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The Expert Witness Scam By Leon Robertson
Paperback: $10.91
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Most advocates of “tort reform” seek to cap jury awards for injury by hazardous products and medical malpractice. They decry “junk science”, implying that plaintiffs’... More > cases are based on invalid research or opinions of unqualified witnesses. Based on his experience as an expert witness, the author exposes the lies, plagiarism and biases of witnesses hired by large corporations to defend them in product liability lawsuits. Actual transcripts from depositions and trials are quoted to reveal the huge amounts of money paid to these witnesses and their willingness to say what the lawyers tell them to say. The book concludes with an examination of alternative proposals to tort reform that would put more money in the pockets of the injured and less in the pockets of overpaid lawyers and witnesses.< Less
The HOA Murders By Leon Robertson
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Two gun buffs go shooting in the southern Arizona desert. They are found dead, their bodies riddled with bullets. Pima County detectives Juan Caldera and Sam “Junior” Collins work the... More > case with the help of their colleagues, Barbara Sanchez and Richard Grogan. They discover that the victims had a history of bullying members of the Fantasia Homeowners Association. Members of the HOA, as well as Calderas’ team, cannot believe that someone would commit murder over trivial HOA arguments, but Juan cites a case where such a murder occurred in the Phoenix area. He nevertheless has to consider alternative theories. Were the victims involved in gun or people smuggling across the nearby Mexican border? Were they "Minutemen" attempting to intimidate wannabe immigrants from Mexico or minutemen sympathizers who were killed for some reason associated with such activities? When more deaths occur in the HOA, the puzzle becomes complex.< Less
Hillbilly to Harvard to Yale By Leon Robertson
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
What makes a scientist? Some grow up in families that emphasize education and inquiry. Others come to science on their own. This is the story of an unlikely candidate for faculty positions at Harvard... More > and Yale, but the author accomplished that feat. Told with self-deprecating humor, the book includes brief descriptions of the research, in layman's terms, that earned him international recognition.< Less
Make America Great Again: Myths, Lies, and Facts By Leon Robertson
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Who invented fraudulent financial real estate loan schemes that almost destroyed the world financial system? Who closed their factories in U.S. communities and opened them in other countries? Who... More > kept their U.S. workers’ pay stagnant while their income soared? Who wants to sell all the coal and oil that they own no matter how hot the earth gets? Who flooded U.S. cities and towns with opioid prescription drugs? Not foreign governments and not illegal immigrants. The answer is: rich American capitalists. Without rules, many capitalists will attempt to monopolize markets. They will also dump their wastes into the environment and use their economic power to try to control governments. Trump and his henchmen are changing the rules to benefit the rich, not “Make America Great Again”. U.S. history can guide us how to truly make America better but Americans must learn what works and what does not and vote accordingly.< Less

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