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deez- commentary27 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
MEMOIR/COMMENTARY The devil is spanking his wife. That's what I say the current rain in the sun means. Mom says, no, it means he's beating his wife. I say well, I learned that at the nursery. They... More > must not want to use beating. Mom & I are on our way to Molly's seafood. I love Molly's. I have salmon that isn't as good as Carrabba salmon, but it's very, very, very close. I like the country music on the speakers here. Mom told the hostess not to put us on the lower section. On the way, she talked about telling them that & used Titanic's lower level as a comparison. I have pictures of me that pop up on Susan's sent box in my email. I want to go out with Michelle. She is Tiffany's older friend. When we all went out last, they decided she'd been Tiffany's babysitter. Molly's,  I hear oyster. Banging. Their oysters are so delicious because tetchy so fresh. I order coffee because I'm so tired. I am tired right now as I recap & listen to the TV's Miami/Tampa Bay baseball game.< Less
deez- commentary28 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
My memoirs are about the things I remember. My decade in rehab created a lot of recalling. That created a lot of topics. Right now, I have 32 pages of topics. My brain is still tired from writing all... More > day yesterday. I stopped reading to take time to store up topic ideas. If I hadn't done these many topic ideas in my decade rehab, it'd be a lot different. I mourn all that “wasted time,” but in truth that time is most lucrative. I don't want to waste an ounce of that time I used working on my memory. I also had 1000s of pictures to reflect over. Granny LOVED taking pictures. There were so many. I'd look at them & get topics to talk about in rehab. The more I talked, the more memories I had pop up in my injured brain. Therefore I want to spend the rest of my life working on my memories. My traumatic brain injury was 8,843 days ago. Now I am capitulating off my immense education. I read ~10k books because college held em in 4 classes, TMC, saying they couldn't get permission to let me out of them from< Less
deez- commentary30 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
I just wrote Susan a poem. This 1 was about talking at the pool & losing track of time. It was boring. I am often in stuff like a rodeo, am a plumber, spies, terrorists, in our home next door to... More > a crack house, etc. I enjoy writing adventure poems where Susan and I are the characters. A lady & I ere talking about reading at the pool. I said I had a brain injury. My psychologist said reading exercises every nerve. Smitty said Alebrt Einstein read every waking moment everyday. So I started reading 16 hours a day. But I started spending all my time working on my memoir. Writing about & collecting topics. 1 topic I have is Sherry. She called me over 2:30a. Woke me up. After I was penetrated, I went soft. The call was a shock. So was the sex. I went soft because I was soft, brushed, & fleecy. I was out of my zone. We suddenly decided it was wrong. I walked back home. It was 3.27.06. Papa's birthday. He died April 7, 2006. Dada dad. Same day Mom's mom died. My little brother died< Less
deez- commentary29 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Holly & I made very good friends. We were, well, BFFs. We talked very well. 2 peas in a pod. I asked her out. She said yes. But an inner voice went crazy. I thought of her shiny sports car &... More > my junky truck. But I also could tell I wasn't hearing everything. It compiled itself. I could tell I had some truth about her coming. I saw her shiny sports care as the deal breaker. It was most offensive. I drove junk & there she was driving a shiny sports car. Granny said nobody my age drove a nice car. In the conclusion, I called it off. Then after we graduated I was told her sister, Tabby Hanson, is a movie star. It all went together to work against us! I had a lot happen to me as Holly & I were in that class. I went through a car window & $1m doctor bills. 1 decade of therapy. I saw Holly's picture. She has kids now. I don't know if she's single. She lived in LA when I talked to her. My great aunt lives out that way in Semi Valley. But years have passed. I went to< Less
deez- commentary31 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $999.00
It led to The driver fell asleep. I was thrown all over the car then out the window, sustaining 6 months coma, brain surgeries, broke left side, paralyzed palate, nerve damage, worsened eye sight,... More > worsened speech, & limp. But that led to my dream career. I suffered a birthday lie. Impoverish, told I was getting a truck for good grades, Granny, a Presbyterian church secretary, said it was all a dream. Let down, vengeful, ridiculed at school because I was a crybaby & made good grades, Dad, uncle, & brother high school dropouts, building vengeance, I was on the path of destruction. I was going to level the playing field. Partied 23 months, only< Less
