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deez- commentary16 By Michael House
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DEDICATED TO IBERIAMORTGAGE.COM I wouldn't play football. Everybody was bigger than me. In rec ball, the previous year, I played 2 strings! Wing back & nose guard. I was playing the whole game.... More > But my teammates were my size. A Freshman, all I could see was the much larger Seniors & nothing less. The effect, then, was my not keeping my promise with Coach Quack. He had been impressed by my abilities. He had made me promise I'd play high school football. There was no doubt I'd subsequently be progressing to a college scholarship. That'd been perfect. Granny, a church secretory, lied my 16th birthday. Said a promised truck was a dream. Then I set out on a path of destruction. It had demolished all my dreams. I needed that vehicle to do my homework. So I devoted the rest of my life to getting revenge on my lying granny. 1St, I partied 23 months. Then The driver fell asleep. I was thrown all over the car then out the window, sustaining 6 months coma, brain surgeries, broke left side, paralyzed palate, ne< Less
deez- commentary15 By Michael House
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Send e book to Susan. I got to where I text her all day everyday. I was doing it too early... before 9a, till that was clarified. I can text her 9-9. I write a $3 e book a day. I enjoy sending each 1... More > to her. I also enjoy suggesting doing something we both like, fishing. She turned me down on the dance floor though my Mom danced with her dad. It was a devastatingly annihilatingly annihilation. I was smashed. Her bf wound up holding me down as the police were called. Officer Wilerson took me to PAMS, Pinellas Anger MANAGEMENT, 8 hours then Windmoor Mental Hospital 2 weeks, then Sandpiper Assisted Living Facility 5 months.< Less
My Family By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
TRUE STORY!!!!!!! Cooter ran away from home. That's not odd. His dad, Terry, & I, teenagers, ran away from home. We jumped a train & rode it to Grizzle's Quickstop, just past the projects...... More > along Highway 29. We were going to run out of state. Go as far as the train went. But I changed my mind. But at Grizzle's Quickstop I jumped off & violently screamed my lungs out for Terry to jump off too. He abided. We were running away from home because Dad had been abusing Terry. I then kicked Dad in the back, pinching a nerve. Dad hit the floor. Terry & I hit the back door. We were at Twin Lakes, walked up Picklesimon Road, then Chapel Christian Church, across Highway 8, which was then Highway 29.< Less
commentary10 By Michael House
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If a woman rejects you, turn your back to her & never look back. God has somebody better for you. This is a test of your strength. I had it happen 219 times.I finally saw what God is doing. It... More > was a hard lesson, tough medicine to take. Ga bred, Fl transplant 13 years, I'm learning about culture. I broke down 7 days a week after I had been promised a vehicle for good grades. learned you need to study & do your homework to keep good grades. Not work for a down payment. Learaned if a woman thinks she's too good for you, you have somebody better waiting. God has for me somebody better than all my rejecters! I must'nt look back at them. That's step 1. We are impulsive men. We think when a woman turns us down we have to keep asking her out till she changes her mind. I have NO respect for Obama. That's what he did to Michelle. Men, if a woman doesnt want to go out with you, keep on keeping on the other way. Now< Less
endtimes By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
DEDICATED TO IBERIAMORTGAGE.COM God told me to avoid ejectors. That they're wrong for me. That tells me I have somebody better. Then I found all the end time prophecies have been fulfilled. Then I... More > realized earth's ready for Jesus' return. Please pray for it to happen this second. Last night, I dreamed I was inspiring my little brother who hung himself, better yet was found hung, 2.28.06. Yesterday, I dreamed a former HOA was moving furniture. 90% Of the time I wake up with dreams. I have had 219 direction changes in my life. 219 wrong women. Jesus is telling me there are more fish in the sea. It was a hard message, but it helped me see direction changes are mere route modifications. All for something better. When you face rerouting, know God has something better.< Less
deez-Commentary8 By Michael House
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Adjusting to Florida was a chore. The sights & sounds, not to mention the driving, were only a portion of it. But I found I don't look at things the way Floridians look at stuff. They then saw me... More > as an outsider. Georgia culture was left behind. I had left my birth state. I was 29 years old. It took a lot of compromising. It is such a beautiful thing to hear Georgia vernacular. I find joy in the Georgia accent. I'm a deplorable. I support Trump because he's very educated. He had very good education. It inspires me to keep my mind busy all day everyday. I had no coffee because there was none. Mom told me I could have her last Kuerig coffee. I insisted she drink it. She said I was volunteering to be a martyr. I looked forward to unknown blessing(s.) Which< Less
Dee's Unforgiveness By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $2.99
'with your mouth confess Jesus Lord & believe GOD raised Him from dead. ' search for Michael house. Forgive. It's Jesus Christ's command. On my 16th birthday, I had been promised a... More > truck. Told it was for good grades. But I had NO time for homework or studying. A down payment was crucial. Finals I bombed. Homework too. I bought the cheapest thing I could find. $2k. It cost $5k in parts. I had to work-work-work-work-work to keep the junk running.< Less
1993 WBHS Injury Survivor19 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.01
A disabled's diary. I went through a window, had 6 months coma, $1m dr bills, decade rehab, paralyzed palate, countless surgeries. I was an honor student, scored genius on my IQ test, & 2nd in my... More > college class.< Less
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/Deez-Commentsry5 Forward The driver fell asleep. I was thrown all over the car then out the window, sustaining 6 months coma, brain surgeries, broke left side, paralyzed palate, nerve damage,... More > worsened eye sight, worsened speech, & limp.. Then it turned into nothing but time to heal. My psychologist said reading is the best healing agent. Nerve damage messed my gait, eyes, speech, elbow, etc up. Women were widely turning me down. 219 in all. God called me away from ejectors. Commentary5 BY michael”DEE”house< Less
deez- Commentary6 By Michael House
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Commentary6 By michael”DEE”house Don't go around ejectors. Why, God? Oh, because You want me to focus on the future? I can't represent You if I'm a failure? Exactly! That's what it is!... More > Stand till you can't stand anymore. I need to pursue important stuff, not ejectors. I swim in this pool of 219 rejections often referred to as 219r. I'm rebuilding after I went through a car window. You cannot loan the massive knowledge ive attained since Granny, a church secretary, told a boldfaced lie on my 16th birthday. That a promise was a dream. It actually made me a better man. Now I react differently to the things I< Less