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Shoestring Wedding By TT57
eBook (PDF): $5.25
How to make your big day gorgeous even if you're on a tight budget. You don't need to be rich. You don't need to hire an expensive wedding planner. You don't need to pay a fortune to experience the... More > wedding of your dreams. All you need is a little creativity and some good organization tips put to good use. And it won't take long for you to notice that the wedding you are putting together. The one you didn't think could be this perfect. These tips can save you thousands of dollars. And help you to make your day perfect.< Less
How To Create A Super Baby! By TT57
eBook (PDF): $4.97
It starts the day you bring your newborn home... Every parent wants to make sure they provide for their child the best they can. Every day of their young lives. But infants don't come home from the... More > hospital with a manual. Loving your child is the easy part. Making sure you raise them to the best of your ability is not. When every person you turn to has an opinion about where to put your baby's cradle, to listen to their crying or to ignore it... There are so many things a baby needs more than just love.< Less
Emergency Money By TT57
eBook (PDF): $5.25
How To Generate Quick Cash In An Emergency. At least once in every person’s life comes a time when the need is great and the resources are few. There is no real magic formula for coming up... More > with on-the-spot emergency cash. There is a good deal of thinking through and the putting of a good plan into action. If you are hit with a serious money crisis and you find yourself scrambling around for emergency money, here’s how to assess your situation and get back on your feet. If you are forever trying to come up with inventive ways to earn and save more then this creative ebook will absolutely thrill you.< Less
Dumb...Laws! By TT57
eBook (PDF): $5.95
Dumb, Funny, and Stupid Laws! The largest collection of stupid, funny, interesting, and strange laws available anywhere. Some of the laws that are still on the books will simply amaze you! Did you... More > know that you may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time, or that it is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle! Really! Find out about these and other amazing laws that will surely entertain you.< Less
Common Birds of North America By TT57
eBook (PDF): $4.25
Common Birds of North America is the perfect beginners guide to identifying the most common birds. With this illustrated guide you will be able to readily identify everyday birds. The birds depicted... More > in this book are valuable reminders. We need them; we need the same clean and wholesome environment upon which they rely; we must work to ensure their continued well-being (and that of other migratory and non-hunted species) so that our own future can be assured. You will find this guide to be your first step in appreciating the hobby of birding. Include a supplement to birdhouses, and bird treats!< Less
Spiders By TT57
eBook (PDF): $7.00
You Don’t Have To Live In Fear of Spiders Ever Again... The Fear of Spiders Is One of The Top Phobias People Suffer From In America Today. Don’t Be Crippled By Your Own Fear –... More > Learn The Most Effective Ways To Cope And Overcome Arachnophobia. Phobias are very real for many, many people. They are seemingly nexplainable, irrational fears that can put a person in the grip of terror – sometimes for years. Fear of spiders is unbelievably prevalent. Over half of women have this phobia and about 10 percent of men. That’s staggering when you think about it! The good news is that it means you are not alone in your fear. You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Anymore!< Less
Pamper Your Dog By TT57
eBook (PDF): $5.95
The cookbook that your dog and dogs everywhere have been waiting for has finally arrived. Recipes for tasty treats and meals for your canine friend that are sure to have your dog salivating. Prepare... More > tasty and healthful treats and main meals for your dog without a lot of cost or work. This great collection of recipes features 130 tempting and tasty treats for your dog.< Less
Pamper Your Cat By TT57
eBook (PDF): $5.95
Cat lovers love to pamper their feline friends. It's a fact that most cats rule their owners, so when they turn up their noses at their food, what are we going to do? Start cooking! This... More > purr-fectly delightful collection of recipes features 100 tempting and tasty treats for your cat.< Less
Chow Chow By TT57
eBook (PDF): $6.25
If you own a Chow Chow or if you're thinking about getting one, then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read... Who Else Wants The Happiest, Healthiest, Most Well-Behaved Chow On The... More > Block And Keep Them From Biting The Mailman? Get An Instant Access To A "Back-Stage" Pass To The Real World Of Chow Chow Dogs...And How You Can Fully Understand Them! You'll also discover so many tips in this book, that you'll never want to leave the house again! Just so you can stay at home and be with your Chow Chow!< Less
Make Your OWN Perfume By TT57
eBook (PDF): $6.55
Why is it that women love perfume as much as men love cars? In studies carried out, nearly 80% of all women will make a perfume purchase at least once each year. Not only does smelling great make a... More > woman feel good about herself, but it will make her feel attractive also. People’s use of scents, aromas and fragrances has been used for many centuries. Today, more and more people are turning away from the industrial techniques of producing perfume. Today more than ever, perfume is popular around the world because both its use and application continues to grow. You can make your own perfume for next to nothing!< Less

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