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deez- commentary57 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
My condo balcony doesn't face East or West. That means I don't get a direct beam from the sun. I was scared system restore caused possible loss, but felt glee when everything was recovered! In about... More > 1 month, Jacob will be here. I think of Jack Nunan, who freely laid my guest house's sod after my brain injury. Ronny Willoughby rode home with Dad & me, continuously telling me he loved me. 2 weeks later, in a fuss over a transmission, he was murdered. I flipped my go-cart 3 times because Jack Grizzle had it high performance. I traded my motorcycle for Jack's PC. In college, Stacey called a dad to get permission to date his daughter. He said that was up to her. Stacey later served a decade in jail for entrapment. Renee & Cooper in Sunday school knew my BFF, Andy. Cooper drove a junky truck when Renee started dating him. I drove junk & have been rejected 219 times. My black buddy said don't talk about blacks guarding me like they did, but I think he meant don't< Less
deez- commentar58 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Justin was certain a man named Jerome did it. Dad was murdered. Justin was after the culprit. I'm always deliberating why Jesus Christ called me from my ejectors. I was at 27 ejectors when Jesus... More > Christ gave me that command. It tells m the women who say no are wrong for me. Dad was murdered January 16, 1999. Justin, my little brother, was murdered February 28, 2006. After I saw doctor. Callahan was dirty, I tried, tried, tried, tried, tried, tried to get a 2nd opinion. I kept getting told no. Then it was a bad surgery. The doctor I wanted in the first place did my next surgery. I had a cuss fit, screaming, with doctor. Callahan 1st. My stress ball was pressurized, amok, controlled, dominated, & harnessed!!! I was going crazy!! doctor. Callahan had said a ton in defiance with rehab!! That my fluid caused my limp, speech impediment, bad eyesight, & nerve damage!! Rehab had told me brain's bruises caused that! Just like Trump has unknown reasoning, doctor. Callahan was being dirty. He thought-- an Emory< Less
deez- commentar60 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Mom ordered our food at the Indian restaurant. I'm so glad she did. Indian food is the best. But the doctor just said I have high triglycerides, so that means I need to watch what I eat. Mom told... More > Tiff the beach diner was unsatisfactory. It didn't meet my expectations either. Tiff said they get fancy. That tells me she's been there. I love going places my 1st time. I'd love to tour tourist sights like Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, the Alamo, the Constitution, the Big Easy, never stopping, Stone Mountain, the Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, the Mississippi River, etc. I want an RV & my driver's license to do it in. To fund it I'll have my memoirs pay for it. 1st I need to put my commercials on all television networks. I fed the fish today, but lawn service men cut the grass, so the clippings outnumbered the feed pellets. Mom & Tiff make plans for next week. I am a listener. Mom told tiff about the UGA game against Tennessee. I knock the stack of plates over< Less
deez- commentar59 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
we need our storage facility. IT IS FULL OF SENTIMENTAL junk. Stuff we hold dear to our heart. I can't go fishing in this land of lakes, but I have a number of fishing rods my papa left me. Promised ... More > truck for good grades before my job for the down payment soaked up all my homework time, I bought all I could afford & couldn't afford the parts. That was economically the most depressing time in my life. 219 rejections later, I got a calling to take a turn with my personal life. Ejectors have to be my history. I summon billions of people to pray curses on my cursers. If sexual deprivtion needs the doctor, I should go. God called me from my ejectors at 27 rejections. It has been a difficult command ever since. I want to spend the rest of my life writing my memoirs. Right now, I have 62 pages of topics to write about. I was reading John Grisham an hour a day, but started collecting topics an hour a day. My 219 ejectors mak me want to write about my life. Everybody is suspicious as to why Trump fired< Less
deez- commentary61 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
I always have to brush my teeth. That's because I had a palatal lift put in. It exercised my palate continually, unless I was sleeping. A $2k piece of plastic that cost ~$20 to make. The thing didn't... More > work. I knew it wouldn't. I had nerve damage. (I just started Beethoven on my PC ear buds.) It took quite a while to get started. I got the idea from a car commercial that was playing classical music. I think classical music helps my thinking. I have 61 pages of topics to write about. I wrote fiction 24 years & just started memoirs. I have them in lulu. I sent 21 to a magazine I forgot. I have 61 memoirs I'm working on. It'd be nice to publish a memoir a magazine a month. It could be my retirement right now in my PC. That's just a dream. I realize that. It's a fantasy, but it's possible. What if each memoir I write covers a retirement home's fee each month? I was in an assisted living facility, Sandpiper. The instructor was violent, convulsive, ferocious, & savage< Less
