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Bank Night Deluxe By Ken Dyne
eBook (PDF): $24.39
6 Envelopes. 1 Contains a cash prize. 5 Spectators try to win the money by freely and fairly choosing an envelope each. No matter how hard they try, you always end up holding the money. The problem... More > in past presentations of this routine is that the performer leaves the audience feeling like losers as they dont win the money. The presentation I offer here gets over that. What's more they actually see you putting the cash in to the envelopes, there are no thumb tips, nail writers or strange selection processes. PLUS FREE BONUS ROUTINE Gift Wrapped: 5 coloured gift bags. 1 contains something of value. Volunteers freely name any of the bags to eliminate until one remains. Of course they have left you with the ONE containing something so valuable that you cant do your show without it!< Less
Natural Lottery By Ken Dyne
eBook (PDF): $29.05
If you saw my show in 2006 then chances are you saw me perform this routine. It was a mainstay of my act for around a year. In the routine you get 5 volunteers to randomly choose one of the lotto... More > balls from a bag and then stand in a random order. Even though they have truly chosen their ball at random and the ball they have chosen had been kept in their clenched fists the entire time, you have predicted the order in which they will stand! There is no pre-show and no stooging at all.< Less
Drawing in the Dark By Ken Dyne
eBook (PDF): $47.78
NEW RELEASE! Imagine you can draw what someone is thinking of. Here are 2 methods Ken has been using for doing just that with no unreliable electronics, no pre-show, no impressions, peeks or... More > assistance. Real time, one stage or close up. To PROTECT your investment, each copy is subtly marked - anyone shares this we'll be able to trace it and take action against them< Less
Maketing for Magicians and Mentalists By Ken Dyne
eBook (PDF): $32.12
Would you like to know the real secrets of success, the underground tactics that will allow you make more money than 99% of the other guys out there and have the secret to do that with a lot LESS... More > work? In this manuscript I am very excited to share with you for the first time, my personal secrets of how I transformed my hobby in to a pretty good living. I have selected 10 steller tactics from my personal marketing arsenal that will not only allow you to launch your assault on the public, create more customers and money than ever… but every approach can be implemented immediately AND FREE. Yes, the tactics in here will not cost you a penny which means you can spend less money on marketing and keep more of it where it belongs, in your pocket.< Less