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Disaster Preparedness Plan By Kevin Chong
eBook (ePub): $2.99
You would have some sort of a disaster that will leave you without power, water, or food. It could be a natural disaster like a hurricane,landslide, flood or earthquake. Or it could be a man-made... More > disaster that may requires you to stay put in your home for a few days or even weeks. The world can be a harsh place to live in, but there’s something we can do. We can prepare for the disasters most likely to occur in our area and keep you and your loved ones safe and sound.< Less
How To Raise A Reader By Kevin Chong
eBook (ePub): $2.99
How do you raise a child to be an enthusiastic and consistent reader? Getting your child to feel passionate about books can be easier said than done. Videogames, computers, ipads, cellphones and... More > other modern gadgets sometimes gets in the way and make it hard for children to concentrate on reading. But there's no need to rush things. Research shows that children aren't ready to learn the mechanics of reading until when they reach age 5. So, getting hold of phonics workbooks or reading software is unnecessary as it could be too much for her to handle which will turn her off from reading. That doesn't mean you can't help to lay the foundation for your child's love of reading. Learn to cope with her own pace of learning.< Less
Opt-In List Building By Kevin Chong
eBook (PDF): $5.99
You have probably stumbled upon several websites that have a box that ask you to enter your name and email address. When you fill this box in, you’re adding your name and email to... More > somebody’s opt-in list. This is one of several ways to build your lists. These lists then allow you to start the ball rolling to market your business through email marketing.< Less
How To Start An Online Business By Kevin Chong
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Internet marketing is still one of the best businesses one could venture into especially when there is no requirement for big capital outlay. With this huge and expanding audience coupled with the... More > fact that marketing and advertising can be done on the Internet so easily and at only a fraction of the costs of conventional methods, we now should seize the golden opportunity to be successful in online business.< Less
How To Start A Successful Blog By Kevin Chong
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Lately, blogs have become very successful and popular, and SEO consultants indicate that they can be very profitable if they are well managed and marketed the right way. Generating profits from a... More > blog doesn't require selling anything at all. Profits can be generated from ad placements, banners, or contextual advertising. The best blogs draw the attention of a large audience and keep them coming back for more which will fatten your bank account.< Less
100 Ways To Increase PLR Profits By Kevin Chong
eBook (ePub): $1.99
When promoting private label products, what instantly comes to mind is that they usually provide basic information that's not particularly interesting or beneficial to your prospects. However,... More > there's a lot more to that than just the basics in this report. You should be able to discover and learn several indispensable techniques about promoting private label products in this ebook.< Less
7 Steps To Use Self-Hypnosis For Desensitization By Kevin Chong
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Self- hypnosis is much the same as reflection in a relaxed state, which you control by unwinding your brain and body. You consider and imagine positive circumstances and reveal to yourself how you... More > will change your response to circumstances which you fear. Self-hypnosis is tied in with concentrating on supplanting negative feelings and fear with positive feelings and confidence in any given circumstance by changing your thoughts and emotions. Along these lines, you end up noticeably more stronger by utilizing the inner power inside you. All extremely normal and simple. The steps listed below direct you how to do this as you address and defeat the issues you are facing.< Less
Improve Focus To Boost Productivity By Kevin Chong
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Learn why focus is important in both your personal and professional life.You’ll learn tips and strategies on increaing and maintaining your focus so that you can be productive in everything you... More > do. Focus drives you to the point that we are armed with an unrelenting determination to make it to the finish line no matter what. Undoubtedly, having a great reason why you are doing what you are doing is important but what that often drives some to succeed while others fail is deadlines. Focus is the gateway for success in life.< Less
Practical Personal Development By Kevin Chong
eBook (PDF): $2.99
This book will help you make witting decisions in your personal development journey and bravely follow up. This means bearing the maturity to take a hundred percent responsibility for your wellness,... More > your vocation, your monetary resources, your relationships, your emotions, your habits, and your spiritual notions.< Less
Concrete Confidence By Kevin Chong
eBook (ePub): $3.99
It is quite possible to make money out of anything if you set your mind to it. If there is something of real value, it is also possible to monetize it over and over again. You must start by creating... More > the confidence within yourself that you can do anything that you desire to unlock the inner power within you to achieve your dreams.< Less

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