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eBook (PDF): $2.87
Probably the closest to the real thing, the Third Eye of Creations Conscious casts on as a Celestial Intelligent Creation (CIC). Might represent what's happening on Earth during a 4th human cycle!... More > Floating in the midst, a divine infused energy intelligence, the Third Eye of Celestial Intelligent Creation (CIC). Set in and amongst out of control, greed driven creations of Divine Light Creative Universes (Life on Mars, Venus, the Moon and further afield). A very much alive, active divine vibration, looks over events of a planet known as Ethos. Even parallels circumstances and conditions bedevilling and eroding our own Divine Planet. Divine Celestial light draws closer, with final plans unfolding of lifting a vibration to the 5th Etheric realm. Planet Ethos receives a visitor delivering urgent messages to change distructive operatives. A highly infused and Celestial Connected visitor of divine light source, sent to seal a planets divine-template back to Greater Universal Laws of Balance.< Less
WHITE CHIEF OF AFRICA By Robert Winston Burnett
eBook (PDF): $3.47
Exciting, outlines what pioneers of Rhodesia experienced in Africa. Sadly Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, proved too efficient or orderly for a grander scheme of things to come! Here, combined fact with... More > fiction by one born and raised to lands of Rhodesia, to where agreements based on majority rule were actually signed and sealed in 1961 and 1964. Then merely ignored, placed on one side, yet not by us as a certain dye was cast. Look what's transpired ever since in Free, Democratic Zimbabwe! See Experiences RHODESIA A QUESTION OF ON GOING LEGALITY Rhodesia, the bread basket of Africa in the richest, but sadly now the poorest continent, which once thrived, even if under responsible, ordered rule. Pure political kick about and owned by.. well a minority, as a majority still suffer. Hypocrisy, for words addressing real issues prove cheap. Here an exciting story, focuses on Cecil John Rhodes and pioneering excursions to Africa during the late 1800's. But sanity was turned.. inwards.< Less
BIGGER THAN BULLIES By Robert Winston Burnett
eBook (PDF): $3.27
Is your child on a special mission to planet earth, as deeply cares that millions remain victimised on our planet! Well, stop to learn about them, as might be infused creations, hold keys to... More > awakening of lost generations. Many still suffer as divine RNA/DNA linked creations! Might explain why on every continent, huge numbers suffer daily indinities! Does your child appear different, display certain talents? Then be patient as are here so grown up's learn from them, yet in a GROWN UP WAY! A number are/have been prescribed the drug Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and described by some as a mind altering drug - 'prescription crack' controlling a fairly new condition ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). DIVINE, CRYSTAL LIGHT INFUSIONS, deliver clear signals a 5th Etheric Nextage World Order (NWO) emerges. Learn why INDIGO and CRYSTAL children arrive, be proud, learn from them as are wise, beyond their years.. different!< Less
GLOBAL - WARNING (Part 1) WE ALL INHERIT ALL By Robert Winston Burnett
eBook (PDF): $2.57
The debate hots up and there's no doubting human activity has contributed towards Global Warming, sadly (Deminishing rain forest)! So what true cost planet earth, while real issues are merely spun... More > out of sight? People seek answers, even welcome intervention as we witness cause and effect now on us all. Yet, reversing trends is mainly taken out of our control, left in the hands of a minority. However and importantly, we can all still do something about it by being one hundred percent in control of ourselves. We can own our own light destiny by waking-up urgently to receive in our hearts urgent messages delivered. We can all do something positive for all, now. Learn and understand importance of changing our thinking, accept divine-light gifts freely by opening up the The Human Conscious to all suffering. Doing this, requires we turn towards divine-light of creation as ONE through Truths for ultimate salvation. Burying heads to all the signs is no excuse, for we are talking about future generations, here!< Less
GLOBAL - WARNING (Part 2) GREYS V GREENS By Robert Winston Burnett
eBook (PDF): $2.57
Aliens Alive, as a battle to end all battles rages on to save humanity. Stop, think and reflect, pose extremely important questions for all our sanities sake! For instance: Why do some humans care... More > about undue suffering to do something about it? Why are occurrences as earthquakes, floods, droughts, hurricanes far more frequent, becoming severe? Time to activate/examine the 'Human Conscious' for 'ALL TRUTHS.' Naturally, we all directly inherit magnitudes of changes a foot. Please, slow down a bit to understand there is Light and Dark. Reflect on what the Human Years 1987/2012 (25 year Aquarius/Nextage period), means for all Earth's creation. Urgent messages spelled out, yet sadly most bury heads to the facts as graphically presented. Accept divine opportunities, learn about our real heritage. Some are listening and receiving the greatest free-gift on offer. They're reclaiming original meanings and purposes of it all or bottom lines of TRUTH verses LIES!< Less