deez- commentary66 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Max, the producer of “Catfish.” I love the show. I love seeing fake people manifested. I love “Breaking Amish. It has people leaving a cult, finding life. 219 women rejected me. I... More > was called away from my ejectors. Maybe that's why I love “Breaking Amish.” When you see you're in the wrong thing, you need to make the decision to get out of it. I just saw a Judge Mathis case. The woman thinks it's OK for her to talk to men, but she doesn't let him talk to women. That's so Sharon, my ex! She was sweet. Birthdays 2 weeks apart, we got along well. The season similarly honed us, so that we were analogous. I told Mom we're going to start auctioning. I said that because I want to go to auctions. I just read “Guideposts” 50 minutes in the sun. It's 3:28p. Judge Mathis is on TV. I just had an Espresso. The news said caffeine grows your brain cells. I started consuming coffee like crazy. But I don't think i''ll ever compare to my brain injury buddy. He consumes 12 pots of coffee a day!< Less
deez- commentary67 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Does Susan have a bf? Something tells me she does. We made great buddies. She's personable. She talked of going on a cruise with a man. I feel like shes seeing somebody. I was called from my... More > ejectors. That's all I have. People are currently suffering the trauma of the Manchester terror. Instead of monsters, Trump is calling them losers. That's because they'll like the latter name less. I look forward to the end of thee world. That's the best way I know to get away from my ejectors. While they drove me to an end times study I see their purpose in the galaxy. There's talk of Iran's developing nuclear weapons. It makes me feel like the end is just drawing closer. Get away from my ejectors. Get away from my ejectors. Get away from my ejectors. That runs through my head everyday. I will understand in the future why Jesus Almighty Christ Lord Jesus Almighty Christ called me away from them. It's important we heed the voice of Lord Jesus Almighty Christ. Morgan is just like Granny.< Less
deez-commentary69 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Carrabbas. I have to leave to go get mom's jacket. I have on a tee & feel just fine. Waitress calls me beautiful. I was told i have to pay for my woman. It's a cost to have a woman. I look at my... More > writing as my cost. 219 ejectors swayed my interest. It got a foothold as I broke down 7 days a week in 91. I remembered Dad. I remembered how he wanted a truck payment even if I had made 1 the day before. I was cold to Dad after my tbi. I had a chemical Imbalance that took 5 months therapy for proper diagnosis. I hated that 5 months of torture. THE INSTRUCTOR WAS A continual screamer. So was my roomie. I got daily screamed at. My nerves were always rattled. My roomie screamed at our instructor as much as he screamed at me. My chemical Imbalance helped keep me rattled, flustered, hot and bothered, perturbed, discomposed, & berserk. I thought my pills were eating anger. The instructor said they didn't work like that. In light of my 219 ejectors, rom 10:9-10.< Less
deez- commentary63b By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
9 o'clock time limit. Those are the times that limit my mailing somebody. I am write 7-5 a day. I like sharing my published 3 e books everyday. Who does Michael Head work for. I want to dedicate some... More > e books to Mue Crue members. Milo Concrete, Matt Wimpey Plumbing, Andy Woods Construction Welding, autorama of snellville and auto brokers, & Zack Tonge went AWAL. He completely disappeared. He hated our school, WBHS. I did too. I hated our town. 27 women rejected me. God called me away from ejectors. I just took my meds for my chemical imbalance. I think of the time it quit producing a calming agent. I was rejected on a dance floor & flipped out. Told the f was single, I later learned she was with her bf. A soldier who would hold me down as the police came. Officer Wilkerson. He took me to Pinellas Anger Management System. PAMS. In the back of the police car, (not cushioned at all!) I was crying about the rejection. I was sobbing words. Then I was put in a chair I< Less
deez- commentary64 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
I just had a major nap. Something i needed to help me with my depression my high school Senior year. I chose the wrong thing. Unbuckling & praying for death. The decade of rehab, $1m doctor... More > bills, & paralyzed palate with bad eyesight & nerve damage were wrong. I was getting revenge on a lie. I was leveling the playing field. I got leveled in return. I got the bad end of the deal. I2t amazes me the video games Mom buys my nephew. That inspires me to buy more writing programs. I want to write memoirs the rest of my life. Mom just gave me a flashlight key chain. I am racking my brain for memories to write about. Mom had a long list to buy & only got about 8 items. Mom & i are watching "King Of Queens." I just had an Espresso,  a teaspoon of Folgers & swallow of water. Dad was an addict. He was abusing Justin 1nc. I kicked him in the back. It pinched a nerve. Justin & i jumped a train, rode to Grizzle's Quickstop, & called Granny there. She picked us up. We moved in with Granny &< Less

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