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The Very Last Book About Mounted Combat By Robert Kendzie
eBook (PDF): $4.99
A gaming supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game published under the 3.5 Open Game License. Whether you prefer to roleplay as an elven scout bounding through the... More > forest on a fleet-footed stag, a dwarven barbarian charging fearlessly into battle on the back of a sturdy war-ram, or a shining knight in armor atop his mighty charger, this book will help you to bring these iconic characters to life in new ways. This book features new, expanded rules for using mounts in combat, new uses for the ride skill, new actions in combat for mounted characters, as well as a bestiary with new options allowing your mounts to scale with your character's level. New feats, spells, and magic items specifically geared for use by mounts and mounted characters are included as well.< Less
The Tomb of Haggemoth By Robert Kendzie
eBook (PDF): $6.55
(4 Ratings)
An adventure for Dungeons & Dragons version 3.5 published under the d20 Open Game License. Your party of adventurers takes to the high seas on a quest to learn the fate of a legendary wizard. ... More > From frozen tundras to vast deserts to uncharted jungle islands, follow the trail of Haggemoth! Designed to take a party of 4-6 adventurers from 3rd through 8th level. From the publishers of Dire Destiny. Cover and interior illustrations by Mikolaj Ostapiuk. Follow the podcast of this adventure at!< Less
Dire Destiny Year 4 - Splintered Wood, Broken Stone By Robert Kendzie & Mikolaj Ostapiuk
Paperback: $16.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
They say that Verdenhaven is the mightiest city in the world, but what secrets lie at its core? Eric, Nyssa, and Kells are caught up in the intrigues of sorcerers, priests, and even stranger things... More > just as it looks like they may finally complete their mission. Each of them will be confronted by the answers to longstanding questions, and their fragile friendship will be tested as never before.< Less
Dire Destiny Year One - Dangerous Omens By Robert Kendzie & Mikolaj Ostapiuk
Paperback: $17.02
Prints in 3-5 business days
The collected first chapter of the Dire Destiny webcomic. Three outcasts must make their way through a world in the midst of it's own dark age. Eric the Wolf, Kells the Liar, and Nyssa of the Wood... More > come together in a community gripped by a crisis that those in power cannot stop. Will they be able to find and answer in time? Written by Robert Kendzie and drawn by Mikolaj Ostapiuk. Includes a perviously unpublished short story. The adventure continues at< Less