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Developing Business Relationships By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $14.95
Having the Right People Working With You Can Make or Break Your Business - You Can Easily Learn Who to Employ, How to Use Them, and How to Handle Them - Les D. Crause gives simple and proven... More > principles for developing relationships. He shares some natural principles, as well as how God wants us to develop relationships in business. Relationships are a part of how God made us, and they can make your business, or they can break it. If you learn to develop them the right way, your business can function like a well oiled machine, and you can grow to a new level.< Less
The Apostolic Entrepreneur By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $18.95
The Apostolic Entrepreneur - You are not unspiritual; it could be that you are called to business. - The apostolic calling can include a call to business. Like an entrepreneur, the apostle is someone... More > who can start new things and do things that no one else has done. The apostle can be an entrepreneur to the world and do many great things for God. This is a whole new level that God is taking His apostles to and it will change the way that the church operates. There is a training you will go through to become a business apostle. The training will be different but just as in the ministry there will be a price to pay. This is not a natural gift that you have for business. It is a God-given anointing for business. Has God called you to this area of ministry? Then in this teaching you will the find the answers you have been looking for. Now you can rise up and take this world for Christ through business.< Less
The God Way to Wealth By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $9.99
There is a Promised Land For Us to TakeGod destined the Body of Christ to walk in prosperity and to take hold of the wealth of the wicked. It has ALWAYS been His design for us as His children and He... More > wants us to rise up and not be bound by any financial needs. God has a Promised Land for His Church and He wants us to take hold of it.The Business PlanAt this very time He is raising up His Entrepreneurs that are willing to get out there and accumulate wealth for God's Kingdom. They are doing Business God's way and they are ready to steal back what belongs to us, in order to expand the Kingdom. There is a new move of God and He is working full time behind the scenes.Did you know that God wants you to take your part in this?< Less
The God Kind of Business By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Everything You Need to Start and Run a Successful Business At Any Level. Owning and operating a business is a lot like owning a boat or ship. You can choose whatever suits you, from a little sailing... More > boat (freelancer) up to a huge ocean liner (large corporation). Or you can start small and work your way up. No matter what your skills or resources, there is a place for you if the fire of an Entrepreneur burns in you. This book will show you how to fulfill your dreams of being in your own business. Weary of doing things the way someone else wants them done, when you know that you could do them far better? The God Kind of Business will show you what you can do and how to do everything better. At last you can be in control of a business that encourages people to realize their full potential. There is nothing more exciting than knowing you have the potential to build everything that you have ever dreamed of.< Less
The Teaching Calling By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $19.95
A Call to Mold the Body of Christ - The teaching calling is one of the most important calls in the Fivefold Ministry. God has given the teacher to instruct and mold the body of Christ. Many can... More > function in this ministry and teach others. But if God has called you to the higher level of Teaching Office, then you will go through preparation and training. What are the signs that you are called to this ministry? You will discover that the teacher does not just present the Word, but must apply it. Like all ministries you must learn to flow in the anointing that God has put on you to be successful and build up the body of Christ. - Are you ready to become God’s Kind of teacher?< Less
The Pastoral Calling By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $19.95
A Call to Shepherd God’s Flock - You may think that the pastor is an insignificant ministry. But it is one of the best preparations for the rest of the Fivefold Ministry. If you are called to a... More > higher ministry you may start at this level, because it is a vital ministry in the Body of Christ. This is a call from God to meet the needs of His people and set them into place in the local church. It is a call to care for people and take the time to be there for them. The pastor is a leader who will counsel and correct, but be there in love. If God has called you to this, you will have a great task ahead of you, but it will be one of the most rewarding things to do, as you see God’s people flourish and rise up into all that He has for them. - Are you ready to set the church in place and help God’s people to rise up?< Less
The Evangelistic Calling By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $19.95
The Call to Evangelist Explained Like Never Before - The Evangelist is a bringer of GOOD NEWS. This means that the evangelist does not need to be a hell fire and brimstone preacher, who exposes sin... More > and speaks judgment. You are there to present what God has given us. First - The Good News is that Jesus has paid the price for our sin and we can be set free of the guilt and consequences of our sin. Second - The Good News is that Jesus has paid the price for our sicknesses, and we can walk in health. Third - The Good News is that Jesus has paid the price for our poverty and lack, and we can walk in financial freedom. Forth - The Good News is that Jesus has paid the price for our victory and we can be set free from bondage to bad habits, demonic powers and things that control us. Fifth - The Good News is that Jesus offers these things to us freely. All we need to do is receive them by faith. This book will teach you how to identify the evangelistic calling, and how to flow in the Evangelistic Anointing.< Less
Launch Your Ministry By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $14.95
Launch Your Ministry - Come launch your ministry with our twins. These twins are “Fulfilling Your Ministry Calling” and “Using Your Ministry Gift” now collected together in... More > this one complete teaching that will help you launch to new heights. What is Your Calling? - You know that God has a purpose for your life, and a ministry for you to carry out. But how can you find out exactly what your ministry calling is? What Gifts do You Have? - What gifts and abilities do you have that will make you more effective in ministry? Do you know what God has given you? Do you know what you will need to do some of the things you want to do? And how do you go about getting these things if you do not have them?  No longer do you need to feel like you missed it and have to be satisfied with the gifts you have. You can rise up and carry out the ministry that truly burns in you by finding the gifts you have and learning to fullfil your ministry calling.< Less
Prophetic Ministry Made Easy By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Prophetic Ministry Is Not Difficult - In Fact, Anyone Can Prophesy. Apostle Les D. Crause has been training prophets for many years, and he knows the pitfalls that many face on this road. Now in... More > this powerful teaching he takes what is often complicated and presents it in a way that is easy to understand. You Will Learn - How you can learn to become a prophet - How to start seeing in the Spiritual Realm - How to start hearing spiritually and prophetically - How to function under the Prophetic Anointing - How to handle negative responses to your ministry - How to become a Prophetic Minister - How to minister deliverance as a Prophet - How to minister both publicly and privately - How to Get Going If you have a hunger to hear His voice and speak His words to others, delay no longer. Get this book and you will find out just how easy it is to flow prophetically.< Less
Ministering In God's Power By Les D. Crause
eBook (ePub): $12.99
Learn How to Release the Anointing Power of God in Your Ministry - You Can Bring the Revival Power of God into Your Ministry - God's power is always available to you as a believer. All that you need... More > to do is learn how to use it. You can tap into the anointing of God. And with it you can minister in His power and you can bring revival. In this book Les covers what the anointing of God is, and helps you to understand it, how you can tap into it, and how you can impart it to others. He also shows you the different kinds of anointing that you can flow in, and the things that can stand in the way of the anointing and can stop it from flowing. When you learn to flow in the anointing of God you can bring revival. You can revive your church, and you can bring revival to your ministry and change peoples' lives. If you feel like you need new power in your ministry, and you want to release God's power into the lives of people, then this book is for you.< Less

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