deez- commentary32 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
I get up & start my commentary right away. Being a memoir writer feels like my calling as never before. 1 decade, I rejuvenated old memories, urged. It makes a world of difference, talking,... More > getting urged to talk. I was having countless memories pop up. It became my basic prop. Then I went to college. We had to find 2 classes to keep. Felony offense. I need your help. I need a good lawyer. I was put in Computers, Biology, Old Testament, & 1 I forget. The Computer class was putting material on tests that was NEVER reviewed, positioned, or prospected. EVER! Spoken or read! So everybody was failing tests! I withdrew. Granny had decided she would take me to Athens Tech without complaining. 110% of my ride to TMC's satellite college< Less
deez- commentar33 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
What a game. I am very entertained when I see a good game. The leader the whole game suddenly loses the lead at the end of the game. I had admittance to make good grades. I didn't have to try. But... More > ridicule is why I tried not to do best. I invested effort in making bad grades! Huh? The worse I did, the less I was picked on. So I was cheated in my youth. Then college got in my sights. Doing my homework & studies were a must. But I didn't. Why? because I had insurance, down payment, car payments, gas for a gas hog, & other similar fees cominh down on me. My insanity & instability back then was grandiose. Mental illness & disorder back then was highfalutin. Psychopathy & imbalance back then hoity-toity. I was a basket case! Told what will your brother, sisters, & cousins drive, I started drinking. I was hell bent to ruin my life. I was doing it because Granny, at my 16th birthday, lied, loudly laughed, & called my promised truck a dream. The church secretary< Less
deez- commentary19 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
/Morning coffee gets me going. I have a quick dose of Espresso to get me started. I had 11 hours sleep last night. The day before, I wrote 4k words, 2 e books. I average 2 e books a day now, but 1.5... More > would be more honest. I write about my experiences. Dad's absolutely favorite writer was Grisham, which is why I study Grisham daily. I want to write just like him. Dad said I'd never write as well as John Grisham. I always said because of my experiences I'll write better than JG. But time passed. I guess my much reading of him changed my thinking. Now I just want to match him. Maybe the current fad is John. Maybe I'll be the next fad. My time ain't here yet. I will enjoy studying him this fad-- during his fad-- & begin writing my fad. I enjoy doing my memoirs too. It could be that my fad is my< Less
deez- commentary21 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Commentary21 to die is gain. I think of that when I think of dying. I think of that when I think of going to heaven. My sister, an agnostic, would... More > disagree. Some like vanilla. Some like chocolate. That's what Papa always said. I'm very ready to leave this realm that has my 219 ejectors. They were my eye openers. I look at ejectors as God's way of saying He has somebody better for you. Those 219 were humiliating. But they still made me a better man. I am now ready to graduate this phase now. I made very good friends with Sherry & Susan. They heeled me find a part of myself that no other female helped me find. In college, those women were very snobby. They signed the love waits banner, but the guys in my dorm said they didn't practice it. It was a great part of my life till my counselor put me in 4 classes to choose 2 to keep then lied & said my uncle said no. Stay in them. My uncle said he wasn't asked.< Less
deez- commentary20 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
MEMOIR I think about the galaxy. The time line is working out. I had a ruined destiny for a dream come true. It was a grievous pain when my church secretary granny lied & said my promised... More > truck was a dream. But in real life she was Plying a part of my destiny. I was becoming the writer I had a calling for starting 1983, 2nd grade. Back then, I copied a children's book on magnifying glasses. I could tell right then I was doing the thing I'd get old doing. Now I'm writing about my experiences. 1 year later, Mrs. Winder would slap me in the face. 8 years old, I was dismayed. It was aghast. I couldn't understand what was going on. I was just a scared 3rd grader. It was nonsensical. And look at this. It was a private/Christian school, Hope Baptist. I learned better than to go by the surface. The same thing happened at my private/Christian school... college. I was hit low. It was a low blow. They, TMC College, put me in 4 overwhelming classes to choose 2 to drop. I just needed to drop 1 class, Computers.< Less

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