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HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY TO MY GRANDMOTHER. Out of respect for the 100 year old great Oak tree, I let the landmark's roots cling to those weird red Southern soil Alabama Christian beliefs about Black... More > men. No one knows how many of her deceased neighbor's brothers were lynched, necks stretched like long-embedded swans, ropes sliced, shadows dangled from her branches, headlights dimmed, a truck swerves, flipping over eight times into an explosion, melting pitchforks, as a Klan mob cremates. These are Pinus palustris burnt offerings. As long as Bonnie's Meadow knows her grandson is out here constantly hustling, casting good voodoo spells on the old white man's heterosexual society, and racist mentality. In return, that old woman knows she loves money, gets to enjoy the Hamsa protection, and watch "The Price is Right"< Less
Rose Meditations By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $28.00
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A Hard Venting Blog. A Soft Fragrant Poem. Two contradictions co-existing in one prose. A Rose Book. Registered with the Library of Congress & released (June 06, 2012). An UPDATED Hardcover... More > Edition of my First Self-Written book. 250 pages. 77 Blogs, 77 proses of Poetry, all written by Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author, Sears Luther Barnett Junior, aka 'The Poet', written on a poet’s dare, a challenge which came from my niece, Ekua Adisa, a fellow poet whom seeded the dare, along with my older sister, Sharon V Schroeder, whom planted the seeds for me, to write a book, or two, or three…" ― The 'Pink Rose' Cover Photography is by West Allis, Wisconsin Indie Film maker, Phil Koch.< Less
Front Porches: Open Diary Collection of Short Stories. By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $26.64
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As early as 5, my Mama, Lulu Jack, would frustratingly send me & my siblings packing, from Wisconsin, south, to Alabama for the Summer. I'd hop from my Grandmother Bonnie's Sun-baked front porch,... More > cross the red dirt road, tree branches draping over them, like silk robes, no sidewalks, that official border County-line between Prichard to Mobile. I'd plop down, sweat beads Mardi Tuesday around my neck, meditating by the 100-plus year old Great Live Oak Tree, that still stands today. I'd sit under the coolness of Ms Dane's shade as She stands like some ancient Sentinel guarding over my best friend's crickety porch. Sipping my Camellia sinensis tea, Ms Dane opens another imaginary book conjuring up inside her tiny head. I'd rest at her bosom, listening to the rosy stories my Oracle slowly brews like hot Chili on a subzero February winter's day. "The deepest Oak roots, are also the branches...", My 110 year old best friend, chants to me. 'Ms D' is an herbalist, a grand master priestess. She teaches me ROSE MAGIC.< Less
"OMEGA, The Human COMET." By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $24.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
A Comic Book ? Yasss. I wrote and illustrated 30+ of these original comic books before I turned 18 years old, while my family was homeless, living in the back of a slimy after hours joint. I gave... More > most of them away to my first cousin, MICHAEL 'Verril' JACKSON. It's a story of bravery, about a Black Bookworm, Hacker, Chess-Player, & Nerd that overcomes his inner doubts, repetitive nightmares, and fears; As a result, he shape-shifts his outer world into a multi-dimensional rose garden. I created, wrote the words, illustrations, pencils, inks, colours, letters, and edited this all by my self as a young teen back in 1977. I've been writing for over 44+ years. Been creating my own made up stories since I was SeVeN years-old. As with all my Books, I did it all by my self, from imagination, to creative dreamscape, to fusion, to flow; I do everything, except print the damn thing. This third Book also includes a Blog of mine entitled, THE BLOG: OMEGA THE HUMAN COMET. ― Thank You For Reading !< Less
Barnett Crossroads By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $26.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
I turn around quickly and ask my Mama one day in the early 1980's while watching 'King Creole' my fave Elvis movie,"--Presley is cool---ain't he Mama?" Jackie's face darkens, her bottom... More > lip frowns down, and she tells me she hated Elvis. She says she never liked Elvis Aaron Presley because he said somethin' about all Negro people can do for him, is shine his blue suede shoes. "He said that?", I'm all shook up for a nanosecond. I thought he was cool. I slowly turn back around to enjoy the rest of the movie on the Zombie T.V. cathode ray tube; Questioning Everything, still bobbin' my big head to the SOULFUL rhythmic blues, skeptical of the dude that styled his hair with ROSE OIL and vaseline. The "BARNETT CROSSROADS", is the signpost reminder that visitors SEE right before they cross The 'Long Poetic Bridge', also known as "The General Walter KING Wilson JR. Bridge.', the book marker and connecting link that leads right into the fifth dimension of imagination, the "Mother Of Mystics...MOBILE, 'BAMA."< Less

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