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The Hill By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $22.95
They looked around to see whether anyone was there nearby. Then they decided to climb the hill. They were about to climb it, when huge rocks started falling from the top of the hill. The three... More > children and Rocky immediately ran for cover. They ran towards one of the caves at the bottom of the hill for safety...< Less
The Beach By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $22.95
They say that tall men nearly fifteen feet in height, prowl around the beach during the night. It is said that a few people have been killed by these tall men. Then there are stories about a ghost... More > horse-carriage...< Less
Fight for Supremacy By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $14.43
Harry, Dusty, and Nancy have to fight for supremacy against the evil planet...
Supernova By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $6.48
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A supernova occurs when a red star explodes. A red star is a star which is very old and is at the stage of dying. When a red star explodes a supernova occurs. In a supernova, there is a huge release... More > of tremendous energy as the star explodes. Now I have to recharge my batteries every hundred years or so. I experienced my first charging exactly a hundred years before. That was when I was with Bills. I had charged myself by experiencing a supernova exactly hundred years before. That's how my batteries were charged after my creation. Now my batteries are running low on power. In fact within a few hours it will reach a critical stage...< Less
Inter- Galactic Sports By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $25.81
“Well, this is the 1st Inter-Galactic Olympics in space. There will be many events and tournaments. The Olympics will be field in the planet Magnonom in the Andromeda Galaxy. Contestants from... More > over a hundred galaxies will be participating...< Less
Holiday in Space By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $25.81
Neutron said “The place where we will be going is a planet. It is situated in a certain place in the Milky Way galaxy. Now this planet looks just like earth, but only more beautiful than earth.... More > The whole planet is covered with much variation of trees, plants and flowers. It has trees which bears flowers of many kinds, and also many kinds of delicious fruits...< Less
In Dextron's Planet By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $25.81
"I have an adventure for you right now.” The children became very happy. Then they asked Neutron what the mission is about. “This is a very important mission for us. But before I... More > tell you the details of the mission, I would like to tell you something about myself. As you already know, I was created by a person called Bills. After he created me, he created another robot called Dextron...< Less
The Invasion By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $25.69
“Now the mission concerning us right now is about a planet. It is in a certain galaxy near to the Milky Way galaxy. Now this planet is named Valentia and its inhabitants are called valentons.... More > It is a large planet and they are technologically highly advanced but through my telescope, the ‘Electron Beam’, I have noticed a fleet of huge robots approaching this planet...< Less
The Comet By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $25.81
The name of the planet is Galentus. It is actually the largest planet in that galaxy. Now through my telescope, the ‘electron beam’ I have detected a huge comet approaching that planet.... More > According to my calculation this comet is on collision course with this planet...< Less
Mission to Grydon By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $14.43
When an alien menace threatens peaceful Grydon, Neutron races to thwart evil ambitions. "When the TASM came very close to ‘Grydon’, the children could make out something that looked... More > like a huge dragon clinging to the planet. They immediately knew it was the creature. Now they could see the missile approaching the creature. It went nearer and nearer to the dragon and finally struck it..."< Less

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