying, to no surprise. The only thing of relative surprise is the lack of sufficient resources to counter it. There will always be weeds in within the... More > wheat, but we don't have to hand knives and forks to the wolves for their lamb-chops. It's time for the church to stand up, use the sword of the Spirit, and cut off their hand if that is required, to catch the little foxes, or sometimes big fat ones, that are, truly, ruining many vineyards. These are not trivial things, nor are they grey areas. They are outright deceptions and manipulations of the Word, bolstered on charisma and popularity. In the guise of liberty, they bring a seduction of senility that binds people where they are at. True freedom, true grace, brings us to the cross, and bids us "Come ye here and die." True Christianity is not looking up at the cross at our savior, but dying up upon there with Him.< Less

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Bootstrap Student Workbook Bootstrap Student... By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
Paperback: $20.00
Good News of Life Good News of Life By Aaron Perry
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