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Suburban Terrors By Pauline Montagna
eBook (ePub): $2.86
Do we really know what secrets lurk behind the tall fences and locked doors of our city’s suburbs? Here are twelve stories that delve into that mysterious realm. You’ll find a few... More > thrills, a touch of horror, a ghost or two… and much more. ‘ …these stories are all entertaining, compelling, and enjoyable, making this the perfect book for bedtime or public transport reading. It’s a great book to have in your bag, ready for the next break in the day. Georgina Laidlaw, Australian Reader< Less
Not Wisely But Too Well By Pauline Montagna
eBook (ePub): $4.30
How did Will Shakspere of Stratford-upon-Avon, the son of illiterate parents, with barely a grammar school education, become the greatest playwright the English theatre will ever know? How did he... More > learn his craft? How did he gain the knowledge his plays display? What was his own experience of the love, passion, pain and ambition he wrote into every line? This is the story of how that journey began.< Less
Getting Into Print By Pauline Montagna
eBook (ePub): $4.23
Welcome to the world of self-publishing. The journey you’ve embarked on isn’t an easy one. A self-publisher has to get on top of every phase of the publishing process – writing,... More > editing, typesetting, design, printing, marketing, sales and distribution. But it doesn’t stop there. With the new online marketplace we also have to get to grips with website development, ebook publishing, social media and all aspects of online promotion and direct marketing. Getting Into Print gives you a comprehensive overview of every facet of self-publishing and marketing your book and is a great place to start your own journey of discovery.< Less
Deconstructing Shakespeare Book One: The Lost Years By Pauline Montagna
eBook (ePub): $4.23
Deconstructing Shakespeare is a companion piece to Not Wisely but Too Well and details the historical and literary research that informs the novel. This volume of covers Shakespeare’s... More > ‘Lost Years’, the period between 1584 and 1593 and examines the only evidence we have of what he might have been doing during that period – his early plays, their so-called ‘Bad Quartos’, a few tangential documents and the narrative poems. Through them we can catch a glimpse into what Shakespeare was writing, who he was associating with and the playing companies he was working with during that time.< Less
Cooking for Less Than One By Pauline Montagna
eBook (PDF): $4.08
In 2014 I got the shock of my life as a surgeon coolly told me I had to have half my stomach removed. Within a few weeks I lay in a hospital bed hearing my surgeon tell me that my stomach had been... More > riddled with dysplasia so he’d had to remove it all. My gall bladder was in a perilous state, too, so that had been whipped out as well. Not to worry, one of my nurses told me, you’ll still be able to eat your Christmas dinner. It’ll just take you all day! Since then I’ve had to develop a completely new attitude to food and eating. Eating had been my last remaining pleasure, but now it had become an obstacle course. I’ve learnt a lot on this arduous journey, and in this book I hope to share its results with you. While this book may be designed specifically for gastric surgery recipients, the recipes could also be useful for any single person who’d like to try quick and easy home cooking to improve and vary their diet. You’ll also find plenty of recipes suitable for vegans and vegetarians.< Less
The Slave By Pauline Montagna
eBook (ePub): $4.30
Aurelia Rubbini, the only child of a rich merchant in fourteenth century Italy, has been raised to be a dutiful daughter, wife and mother, but she longs for something more than the restricted life... More > intended for her. Then one day, her father brings home from a buying trip an Asian slave boy, Batu, who will reshape Aurelia’s destiny. Aurelia and Batu are inexorably drawn to each other, but their relationship is forbidden as Aurelia is destined for an arranged marriage to further her father’s political ambitions. When Aurelia marries Lorenzo de Graziano, a nobleman with a dangerous reputation, Batu insists on going with her for her protection. But Batu’s presence arouses violent passions that Aurelia, in her innocence, can never understand.< Less

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