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Repetition By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $7.96
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and then the night became morning and I was still where I never wanted to be. if only I had known what sort of mountains were waiting for me.
the flowers that he gives when he's...sorry By Kentrell Blanche
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Crossed the finish line. Never felt so far behind. I'm so far behind. Nothing but wasted time Now that he's mine.. I can't remember Why I was in such a hurry, I can't remember What I saw in... More > him; I'm certainly not as optimistic As I was back then.. All I want is my happily ever after; He's still outlining His second chapter.. He has a good idea Of how he wants things to unfold; But, I've already accepted the fact That the tale will never be told this is perhaps one of my most personal collections. life is hard. being in love is hard. or rather, staying in love is hard. I'm not here to offer any answers or heal any broken hearts. I can only give you my side of the story.< Less
Him By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $31.80
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I was lost And I didn't know Which way to go; So, I took the first available road.. You were behind The wheel; I thought I could trust How you made me feel.. You had me racing Full speed Without a... More > safety belt; I really wish I would have paced myself.. Guess you can't always Go with the flow of traffic; Guess it's not about Who gets there The fastest.. Once upon a time, I couldn't wait To get home to you; I thought that I belonged with you.. I was well within your reach; But, I guess I wasn't good enough to keep I feel like The entire relationship Was me- Trying to show you That I was good enough to keep; I wish I wouldn't have allowed myself To fall so deep.. And now That I am here In the valley, I pray That tomorrow will not outlast me.. For I still have a long way to go; Can't believe That our chapter is closed< Less
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Discover me By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $7.00
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What are your intentions? Can’t believe you have placed me In this position- To question every statement That leaves your mouth; This is not the home That you promised me and I want out!!! You... More > have me here, Pacing in the darkness- Can’t believe you have turned out To be so heartless.. I never knew That your love Consisted of so many demons; But, I will discover life without you- I will discover freedom< Less
The Translation of Yesterday By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $8.00
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nothing is more devastating the mirror images that hardly reflect the sense of fulfillment that we thought would tomorrow would bring. here i am..devastated and unaware of how much more i can bear.
in-between Tomorrows By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $6.50
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You take my hand And I allow you To lead the way; I smile as if I wouldn't rather be Any other place.. One day, The lies That I force myself To believe Are going to be The death of me.. Don't... More > know Where you're taking me But, I'm holding on; My heart aches But, My soul is strong.. Don't know how I always seem to find myself On a path to lose But Once again, I'm on the move< Less
Capsize the Sea By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $7.50
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Stood firmly As the waves crashed Onto my feet; The water was cold But, I chose not to leave- I chose not to go anywhere At all.. All my life, I've spent so much time Dodging the sea And trusting... More > any old bridge To get me over; All I ever wanted Was a warm shoulder- To cry on While I did my best not to fall.. But Sometimes, Falling isn't always All that bad; The sea is often troubled But, Heaven's outbursts never last.. I am a tiny vessel But, I no longer have the option to sink For the storm is only as massive As I think It will be< Less
Until I am Black & Blue By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $8.50
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this is everything that I have ever meant to say, but didn't know how..the ups and downs, the things that I've been told not to say. this is my truth in every possible way.
Silverware By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $7.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
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I don't want to run Because I don't want to stumble; I don't want to love Because I'm not that humble- I want exactly what I give; I'm no longer accepting Potential and tears.. I'm no longer making... More > room For a man Who spends more time apologizing Than making me laugh; I can come up with my own excuses For the past.. I don't want to fall Because The collision will hurt me; I don't want to give my all Because I've yet to find anyone To reimburse me- For putting it all On a silver platter, I've yet to find anyone To be there when it matters.. And it always matters! I would always appreciate Having someone To pick up the phone, I would always appreciate Being welcomed home.. But, I don't want to open that door Just to have a man Take my heart And dismantle it; And I don't want to Get caught up in excuses Because I feel I can handle it- So many times I've thought that I could handle it..< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00
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