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The Last Man on Earth By Bob McClure V
Hardcover: $24.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
After five years in the future of 4700 AD, the three surviving Space Shuttle astronauts are quietly suffering, each in their own unique way. Donna mourns deeply for a new-found love she was forced... More > to extinguish. Ellen enjoys the celebrity she has found but also relishes the forbidden, yet tolerated love she shares with Mark. For his part, Mark chafes under the condescending treatment he gets from nearly everyone he meets. Ellen undertakes a minor project that explodes with an unexpected fury as the three ancient astronauts run afoul of a secret society of outlaw femines on the peninsula that was once old San Francisco.< Less
Murder in the World of Women By Bob McClure V
Hardcover: $24.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Several murders have occurred in the normally crime-free femine societies. Some truly foul circumstances of the crimes point to Mark as a prime suspect. Now working as a detective in the femine... More > Guard, Donna strives mightily to prove his innocence while he and Ellen are off in Hemoul conducting an unusual archeological experiment. Can she, or her two friends from the ancient past, afford to pay the high price of finding the guilty party?< Less
World of Women By Bob McClure V
Hardcover: $30.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
The human race is currently an endangered species, headed for sure extinction unless a truly effective cure or prevention is found for AIDS/HIV. This story tells of how six modern astronauts find... More > themselves in the future of 4721 AD, in a world that remembers very little of their old race of "mankind". What is remembered places the six in jeopardy of losing their freedom and possibly their lives. The peaceful single-gendered societies of the world are strongly shaken by the arrival of the four nearly-mythical "men" among the ancient Space Shuttle's crew. Struggling for their own acceptance in this new world, the two women wonder for themselves how they can, or if they should, try to gain freedom for all their crewmates.< Less
Manacle of Time: The Boxer By Bob McClure V
Hardcover: $27.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Tony Scott is a man whose intellectual refinement and professional hockey skills are overlooked in favor of using his large frame and physical strength. Preparing for a big playoff game, he gains... More > inspiration and solace in an ancient Roman bronze sculpture depicting a boxer, beaten and bloody - but unbowed in spirit. He finds himself mysteriously transported back in time to participate in the statue's creation. Then he also finds within himself what he needs to deal with his modern problems.< Less
The Voidless Universe By Bob McClure V
Hardcover: $38.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
While deriving his concept of gravity, Newton expressed a concern that has been ignored by astronomers and physicists ever since: the approximate nature of his final formula. Its success at... More > predicting so many astronomical observations has blinded science to this limitation. This work describes some of those cases where Newton's integral solutions must be used and identifies a major new component to gravitational theory that solves many current "mysteries" of the Cosmos.< Less

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