OPERATION RESCUE By Robert Winston Burnett
eBook (PDF): $2.07
A rescue mission to save souls, has been unfolding for millions of years. We need help to adapt to changing Earth vibrations, as draw closer to a vital Universal light juncture or the year 2012.... More > Here's where the great central sun, stands to the middle of the four faces of mankind through the milky-way. Even Earth Scientists agree something big waits or as predicted by the Mayan's many years earlier. End of a fourth human cycle (3rd dimension), before ushering in a 5th Ether, more spiritual enlightened, balanced, vibrating realm. Judge for yourselves causes and effects, as virtually everythings blamed on yet another 'Act of God or Natural causes.' Mother Earth's vibrational Universal crystal-grids calibrated to original intergactic vibrations. Shifts away from highly distructive, manipulative vibrations of GREED. We're being prepared to again align with the Celestial Ancestors or Light Clans! Hard to believe? Stop, see the clear signs posted.< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.33
Did you know, we lost touch with the Star Ancestors due to a negative induced pole-shift, that we have been out of align since? That our friends work to realign our planet so we can connect again and... More > as 'The Lost Children Of The Star Ancestors!' Truths of originations, of ET' links will surface with planet earth deeply encoded as universal crystal imprints. Indeed, did modern intelligent humans start out as unintelligent creations? We're putting ourselves down somewhat if still believing that! What's happened to apes and like since down an evolutionary route or pathway, even if shown using basic tools for instance? They've stood still in comparison, instead of also evolving. Why are minds so closed, becoming even further stalled? Addressing truths is all our calling as Celestial Intelligent Creations. Here reasons planet Earth goes through many universal light time convergencies to reclaiming a Lost Celestial Heritage.< Less
eBook (PDF): $2.96
The cover picture came through during an automatic reading as a Celestial Intelligent Creation (CIC). A divine Universal Light-Being Creation, linked to Astar and the 7 Arch Angels securing Universal... More > Sanity/Balance. Earth’s 3rd magnetic vibration/realm has been totally distorted, but now being reclaimed through divine colour matrix infusions deep to Earth’s Crystal time template/grids! Includes explanations of the 5 Pointed star alignment which transpired on the 1st October 2004. Highly significant event re-joins the five points for Earthly Harmony, but long hijacked. 5 vital, original basic ingredients secure Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social and Financial codes essential for all living life. Neptune, along with other material influences wane, as Mars and the Moon move closer to Earth. All vibrations alter and ushers in a 5th Human Cycle or 'Ether/Celestial' reign. Are we ready, preparing for major changes for all life towards the year 2012?< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.28
Star seeds and light workers have felt alienated, lost vibrations on earth! They see a minority thrive, while most struggle, strive to survive another day! Totally unbalanced, not good intelligence,... More > sense.. period. A planets vibrations turns where Star Seeds have felt deep pain having lived varying lives of equality and felt square plugs thrust to round holes. Planet earth's negatively configurated (Lucifer influence), with justice and greater universal balance missing. Star Seeds are not designed to thrive contrived, manipulated, materialistic driven vibrations of deception. Divine light as Celestial Intelligent Creations (CIC's) balance Earth's Universal crystaline template. No amount of money, material goods can purchase sanity. See preview, planet Earth's once geographic land mass (Eden). We're lost, out of sink, living contrived lives and only truths secures all. Don't fall blindly for lies, as retains stings in tails! Rise up, claim Truths rather in the here and now.< Less
TWIN FLAMES 2 MAKES 3 - HIS WAY By Robert Winston Burnett
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Part 1 of twin flames arising, re-uniting.. infusing. See under Main Panel (PURPOSE) as Inroduction and reasons why! We need our other half in order to claim fuller lives and... More > can do this by remaining true to the heart as meanings to it all come flooding back. The joining of 2 equals 3 as life journeys to current day light infusions for Twin Flames.. (Divine Fire Soul Mates). We're at specific celestial time-lines of a 4th human cycle/limited 3rd dimension physical state on earth. Fused once more after vital life lessons are jointly learned to the 5th Etheric meaning and realm. Life lessons learned as signs the ALPHA and OMEGA.. beginnings and ends.. return to ALPAMEGA (Nextage Period). Divine light of celestial source, infuses those of 6 and 12 divine time vortex crystal soul imprints. This book, explains fuller meanings of how and why Twin Flames are fused at specific junctures. See for more in-depth explanations. Time to reclaim the 'I AM.. YOU.'< Less

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