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How To Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.95
Scrapbooking is a billion dollar industry and you can profit from it by starting your own scrapbooking business. The professional scrapbooking business is beginning to grow as a legitimate home-based... More > business opportunity. Not only can a scrapbooking business be very profitable, but you can set your own hours, work from home and be your own boss. “Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business” is a downloadable 60+ page practical guide that will show you how to start your own home-based scrapbooking business, the different careers you can pursue in the scrapbook industry (e.g. direct sales consultant, event organizer, product designer, scrapbook expert, professional scrapbook artist, scrapbook retailer, online retailer, etc.), how to write a business plan, how to create layouts and sell them on E-Bay, how to market and advertise your business and a whole lot more! Download “Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business” today and learn how you can make money with your own scrapbooking business.< Less
Secret Underground Business Plans, Projects & Money-Making Ideas By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $4.95
"Secret Underground Business Plans, Projects and Ideas" is the result of over 10 years of intensive research in the field of unique home based businesses. This research uncovered many... More > fascinating businesses that can earn you a good full or part time income. Best of all, most of these businesses can be started in your spare time so you don't risk your present income. This is NOT a business opportunity... just lots and lots of doable business ideas that you can easily duplicate! This mammoth e-book (over 340 pages) is "jam-packed" with the absolute best little known businesses you can start almost immediately to begin making money and includes dozens of money-making ideas from people who have started profitable businesses in their own neighborhood. Download your copy of "Secret Underground Business Plans, Projects and Ideas" now, discover the goldmine hiding in your own neighborhood and begin making money immediately!< Less
Mastering Sensual Massage By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.95
Sensual massage is more than massage. It has developed into a venerable art form that invites passion and love, and provides so many benefits for the practitioners and recipients alike, benefits... More > which greatly strengthen the bond they share. Sensual massage is not the mere kneading and pressing of muscles and joints. It’s as much about how to touch as it is about where to touch. It is a total experience that starts playfully, but ends up as something that enhances the union between the partners. “Mastering Sensual Massage” is a fully illustrated e-book that teaches you how improve your intimacy through the art of sensual massage. The content is delivered in fully illustrated pages filled with exclusive images that not only tell you what to do, but also show you how to do it. Download “Mastering Sensual Massage” today and immediately start discovering the benefits of learning the art of sensual massage – an intimate therapy for adding more love and passion into your relationships.< Less
Online Dating For Senior Citizens By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.25
Are You Single, Over 50 And Tired Of Being Alone? The senior online dating scene is becoming THE number one way that vibrant, alive seniors can meet people and get back to living their lives! For... More > every 10 singles checking an internet dating site, four of them are most likely to be seniors. Many seniors, however, are intimidated by the Internet and getting involved in online dating. Now you don’t have to be! “Online Dating For Senior Citizens” is a 50+ practical guide that explains all the ins and outs of online dating, including how to sign up for an online dating service, where to find an online dating service for seniors, avoiding the dangers of online dating, keeping yourself safe when meeting in person, the rules of attraction, how to say “no” to a date, how to have a successful first date, what to do when you have a bad date, online dating terms, and more! Download “Online Dating For Senior Citizens” right now and begin searching today for that special person to share your life!< Less
Overcoming Your Fear Of Spiders By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.25
Millions of people suffer from the fear of spiders. Over half of all women have a phobia of spiders (called arachnophobia) and about 10 percent of men. There are over 34,000 documented and named... More > spiders in the world. You won’t be able to get away from spiders, but you can control how you react to them! “Overcoming Your Fear of Spiders” contains practical information that can help you learn how to overcome your spider phobia as quickly and easily as possible. Inside this 50 page e-book, you will learn 6 proven methods to help you combat your fear of spiders, 10 ways to combat the onset of panic attacks from seeing a spider, 4 amazingly effective relaxation techniques, plus tons of information about spiders in general (no pictures - just information!) Download “Overcoming Your Fear of Spiders” today and learn how to take control and live life free of your fear of spiders for good.< Less
How To Interpret Your Dreams By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.25
Do you have a dream that you can't explain or want to know what your dreams are telling you? Are you struggling with a problem and don't know how to solve it? Do you have unresolved issues and are... More > unsure how to tackle them? Are you worried by a recurring nightmare or concerned that a bad dream may be a portent of the future? “How To Interpret Your Dreams” is a 60-page e-book that can help you address and answer these questions. It contains practical and useful information such as expert theories on dreams and dreaming, techniques for remembering your dreams, the truth behind common dream themes, what certain images like teeth falling out, angels, fire, children, tornados, animals and more mean, how to combat nightmares, how to decode the language of your unconscious mind and use its power for personal transformation and more! Download “How To Interpret Your Dreams” today and start learning how to remember and analyze your dreams so you can put the messages given to you to good use.< Less
Sudoku Puzzle Secrets By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.95
SUDOKU PUZZLE SECRETS will show you how to solve Sudoku Puzzles with little effort. This ebook covers just about everything there is to know about solving sudoku puzzles. In fact, some people have... More > called it the "Sudoku Puzzle Solving Manual"! You'll uncover a wide array of tips including interesting facts about the history of Sudoku, learn the math behind sudoku, discover how sudoku puzzles are constructed, how to properly search for the lone number, what to do when everything else fails, how to solve a diabolical puzzle, using cross hatching to your advantage, how to properly count when doing your sudoku puzzle, what exactly are unique grids and how to use them, the latin square explained, japanese variants and so much more! This 60-page ebook will be like having your very own sudoku expert that you can reference and ask questions anytime that you need to! Download SUDOKU PUZZLE SECRETS today and start solving sudoku puzzles easily in just minutes from now!< Less

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