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Together Forever - It Is All About Love, Peace and Harmony By Faiez Hassan Seyal
eBook (ePub): $12.95
Based on the author's experience of being the Relationship Coach of thousands of couples, “Together Forever” provides guidelines almost on every aspect of marriage such as the purpose of... More > marriage, selection of spouse, celebrating weddings, basic obligations of man and woman, do's and dont's of relationships, dealing with families, love and intimacy, growing together, building and maintaining trust, love and intimacy, separation and divorce. It does not provide just another expert view on the subject but also relates the Laws of Nature that govern this bond. It is a must-read for any man or a woman. The book also made a beautiful gift for your daughter and son. The book was primarily meant for Muslim Readers but since its first edition in 2001, became equally popular with Christians.< Less
30 Second Manager - A Rare Collection of Global Best Management and Leadership Practices By Faiez Hassan Seyal
eBook (ePub): $12.95
“30-Second Manager – A Rare Collection of Global Best Management and Practices” is a handy management reference book enlisting 500 time-tested management principles, practices and... More > traits, which author has been learning, practicing and teaching during the past 25 years of his career as a management consultant and trainer, having worked with hundreds of national and international organizations in four continents. It is not just another expert opinion on the subject, which will change with time but 1) includes only those practices that have passed the test of time and 2) are endorsed by Divine laws, i.e. Islamic Shariah. This handy reference guide provides expert opinion on various management and leadership practices in less than 30 seconds and hence is titled as “30-Second Manager. The book is divided into three major parts. Part one: People Management; Part Two: Basic Managerial Skills and Part Three: Teams, Leadership, and Organizational Change.< Less
Towards Shariah Compliance - People Management System By Faiez Hassan Seyal
eBook (PDF): $15.95
There has been an increased awareness throughout the Islamic world for the establishment of an organization on the same lines as of ISO. In this regard, substantial work has been done by various... More > groups in Islamic Banking and Financial Standards as well as Islamic Accounting Standards. Adding to the list is this modest attempt by the author, “People Management Standards” - the first-ever and the most comprehensive human resource management standards. These standards could be enforced in all type of organizations, public or private, profit or non-profit, service or manufacturing, small or large, wanting to achieve business excellence and committed to enhancing the quality of work life (QWL).< Less
Sweeping Change - Collection of Faiez Seyal's Writings On ‎General Business, Management, Total Quality, ‎Organizational Change, Personal Development ‎and Many More By Faiez Hassan Seyal
eBook (PDF): $12.95
“Sweeping Change” is a ‎beautiful compendium of articles on a wide spectrum of topics written by the author over the ‎period of last two decades, from his student life to his... More > professional career as a management ‎consultant. ‎The author started writing these articles on personal & professional development related topics in ‎‎1990 at the start of his professional career as a management consultant and a coach. However, ‎there are a few earlier writings from his college and university days. During his professional ‎career and working in close proximity with the corporate sector, he had tremendous opportunities of ‎extensive interactions with the people of different sectors of society through countless seminars, ‎talks and lectures in different prestigious social clubs, forums, communities and educational ‎institutions in Pakistan & abroad. Many of these articles were published in various magazines ‎and a few were presented at different national conferences. ‎< Less
Born Again - 365 Days to a Healthy, Happy and a Peaceful Life By Faiez Hassan Seyal
eBook (ePub): $8.95
Born Again – 365 Days to a Healthy, Happy and a Peaceful Life” is a handy reminder of life’s basic truths and realities, often forgotten or neglected. The booklet has brought... More > positive changes in the lives of millions of people in four continents. A very special thing that differentiates this booklet from other daily reflections booklet in the market is the fact that each inspiration is supported by divine guidelines. The booklet has been a best-seller in Pakistan, since its first edition in 2000, and also has been translated into five languages.< Less
The Road to Success - A Proven Guide to Create an Extraordinary Successful Life By Faiez Hassan Seyal
eBook (ePub): $12.95
The Road to Success is designed to assist all those who believe that they are missing something in their lives, or that their experience of life could have been better. The book is based on the... More > extensive research into the best literature on personal development that supports the centuries-old laws of nature most of us tend to forget. The book reinforces that nature has created every human being unique but with equal talent and powers. It helps us discover those hidden abilities by freeing us from our wrong beliefs, fears, stresses, and worries. The book is meant to inspire, motivate and empower you to take charge of your life and be all you were ought to be.< Less
30 Second Successories - Daily Reflections for Successful People By Faiez Hassan Seyal
eBook (ePub): $9.95
365 Success Lessons from the Author’s Best-seller “The Road to Success – A Proven Guide to Create an Extraordinary Successful Life”. “30 Second SUCCESSORIES - Daily... More > Reflections for Successful People” is a daily reminder of success principles as elaborated in author’s “The Road to Success – A Proven Guide to Create an Extraordinary Successful Life”. It is equally effective as a standalone inspirational guide to success, relating 365 success guidelines with ever-green divine teachings of Islam, as well as a daily reminder and a handy reference guide to major learnings from “The Road to Success”. With each of the 365 success lessons, the corresponding page number of the third edition of The Road to Success – A Proven Guide to Create an Extraordinary Successful Life, is listed.< Less
Change Your Lens, Change Your World - Change Your Life By Changing the Way You Look At Life By Faiez Hassan Seyal
eBook (ePub): $12.95
Practical Lessons and Exercises to assist you in becoming a New and Confident YOU! Have More Control over your life, Progress in career faster, Win power and prestige, Have better health and superior... More > relationships and most importantly Peace in your life. Change Your Lens, Change Your World is based on my over-20-year-long fight with one of my most difficult clients, “myself”, and on over thirty-year-long experience of working with, teaching, and learning from people worldwide. The book addresses the most important but one of the most neglected areas, positive living. Change Your Lens, Change Your World is divided into three major parts, focusing on building the conceptual foundation as well as providing application of these principles in handling various difficult situations in our personal and professional lives, with a number of NLP exercise to help you come out of difficult situations.< Less
Please Mind Your Manners - A Complete Guide to Modern Manners By Faiez Hassan Seyal
eBook (ePub): $15.95
Management gurus and social scientists agree that quality of social relationships would be of key importance to the success of individuals as well as organizations of the 21st century. And no one can... More > underestimate the importance of good etiquettes and manners in the quality of social relationships. "Mind Your Manners - A Complete Guide to Modern Manners", lists manners for every situation and place in life, divided into three parts, i.e. 1) Manners at Home, 2) Everyday Manners with Everyone and Everywhere, and 3) Everyday Manners at Public, with twelve (12) chapters in all. The book relates modern manners with the universal teachings of Islam and is an attempt to breaking the wrong “stereotyping” about Muslims. For Muslims, it concludes that it is not Islam but Muslims to be blamed for not understanding and practicing their faith and for being a poor “poor brand ambassadors” of Islam. For non-Muslims, it shows that how the civilized west has learned from the universal teachings of Islam.< Less

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