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Public Domain By TT57
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Turning Ideas to Dollar$ Public domain refers to anything that the people can freely use. In legal parlance, this means intellectual property, or anything that results from the creative genius of... More > man. The knowledge of public domain works, blended well with good business savvy and sound entrepreneurial sense could very well mean turning ideas into dollars. Here, you will learn how to make public domain work for you in order to generate money. There is real money in the public domain. How? Indeed, how? You found the right place to ask that question.< Less
Effective Copywriting By TT57
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Turn your visitors from suspicious readers to trusting, eager to buy customers. Tired Of Loosing Money On Advertising Because Your Sales Letter Won’t Covert The Visitors To Your Website Into... More > Paying Customers? All you have to do is follow the easy to follow methods and techniques outlined in this straight to the point, no BS guide. You Can Easily Double Or Sometimes Even Triple Your Profits Just By Improving Your Sales Letter! So where do you go from here? Well, you could try and improve your copy or write one from scratch all by yourself. Of course if you are clueless about copy writing, you won’t have much success. Write a killer, money sucking sales letter all by yourself…< Less
Save Gas By TT57
eBook (PDF): $5.94
How To Save Money And Conserve Gas! With the ever-rising costs of filling your tank full of gas, there's no shame in cutting every corner to save a buck. For those of us who have to drive back and... More > forth to work everyday - in gas guzzling traffic - every penny hurts. All a person needs is the know-how, the tips and tricks, the truth and not the old rumors of how to make that tank last until next payday! The best we can do is make sure we get the most for our dime. Your money deserves that respect. Tips and tricks in my report that you wouldn't have thought about if you had 15 years to ponder over it!< Less
Joint ventures By TT57
eBook (PDF): $7.49
The art of successful joint ventures. Most people see a joint venture as offering high commissions to a list owner, and are taken aback when they’re turned down. Learn the ins and outs of... More > joint ventures in the real world. Discover the little used method that will immediately tell you whether or not you're going to be accepted for a joint venture proposal. Everything you're about to read is tried and tested material. This will apply to your business not just once, but for many years to come. It's an investment not just for today, but far into the future. There are literally hundreds of different types of offers you can chose from, just make sure you select the right ones in the right situation.< Less
Capitalize On Your Idea! By TT57
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Are you so excited about your new million dollar idea you can't sleep? That's the first step. But do you know what's next? Do you know how to protect your idea while bringing it to the marketplace... More > — where you can really cash in? Fortunes have slipped by simply because a person with a great idea didn't know how to move forward. If you think your idea is a winner, don't you owe it to yourself to get started making it a reality? Most people don't know the ins and outs of innovation. There's a lot of paperwork and red tape to go through to make sure you get credit (and paid) for your million dollar idea. This short read will tell you everything you need to know to get started protecting, licensing, manufacturing and marketing your idea. If you're ready to turn your dreams into a reality. It's time to get started.< Less
Trust Deed Investing By TT57
eBook (PDF): $7.25
To people who want to start investing in Trust deeds - but don't know how to get started. If you need to secure your retirement, a stock that doesn't return (or downright plunges) can be your worst... More > nightmare. When your money is tied up and not even keeping up with the basic interest rate your savings account would provide – you need a change. Trust deed investors, on the other hand, make money on interest every month. And as high as 10%, outperforming even your best IRA. One thing is for sure, while there are many differences between Trust deeds and other types of investments – a trust deed is an investment opportunity that offers you a high return with less risk. You Can Laugh At Retirement Worries.< Less
FOREX Manual By TT57
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Currency exchange is very attractive for both the corporate and individual traders. This goal of this manual is to introduce beginning traders to all the essential aspects of foreign exchange in a... More > practical manner. Foreign exchange trading is generally conducted in a decentralized manner, with the exceptions of currency futures and options. Advances in technology, computer software, and telecommunications and increased experience have increased the level of traders' sophistication. This enhanced traders' confidence in their ability to both generate profits and properly handle the exchange risks. Therefore, trading sophistication led toward volume increase. Foreign exchange has experienced spectacular growth in volume ever since currencies were allowed to float freely against each other.< Less
Interior Designing Business By TT57
eBook (PDF): $5.95
Interior Designing Business: Get Ready To Start Your Career In The Interior Design Industry. Right now, you may not believe me. You may have never considered a career as an Interior Designer. But... More > if you're already doing the work in your head for free..why not get paid for it! You're just doing what comes natural. "I bet that'd look good over there. And this over here!" And you know what, you're probably right. You have it in your blood to be an interior designer. All the same... if you have the itch, or even an interest, you have already taken the first step to becoming an Interior Designer. How would it feel to do something that you love... and get paid for it? Not many people get that chance. Many people start new businesses. But the truth is, most of them fail within the first couple of years. Once and for all you can find out exactly what being an Interior Designer means.< Less
Acing ANY Job Interview By TT57
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Can you afford to make mistakes at your next job interview? Do you have a job interview lined up? Do you know what you are expected to bring? Are you ready to handle the nervousness? Granted, most... More > people do not know what is expected of them when they first start going to job interviews. Your job is your lively hood. If you absolutely NEEDED to find yourself a job, would you be willing to do what it takes to get your name on the top of a job recruiter's list? There are hundreds, even thousands in the same boat as you. With the stakes so high, you just simply cannot afford to not do your best at your job interview. Can you really afford to be less than your best at your next job interview?< Less
Forex . . In Brief By TT57
eBook (PDF): $6.98
Forex .. in brief is intended to introduce the Forex market .. in brief to those interested in the Forex market, and would like to know more about it. It is by no means an all encompassing book on... More > forex. Everything discussed here is available in other books in more details for those interested in more details regarding a particular issue.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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