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The Secret of Suranesh By Avrel Seale
Paperback: $6.97
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Twelve thousand years ago, an advanced civilization was destroyed in an event remembered in the myths of every people on earth. And the hope of humanity lay hidden, awaiting a single man... Suranesh... More > has turned nineteen, and his adoptive mother has sent him away from his mountain tribe to discover his true origins. In an arduous journey across a vast and beautiful continent, Suranesh encounters a series of hermit elders, each of whom supplies him with a different piece of his puzzle, not only the mystery of his own past, but of the civilization that has just been wiped out by the Flood — the world-wide cataclysm described in the myths of all ancient cultures. The story presents both a profound spiritual exploration and an allegory for the long journey of humanity. See also< Less
Dude: A Generation X Memoir By Avrel Seale
Paperback: $10.50
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What is a dude? An American male who came of age in the 1970s and ’80s, when a host of bizarre cultural influences converged to produce a bizarre generational tribe. The Dude Nation is... More > identifiable by its music, its TV and movie references, its linguistic habits, and the toys that shaped its consciousness. Avrel Seale mines his own Texas youth of the 1970s and ’80s to produce a richly textured, inherently funny retrospective on what is now called Generation X. At once personal, sociological, and comical, he reveals the pop culture, politics, race- and gender-relations, and general outlook of this hard-to-pin-down subculture. If you’re a dude, this book will help you reclaim and honor your inner dude. If you are not a dude, this stroll through a hilarious slice of Americana will help you better understand every dude in your life.< Less
True Freedom and the Wisdom of Virtue By Avrel Seale
Paperback: $7.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
How the Baha'i Principles of Personal Morality Make Life Better ... TRUE FREEDOM is about the deep wisdom that is imbedded in virtue, with special focus on the virtues practiced by the worldwide... More > community of Baha'is. Many of these virtues are broadly shared with those of other moral traditions -- chastity outside marriage, abstinence from drugs, moderation of materialism. Others are novel, such as noninvolvement in politics, and still others find an emphasis in the Faith that they don't in society at large, such as avoidance of fault-finding and gossip. But all of these virtues pose a special challenge to Baha'is of the West, who are confronted daily with an ethos of radical individualism. The irony is that true freedom, as opposed to the counterfeit freedom our culture often promotes, is only attainable through a life bound by morality.< Less
The Hull, the Sail, and the Rudder: A Search for the Boundaries of the Body, Mind, and Soul By Avrel Seale
Paperback: $12.00
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A creative memoir mixing storytelling, theory, humor, and spiritual exploration, The Hull, the Sail, and the Rudder builds on the work of thinkers from ancient to modern times in an audacious quest... More > for a unified theory of human life. Seale’s destination, it turns out, is as close as the boat he’s sitting in. Through the workings of the hull, the sail, and the rudder, he learns that our bodies, minds, and souls can be defined by the different functions they perform as well as by their differing internal structures, and that the unique way that those three fields intersect in every person accounts for the differences in who we are. See also< Less
The Tree: A Spiritual Proposition, and Selected Essays By Avrel Seale
Paperback: $8.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this short book, Avrel Seale suggests that all of nature is a metaphor for the spiritual world. In such a scheme, God is represented by the sun, and the human being is represented by the tree,... More > which has its roots in the material world but becomes more glorious as it grows toward the life-giving sun. Other essays rounding out this book examine the transitions between barbaric societies and ideal civilizations, the fractal patterns of creation, the seven steps to heaven on Earth, and a brief rumination on the ultimate meaning of life. See also< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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