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Management of Design and Innovation: Value of Design By Farrukh Khan
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Examples of design are all around us and even nature presents exciting designs that influence aesthetics and a sense of design in humans. Within the home lighting, carpets, wallpaper, the carpet and... More > the furniture contribute to interior design. The cloths that we wear say something about our tastes and our values. The design of a mobile phone, the personal computer or even the car that we drive decides how we value these objects and how happy we feel using them. For a firm, design represents value if a design can compete in the market, add to brand value, business relationships or contribute to the bottom line. However, although new design does not require breakthroughs in technology, it represents new thinking and new solutions that should appeal to the jury, the consumers, who pay for their purchases. This essay presents a discussion about value of design, together with a literature review and an example from textile design to illustrate design and the design process.< Less
3G Technologies By Farrukh Khan
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The future for mobile wireless devices looks bright and the number of cellular mobile subscribers continues to grow rapidly. Unlike the old 2G technology based systems, the new 3G systems and the... More > ones which are now being rolled out prior to the 4G systems, the Super 3G technologies, are data centric in nature. The Super 3G systems not only provide high data rates and quick connectivity for video applications, but they also have features that will delight the consumers, the operators and the backbone providers. Thus, the emerging Super 3G technologies provide the opportunities for e-commerce developers to unleash their creativity to provide offerings that take the fancy of subscribers. This essay presents a discussion about e-commerce and 3G technologies in an Australian and global context.< Less
The Concept of Film Genre By Farrukh Khan
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Despite the fact that the history of the cinema presents many discussions about genre as a distinguishing feature that characterises films or groups of films, this concept continues to compel... More > discussion and thought among those with knowledge of film studies. Perhaps a reason for the previously mentioned is the fact that the production of film, its textual features and social expectations arising out of popular culture remain in flux, fixing new ideas for filmmaking, new texts and evolving expectations for spectators. However, genre is not something that is subject to rigid rules and it can be difficult to classify a film. The noir films have presented much controversy related to genre and film scholars present arguments for and against accepting the Film Noir as a genre. This essay presents a discussion about film genre and considers the 1949 Nicholas Ray film ‘They Live by Night’, which is considered to be a noir film with a romantic twist.< Less
Aerospace Consulting Report on Airbus Military A400M By Farrukh Khan
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The Airbus Military Company was awarded a contract to design and deliver the A400M transport needed to improve the military airlift capability of several European nations. A contract signed with... More > OCCAR, the European procurement agency representing the European nations, slipped badly when the aircraft engine was not on time. The control software developers for the engine did not deliver because a C-130 engine test bed was not available and this exposed the prime contractors to a loss of 1 billion Euros. Clearly, a problem had occurred in the supply chain design and implementation. The design of the supply chain and details of procurement were flawed. In addition, efforts to try to implement the supply chain arrangement in a cooperative manner for burden sharing were lacking, despite the execution of a leading edge technology project with considerable uncertainty. This report presents an examination of the supply chain and procurement issues related to the Airbus Military Company and the A400M project< Less
On the Reliability, Efficiency and Cohesiveness of the TCP/IP Suite By Farrukh Khan
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The TCP/IP suite of communications protocols is universal and it has been estimated that a vast majority of the global Internet traffic is carried by this protocol. The TCP/IP has an integrated... More > addressing system, a design for routing, underlying network independence, scalability, open standards and universal acceptance. However, the TCP/IP also has some weaknesses which are mostly ignored because this suite of protocols was designed when the Internet was invented and has continued to be accepted with its growth. This brief essay presents a discussion of some of the shortcomings of the TCP/IP suite of protocols.< Less
Quality Television By Farrukh Khan
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For all those with an interest in television, it is important to realise that understanding television can demand an extremely rich analysis. Yet it is important to understand television because it... More > has become a fundamental part of everyday life for a vast majority of people in all societies from around the world. Today, television is a wondrous looking-glass which provides a multitude of views and perspectives to anyone who watches it from the comfort of their living room. However, not many will have thought about television as media because they are more interested in the news and entertainment that is presented on the tube. Despite the previous observation, debates about what is presented on television are common in the community and “quality television” is often much talked about. This essay presents a discussion about quality television and an attempt is made to decide if there is such a thing as “quality television”.< Less
Intelligent Buildings and Pervasive Computing By Farrukh Khan
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Technological advances on a broad front have made the miniaturisation of computers and intelligent devices possible. Microprocessors and the VLSI chips that are the intelligent heart of any computing... More > device have become cheaper, more powerful, compact and energy efficient. Microprocessors are capable of operating on a larger number of bytes and have found application in diverse areas such as the automobile, building control systems, battery powered intelligent stand alone systems, mobile devices and intelligent appliances. The marriage of communications technologies and computing have made it possible to communicate with intelligent machines over vast distances and it is possible to instruct a smart device, such as a heater or an air conditioner, at home to switch from a remote location. This essay takes a look at intelligent buildings in the pervasive computing age< Less
How do Films from the Past and Present Create a Cultural Anxiety to an Audience from both Image and Text? By Farrukh Khan
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This study seeks to explore how film creates cultural anxiety for spectators. Film as a medium permits the filmmaker to present strong immersive experiences that challenge the old model of culture... More > with a popular grip. Whereas spectators may want to denounce the old model, the permeating grip of the old culture and a need for cognitive adjustment and debate causes tensions that result in cultural anxiety. After all, a film presents its message to many, permeating political and media rhetoric across the majority, minority, political and religious spectra. For those interested in films and the art of making films, it is important to understand how anxiety about ‘our’ culture now appears ubiquitous and how films have contributed to this anxiety.< Less
Cleanrooms for Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $31.25
Semiconductor wafer manufacturing is an important industry in the present day for many countries. Demand for semiconductor chips has grown steadily in the past decades and multinational companies in... More > the business operate on a global scale with coordinated manufacturing and distribution. A semiconductor wafer manufacturing facility can cost up $ 2.7 billion and needs sophisticated equipment, services and environmental control systems including cleanrooms in order to increase the yield of the semiconductor wafers. In this report, an attempt is made to study the issues related to providing the appropriate services and equipment to support the semiconductor wafer manufacturing process, along with the issues related to the design and testing of facilities.< Less
Transducers for Medical Ultrasound By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $25.00
Ultrasound imaging depends on the ability of piezoelectric crystals to generate sound when excited with alternating current and the reverse effect of charge accumulation or current flow when such... More > crystals are subjected to pressure from sound waves. The first known ultrasound imaging machine was designed by K. T. Dussik in Australia in 1937. However, despite its widespread acceptance today, medical ultrasound did not develop as rapidly as X-ray imaging. Despite the relatively slow start, medical ultrasound imaging is very widely accepted today because there is no ionising radiation involved and hence the procedure is relatively safe. This brief essay takes a look at transducers for medical ultrasound.< Less

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