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MAELSTROM Book One; The Heretics By Kelvin V.A Allison
Paperback: $4.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
Avalon is a country in turmoil. With the ascension of the New Emperor, the God Tal has been made the leader of the Avalonian Pantheon, empowered by the foul machinations of the newly appointed... More > Cardinal Willingham and his right hand-man,the assassin Srevir. As riots sweep the capital city, magic-users and followers of lesser Gods are sought out and executed by the Cardinals elite troops the Black Watch. Now the Cardinals attention has turned to the frozen North of the country and the Abbey of Bessa that waits amid the snow. Only an elderly nun, a Templar turned monk, a frightened novice and the Captain of a unit of former criminals are all that stand in his way and the death of a nation.< Less
UBASUTE By Kelvin V.A Allison
eBook (PDF): $7.82
(1 Ratings)
Jukain Forest in northern Japan has long been associated with death, indeed countless people travel there each year to commit suicide. Legend however tells of an old woman abandoned to die alone... More > there in centuries gone by who kills any that stray from the main trail into the shadowy trees. Now she has returned and those about to enter the forest will learn the true meaning of fear...< Less
Witch Rock; Ubasute 2 By Kelvin V.A Allison
Paperback: $9.72
Prints in 3-5 business days
Finally free from her prison within the ocean of trees that was Jukain Forest, the hag finds herself loose upon Shoal Island, a bird sanctuary off the coast of Scotland. As a storm strikes the... More > desolate island, a small group of bird watchers find themselves trapped upon the rock, their dilemma growing worse as they are forced into the tunnels beneath the Island as the hag kills them one by one...< Less
FLUID By Kelvin V.A Allison
Paperback: $13.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Death isn't always the end. Sometimes it is just the beginning. Then comes revenge... When Elijah Pride; comic book fan, horror movie buff and Environmental Health Officer for Tibden Council is... More > brutally executed after discovering a conspiracy, he might have been forgiven for thinking that his life was over. Instead he discovers that superheroes are real and that monsters come in many different guises...< Less
World of Sorrow 8 By Kelvin V.A Allison
eBook (PDF): $4.64
Thirteen months have passed since the LB1727 and its Watchmen were the targets of murder attempts by the rogue Everett Mann and his followers from the bleak future in which he had been lost.... More > Thirteen months in which Victor Sorrow has hardly slept, dreading the moment when his old friend surfaces once again. But as the Christmas season begins to loom over him and his team Victor is forced to deal with a spate of abductions all the while having to contend with the personal Hell of one of his team, a brand new race of supernatural creatures and a lovesick enraged vampire... Something wicked this way comes...< Less
World of Sorrow 7 By Kelvin V.A Allison
eBook (PDF): $4.64
Victor Sorrow is back. Back from living twenty three years in the future to discover that only a week has passed since he entered Hell... Overjoyed to be reunited with his daughter Quinn and his... More > dead dog Genesis, Victor heads back to working for the LB1727, the thing he does best and pleased to have him back Mulligan Taupe makes him the new Director of the OCLD. Faced with the responsibility of running the department, Victor is determined not to let his past trouble him anymore. Which is when trouble comes from the other direction...< Less
PARIAH By Kelvin V.A Allison
eBook (PDF): $4.54
Have you ever felt alone? Truly alone? Try being the last Angel in the world... After nearly two thousand years upon the face of the Earth, the last Angel Tamiel has nearly gotten used to the... More > loneliness... Allying himself with three humans he trusts above all others, he has a very successful business hunting Daemons down and sending them back to the pits. Life couldn't be more clear cut... But when the Federal Government come seeking his help, Tamiel soon finds himself up to his neck in rampaging Daemons, insane love sick Cherubim's and possessed Presidents< Less
GHOST LINE By Kelvin V.A Allison
eBook (PDF): $4.64
Hidden below the quiet sewers and noisy Underground stations of London lies a secret. A secret so dark that it threatens the image of the Catholic Church... And tonight that secret has been... More > unearthed..< Less
RENASCENTIA By Kelvin V.A Allison
eBook (PDF): $4.61
What if you had lived before... What if the life in which you existed now was just the latest in a long line of lives down through the ages... What if you suddenly got the memory of the other lives... More > back only to discover that in each life you had been killed by the same person and that this person was hunting you once again... That is the dilemma facing horror author Caleb Carew as he realises that not only is he not who he thought he was but that his centuries old nemesis is hunting him once again..< Less
World of Sorrow 5; 'bad moon rising' By Kelvin V.A Allison
eBook (PDF): $2.36
When the FBSO inform them that they are both on the hit list of some supernatural assassins Victor Sorrow; demonskin and author, and his best friend Martha McClinchey the psychic decide to headed... More > south with their family and friends for a road trip. Before long a gang of werewolves, a rapper and his entourage, a long forgotten race of creatures, a curse, a mystery or two and some wedding bells make them wish they'd never left home...< Less

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