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The House of Marriage By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $5.87
The 7th house is the house of marriage in astrology. Is your 7th house empty or full of planets? Comet Wild is three times larger than Jupiter. 2003 UB313 is our 10th planet. The centaurs,... More > transneptunians, earth trojan moons and many other objects haunt your 7th house. Discover the facts in this informative brochure by Add to Chart Publications.< Less
Astrology for Astronomers By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Astrology looks into the eyes of astronomy and sees its future in its past. We announced the reformation of the Egyptian astrology. What does it mean? We want the Greek influence out of Egyptian... More > astrology. When faced with Egyptian royal synastry dating 3500 BC one forgets about Denderah.< Less
Instant Personal Magick - Cascade By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $7.77
Simple instant magick ready for your use straightaway! Unpack, read and get self-initiated today! Cascade was used by wizards from Moses to Castaneda and is available for you in a ready to use format... More > at this very moment. Don't delay your luck! Start doing real time magick today.< Less
Mercury Transit - II By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $4.18
The Mercury transit is a rare event. What are the portents?
2003 EL61 - Largest By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $10.08
7th House Kiss the bride and be happy ever after! The star walker has reached the core of his private universe as kissed by lady luck. The pilgrim's progress is met by success. Marriage is sincere.... More > The kiss joins void with void, symbolizing eternal sincerity.< Less
Dwarf Planets and Bill Gates By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $18.75
The dwarf planets bring luck once again! This is the upgrade for the dwarf planets in lottery for the 2006/2007. Now you can use some of the luck that the dwarf planets have shed down on Bill Gates!
Instant Reality Rendering Tools for the Year of the Antichrist By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $21.12
O ye of little faith! The RTRRT make every wish come true even in minutes. May you choose your wishes well in the year of the Antichrist!
Hydrogenesis II By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $31.25
The apocalyptic portents for summer 2007 coincide with the Japanese nuclear tragedy. Rev 8:8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea:... More > and the third part of the sea became blood; Now it is not difficult to imagine a nuclear plant as a great mountain1 burning. Due to an earthquake it was cast into the sea, that is nuclear pollution set in. The Mars in Cetus and Venus in Hydra greet the sinking of 2002 AW197 (Tekton) into Hydra. 1 Once we asked I Ching "what is a table". And received ::| mountain. The table resembles a mountain in shape, a mesa. Therefore, to the writer of the prophecy a nuclear planet could look as "mountain burning". Due to the quake it was thrown into the sea as announced by the eastern, that is Japanese, angel. In our opinion, the omens are very clear. The ::| shape stands for Venus in the I Ching Aspectarian. Zic, Klaudio. 2005. I Ching Aspectarian. Klaudio Zic Publications.< Less
Witchollow - Genesis By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $12.22
12 zodiacal predictions for your witch from Halloween through May Day 2009. The Eridanus supervoid exposing John Craig Venter. What does the supervoid reveal for our genetic future? The clone wars... More > have only just begun... Axis of Evil inside!< Less
LILIT VERA By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $18.41
An old phantom for our interesting times, LILIT VERA as upgraded for the apocalyptic years 2008 - 2012. What happens when our auxiliary satellites meet the outer guardians of our solar system?... More > Apoheles and Earth co-orbital asteroids along with extreme period objects. Matrix hacking inside!< Less

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