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Wearable Computers By Farrukh Khan
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This paper attempts to introduce the exciting new world of wearable computing. Wearable computers are having an impact on how humans perceive reality and perform various tasks in the real world.... More > Propelled by advances in mobile computing, communications and materials as well as many other disciplines, a greater proliferation of wearable computers may very well change the manner in which people live and interact with each other and the society at large. Wearable computers have shown a promise in a very large variety of applications, ranging from those related to the battlefield for military and defence purposes to assisting field workers in a number areas including archaeology, chemical industries and manufacturing.A very extensive bibliography is also presented in the paper.< Less
Composite Airframes By Farrukh Khan
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This article takes a look at the use of composite materials in aircraft structures. Composite materials are strong lightweight and durable materials made of two or more materials joined together in... More > such a way that the individual materials are easily distinguishable. The use of composite materials is increasing rapidly in all applications ranging from automotive, aviation to yachts etc. The article contains twelve references.< Less
Public Policy on Public Houses: A Report on Influencing Factors on Attitudes of Binge Drinking in 18 – 24 Year Old Young Adults in the United Kingdom By Farrukh Khan
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Binge drinking has now been recognised as being a serious problem which affects young adults not only in the United Kingdom, but also in other countries with a predominantly Anglo – Saxon... More > culture. This phenomenon is possibly not a new one and those who indulged in binge drinking episodes were earlier referred to as being ‘lager louts’ in Britain. However, binge drinking has received considerable media attention in recent years because of the harm for the individual and the community that has come to be associated with it. This dissertation attempts to identify the influencing factors associated with attitudes of binge drinking which can have an impact on marketing for educating the public and designing interventions for positively influencing young adults.< Less
Aircraft Accident Investigations By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $6.25
This paper takes a look at the aircraft accident investigations that are undertaken when an airplane suffers an accident. Airplanes are complex machines and there can be many behind an airplane... More > disaster. As a result of international cooperation and the stringent standards of engineering testing that is required in international civil aviation, flying is the safest form of transportation that is available. However, accidents do happen and not all accidents are the result of terrorists attempting to destroy an aircraft. Fuel leaks, metal fatigue, engine fires as well as pilot error can cause accidents. Criminal investigations are only conducted if there is evidence of deliberate attempts to destroy an airplane. This paper takes a look at the investigations that are conducted after an aircraft accident.< Less
Steel in Construction By Farrukh Khan
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In this report, an attempt is made to take a look at the use of cast iron, wrought iron and steel in the construction of buildings and civil engineering structures. These materials have been... More > extensively used in construction for a fairly long time and many outstanding and historical buildings have been built with the use of iron and steel. Iron and steel are mostly used as the dominant structural material to provide shape and strength to the frame of the construction. The report takes a look at the Millennium Dome in the United Kingdom and provides its readers with an extensive bibliography for their use.< Less
The Design and Implementation of DSA and DSS By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $37.50
The proliferation of the internet and the World Wide Web as well as the widespread use of e-commerce has meant that there is a rapidly growing demand for secure electronic business transactions over... More > insecure communication channels. In a digital environment, there is a need to protect information and data from falling into the wrong hands or from being tempered. Protecting information which has been coded in a digital format is the art of cryptography. In the past, public – key cryptosystems such as the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman or the RSA and the Digital Signature Standard or the DSS have been widely used for protecting digital information. The DSS is a component of the United States government’s Capstone program which has attempted to develop cryptography standards for United States government agencies and those private companies that want to do business with this government. This paper presents a method for implementing the DSA and the DSS.< Less
Analysis of a Film “The Shining, 1980” and its Adaptation from the Novel “The Shining” by Stephan King By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $43.75
Adaptation is nothing new and many novels and pieces of literature have been transformed into a different media, which is the audio-visual media, in which the requirements related to storytelling and... More > keeping the audience entertained is somewhat different from those for text. However, studying an adaptation in a critical manner can be of great use to those who are studying the craft of making films that will continue to shape popular culture and present messages in the future. This essay presents a discussion about the adaptation and the transformation of Stephan King’s novel ‘The Shining’ into the movie by Stanley Kubrick with the same name.< Less
The Concept of Film Genre By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $7.30
Despite the fact that the history of the cinema presents many discussions about genre as a distinguishing feature that characterises films or groups of films, this concept continues to compel... More > discussion and thought among those with knowledge of film studies. Perhaps a reason for the previously mentioned is the fact that the production of film, its textual features and social expectations arising out of popular culture remain in flux, fixing new ideas for filmmaking, new texts and evolving expectations for spectators. However, genre is not something that is subject to rigid rules and it can be difficult to classify a film. The noir films have presented much controversy related to genre and film scholars present arguments for and against accepting the Film Noir as a genre. This essay presents a discussion about film genre and considers the 1949 Nicholas Ray film ‘They Live by Night’, which is considered to be a noir film with a romantic twist.< Less
Bluetooth Communications By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $62.50
The Bluetooth communication standard came into being in the year 1994 when the Swedish communications company Ericsson announced the new wireless technology to connect mobile phones, computers and... More > accessories. Bluetooth technology makes it possible to use short haul radio for point to multipoint connections for low power devices that can operate on batteries. Thus Bluetooth technology makes it possible to connect various computing devices using wireless by utilizing a global standard. This paper discusses how a Bluetooth enabled phone may be connected to another Bluetooth device.< Less
Applications of the Stirling Engine in Transport By Farrukh Khan
eBook (PDF): $37.50
The Stirling engine is a closed-cycle external combustion engine which has the ability to deliver engine efficiencies that are greater than those of the internal-combustion engine. Stirling engines... More > are quieter and capable of working on various fuels. However, despite their advantages, the Stirling engine is not without complications. Stirling engine designs are generally more complex and variations in engine power are brought about gradually by altering the pressure of the working fluid and temperature within the engine. Thus, although Stirling engine prototypes have been built for use in automobiles and other transport applications, they are not widely used. However, as fuel prices continue to increase and the world becomes energy reduced, the Stirling engine offers opportunities for innovation. This project report presents an examination of the use of the Stirling engine for transport applications.< Less

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