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Walking with Trees By New Order of Druids
Paperback: $11.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Walking with Trees is a book that continues the story of Entering the Forest, and delves deeper into the wonderful world of Druidism and Celtic spirituality. This book will introduce you to the... More > physical and spiritual aspects of various animals and trees. These trees will be associated with a Celtic alphabet called Ogham, which can in turn be used for divination purposes.< Less
Entering the Forest By New Order of Druids
Paperback: $11.57
Prints in 3-5 business days
Entering the Forest is a book especially written for everyone who is new to the path of the Druid and Celtic spirituality. Taliesin the Bard, the narrator of the first phase of your Druid path, will... More > guide you through all the aspects that form the very basics of being a Druid. Whether you are young or old, you will learn the meaning of the Celtic festivals, Celtic culture, art, virtues, history and mythology... as well as experience the connection with nature, and Celtic spirituality. You will be guided through the principles of Balance and Harmony, the various roles of a Bard and Druid, the Ogham writing, the Life Energy and Place-Bonding.< Less
Ovate Course By New Order of Druids
Paperback: $11.79
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Ovate Course is the second in the New Order of Druids' Grove of Dana college. Whereas the Bardic Course focused on the primary cosmological foundation of the Druidic tradition, the Ovate Course... More > delves deeper into practical and experiential work. Topics include: Awareness practices designed to put the practitioner in direct contact with their experience of the world. The importance of place and story in our relationship with nature and soul. Principles of "sacred warriorship" derived from Celtic and cross-cultural sources. A further exploration of the map of soul-initiation presented in the Bardic Course as integration of soul and nature. Topics in Jungian and ecopsychology with a focus on experiential work with a strata of the self deeper than personality and ego. Dreamwork and shamanism. A retelling with complete commentary on the Irish story of the Voyage of Maelduin and how this myth may be approached as a practice.< Less
Bardic Course By New Order of Druids
Paperback: $11.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
Using traditional myths, cosmology, and the insights of modern disciplines such as ecology and ecopsychology, the Bardic Course introduces the druidic student to a way of seeing the world that is... More > both fresh and ancient - and an awakened way of living in that world in service to the hearth community. Topics include: Translations of important mythological stories to illuminate the lessons and commentaries. An exploration of basic questions such as "What is Druidism?" Animism and the variety of Celtic views on divinity. The process of initiation into a soul-centric way of being in and seeing the world. The fecund power of darkness and the unconscious in spiritual growth. Forming relationships with the ancestors. Presence as the language of nature, and learning from the earth. Ecology, activism, art, sovereignty, and other topics which provide a clear segue into the Ovate Course. The art of pilgrimage as a model and practice of spiritual transformation.< Less
Druid Course By New Order of Druids
Paperback: $11.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Druid Course is the third in the New Order of Druids' Grove of Dana college. This course focuses more on the religious aspects of Druidism, with the aim of putting Celtic ritual in... More > practice. Topics include: The concept of paganism, Celtic religion and what we know about it. Deities, ancestors and spirits of the land, along with a list of various Celtic gods and goddesses. Setting up your hearth or shrine. How to create a ritual, along with examples of rituals and a personal ritual creation worksheet. The Celtic calendar, divination and a guide to the Celtic Ogham.< Less
Wandelen met Bomen By New Order of Druids
Paperback: $11.77
Prints in 3-5 business days
Wandelen met Bomen is een boek dat het verhaal verder zet dat begonnen was in Leerling van het Woud, en graaft dieper in de wonderlijke wereld van het Druïdisme en de Keltische spiritualiteit.... More > Dit boek zal je introduceren tot de fysieke en spirituele aspecten van verschillende dieren en bomen. De bomen worden gekoppeld aan een Keltisch alfabet genaamd de Ogham, dat op zich ook kan worden gebruikt voor divinatie.< Less
Leerling van het Woud By New Order of Druids
Paperback: $11.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
Leerling van het Woud is een boek dat bijzonder geschikt is als een eerste kennismaking met de wereld van het Druïdisme en de Keltische spiritualiteit. Taliesin de Bard is de verhalenverteller... More > die je begeleidt in een reis doorheen alle basisaspecten van een Druïde. Je ontdekt de betekenis achter de verschillende Keltische feesten, de Keltische cultuur, kunst, waarden, geschiedenis en mythologie. Ook ervaar je de verbinding met de natuur en de Keltische spiritualiteit. Je wordt begeleid doorheen de principes van Balans en Harmonie, de verschillende rollen van de Bard en de Druïde, het Ogham-schrift, de Levensenergie en Plaats-bewustzijn.< Less

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