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The Guide to London Spas and Massage from Pearl Escapes 2016 By Pearl Howie
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Normally my guides feature just one spa, one hotel, one sight, one restaurant... because when I used to get really burnt out in my old job I couldn't handle checking out all the options and booking... More > everything. I just wanted someone to give me the answers. So that's what my guides normally do... However I live in London, and as it is one of the most multicultural environments in the world, with an incredible selection of spas and places to relax and get a massage (including the fish spa) as well as home to some of the finest spas in the whole world, well this guide had to include more than one. Every spa in this guide comes with my personal recommendation, and if they're not quite perfect I'll tell you about that too so you can pick the spa that's right for you, right now.< Less
The Guide to Spa Breaks and Escapes from Pearl Escapes 2016 By Pearl Howie
eBook (ePub): $1.33
When we talk about escapes people think of travel or spa breaks, and there are plenty of those here, along with some more unusual ways to feel alive. It’s too easy to get caught up with to-do... More > lists, even on holiday, so lose the list and just say yes to your perfect escape. With down to earth, in-depth reviews of dream spas, as well as super cheap (or free) healing - each experience has been personally tried and tested by the author, to help you find the perfect escape for you.< Less
Spa Treatments - The Guide from Pearl Escapes February 2012 By Pearl Howie
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A guide to spa treatments and massages, this book includes definitions and descriptions of common massage and spa services as well as the more unusual offerings of international spas in China,... More > Morocco, Tuscany and more. From advice on your first visit to a spa or masseur to "way out" experiences for the more adventurous, this is the ultimate spa handbook. If you've ever wondered what Reflexology is like in China, been tempted by Gua Sha, tried to discover how an Ayurvedic Massage differs from the rest, or even heard of Tkissila this is the guide for you. This guide is based solely on personal experience, so, as well as explaining some of the technical differences, the author also explains how each treatment made her feel and her reactions to some of the more unusual massages. The book also includes recommendations for spas where the author has tried the treatment and information on further reading. A must for new spa visitors, as well as spa fanatics and spa professionals.< Less
Camino De La Luna - Forgiveness By Pearl Howie
eBook (PDF): $8.43
It takes something really powerful to make you leave Hawai’i (or you know, running out of money). I found myself called back to England by my heart, but not for long. It wasn’t yet time... More > to settle, it was time to explore another country I’d once fallen in love with, Croatia and to see if I could find a home, a place to rest and write. I didn’t have any idea quite how much more I had to learn, to understand and this journey was going to show me, above all things, the power of forgiveness.< Less
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The Guide to Naples, Florida, Big Cypress and the Everglades (the Hotel, the Massage and the Drive) from Pearl Escapes 2013 By Pearl Howie
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Although Naples isn't my favourite town in Florida, it is a great base to visit Big Cypress and the Everglades, and it has the added advantage of being the kind of place you can get a first rate... More > masseuse after hours when you can barely move from driving all day. I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't even handle finding and booking a hotel and flight or finding what to do when I did take time off. So, I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if someone would write a guide that just gave you one perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant." So that's what I did.< Less
The Guide to Florida – the Sights, the Beaches, the Wildlife, the Hotels, the Spas, the Massage, the Food and the Travel (Orlando Convention Center aka OCCC, Clearwater Beach, Naples, Key Largo and Vero Beach) from Pearl Escapes 2013 By Pearl Howie
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Before I got the chance to go to a convention I had no intention of ever setting foot in Florida. Why? Sharks, crocs AND gators, swamps… it seemed everyone in Florida was either an old age... More > pensioner in a sun hat or a family of four on their way to Disneyland. I was wrong. So wrong, super wrong and all I could think of when I got to Clearwater Beach was… this is a beach. (And it just kept getting better.) Yes, there are crocs, and gators and sharks and I've seen a fair few, but there are also turtles and dolphins and manatees (and flying fish and bioluminescence and horseshoe crabs) who have given me some of the best days of my life. I used to get extremely burned out in my old job and couldn't handle researching and booking a hotel and flight or finding what to do when I did take time off. So, I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if someone would write a guide that just gave you one perfect escape; the perfect hotel, spa, flight and restaurant." So that's what I did.< Less
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Meditation for Angry People By Pearl Howie
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Anger is like fire. Sometimes it can be useful, sometimes it can be destructive, sometimes it can feel that we just can't get a spark started although we feel like we’re sitting on a powder... More > keg. We're all human and we all have anger, whether others see us as angry and bitter or smiling and carefree. This book is written to help you understand your own anger, whether it stems from fear, sadness, resentment, control, self-blame or holding on to old pain. It's written to help those who feel burdened with anger that they just can't express, those who feel the pain of almost overwhelming anger or those who find it difficult to get through the day without one really good tantrum. “To me, you are a hero… You have learned to take something negative in your life and make it a positive... a gift to others. It doesn't get any better than that. Don't doubt that you are capable of helping others…” Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and Embracing Uncertainty< Less
Japan Is Very Wonderful - The Guide to Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto and the Kumano Kodo (Without Pictures) By Pearl Howie
Paperback: $8.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
Japan was the beginning of something extraordinary. Much of who I was on that trip has disappeared. Relationships, business, home, beliefs have all gone or changed radically. But Japan was not my... More > trip, this was the escape of a lifetime for a client. I discovered that amazing things don’t just happen when you follow your dreams, they also happen when you help others follow theirs. My guidebooks have always been “an escape in a box” a tour you can follow and do yourself – this one is eight nights in some of the most beautiful places (and hotels) in the world. (It also helps if you eat fish and aren’t scared to get naked in front of others.)< Less